Title: Bland
Fandom: Fire Emblem 7
Pairing/Characters: Eliwood
Warning(s): None
Genre: Gen

As he quickly discovered upon returning to court, fighting a war had stripped many of the formalities from Eliwood's habits. One of the most immediately obvious of those was the way he conducted himself at the dinner table – he had forgotten which fork to use, which way to tip the bowl, how to thank the server, and otherwise how to eat without having every single member of the court stare at him with mixed shock and disgust.

Not that he really liked that way of eating, but war had changed him, and made him aware of how silly it all ways.

"Sorry," he whispered to the server (it wasn't impolite if nobody heard you), "But what is this?" He motioned towards the plate in front of him, on which there was nothing but a pale green – rectangular prism, with a hint of a deep red sauce.

The server gave him a look, but spoke anyways. "Yuba and tofu cooked Mille-Feuille-style with dried shrimp roe, my liege. Mashed tofu was mixed with scallops, dried shrimp, green onions and soy beans, and then blended with cream, layered with bean curd sheets and steamed. The sauce is a bend of oyster sauce and shrimp roe, and–"

--This dish sounds as dry as Oswin's sense of humour. He chuckled to himself, surprised by his newfound wit (he supposed Hector was to blame). His mouth ached for something substantial and simple, something plebeian – he wondered if he would be able to sneak out later to where the knights were eating, and implore Lowen to skin a rabbit and cook it in broth for him.

"Thank you," he whispered, cutting the server off. He cut a small piece and took a bite. It was bland – bland as life back at home. Perhaps he would have to teach himself to hunt before he went mad.