Man, a Monsters vs Aliens fic. I wasn't sure if I could crank out one, but apparently I can.

Hah, my favorite character was Dr. Cockroach. As soon as Susan was whacking him with that giant spoon, I knew I loved him. Even though I hate bugs. And because the main thing I didn't like about the movie was how it didn't focus enough on the monsters for my tastes, I decided to make a back story for Dr. C for myself.

By the way, the name Jeffery G. Hedison was stolen from Go-Go Spiders. With permission. She made it up but didn't get to use it in her story, Goin' Nowhere (which you should totally read right now), so I felt it should be used. Also, it was cooler than what I could think of. Because I'm lazy. Also, even though I'm unfamiliar with life in the 50's, I didn't do as much research as I should have. I apologize for anything here that doesn't make sense in the period it's supposed to take place in. It's my fault since I didn't even try to research much.

I'll be putting up the other chapters later, since all of them are...abnormably short, and I'm actually almost done with the whole thing. Uh, please review and stuff. Don't forget what I told you about Goin' Nowhere. (God, this is a long note...)

A beautiful short haired woman wearing a slightly rumpled lab coat was sitting on a small couch, nervously alternating from chewing on her fingers and jiggling her knees. She avoided staring at the old grandfather clock to her right, but could still hear the pendulum swinging back and forth, tick tock, tick tock.

Laura jumped up from the couch when she heard the front door open. She had gone home from work early just to greet her husband from his latest job interview. This was the fifth this week, and so far he had been rejected, but she always came home early to ask the usual.

Jeffery G. Hedison stood awkwardly at the door looking very clean and professional with his neat pencil moustache and in his black suit and tie. His shoes, though, had gotten rather dirty, as if he had kicked into every lawn he passed on the way home. And his wild dark hair really offset any look of a quiet businessman.

"How'd it go?" Laura asked, wringing her short dark brown hair nervously. Her wide hazel eyes stared up at him, making him look away uncomfortably.

Running a hand through his messy hair, Jeffery mumbled, "I don't think they liked me."

"Oh, honey, you can't say that – "

"When I started listing my interests, their smiles became strained."

"Well, maybe they – "

"They winced every time I laughed."

"Well…" Laura had nothing very positive to say to that. "…I love your laugh. It's so…carefree. They're missing out on a great laugh."

Jeffery sighed as he once again ran a hand through his hair, mussing it up even more. "My laugh isn't the point, my dear," he said, locking the front door. He kicked off his dirty shoes before dragging himself to the modest living room, his wife trailing worriedly behind. "The fact is, I'll never find an employer willing to hire me. I'll never get a job." As he slumped on the couch, Laura came up behind him and draped her arms around his shoulders.

He could smell the shampoo in her hair (smelled like watermelons this time) and feel her breath as she got ready to console him again. "A scientist is a job, Jeff. Even if your lab is the basement and you have no government funding, you're a scientist, and a really smart one! Smarter than some of the guys at my place!"

"First of all," Jeffery started, rubbing his temples with one hand, "if I'm so smart, why won't anybody hire me? Second of all, you're an entomologist; I'm doubtful you meet many outside your own field so you can't really say how smart I am compared to others. Third, you're my wife. I'm sure you're biased. I'd be quite unhappy if you weren't, actually." Laura, though she tried to look stern, couldn't help cracking a smile at the last remark.

"Oh Jeff, why do you have to be so defeatist?"

"I'm not being defeatist, I'm simply being realistic! In fact, you've been consoling me the same way this past week! Laura, face it, I'm doomed to stay here, working on failing basement projects and cooking our meals…"

Laura was silent for a few minutes, still leaning forward onto her husband, trying to think of something that would cheer him up. "Let's dance," she suddenly said with such finality that Jeffery couldn't help but jerk his head towards her and stare.

"We don't have any music to dance to," he pointed out.

"Doesn't matter, let's just dance." Jeffery continued to incredulously stare. Laura rebutted with the stare Jeffery liked to call 'The Wide-Eyed Bambi Look." Partly because of how her eyes dilated to extreme size, like the usual Disney style, partly because he could never resist how cute she looked when wielding it, like, well, Bambi. "Pleeease? If you want, I can hum a tune. I can sing our wedding song! Just dance with me."

With that pleading look, how could he refuse? Chuckling, Jeffery replied, "Alright. We only have a couch, a side table, and a radio in here anyways, we have plenty of room."

And so the couple stood up and danced. Laura softly crooned, "…Myyyy heeaart cries for you, sighs for you, dies for you…" They slowly waltzed across the floor, staring lovingly into each other's eyes, and suddenly it didn't matter that he didn't have a job, that none of his experiments had ever brought in money. Those silly earthly worries would be far behind him tonight.

As they spun around the small couch, Jeffery joined in: "You'll haaave a million chances to staaart anew,

"Becaauuse my love is endless for yoouuu…"