Chapter fourteen

Every morning when I wake up and see Bella's face next to mine it makes me feel like I'm the luckiest boy on earth. Boy, that's what I am, just a boy who now has a fiancée and daughter and family of his own. I never pictured things quite going down this path. I could see it when I was a man but not this young. I'm a sixteen year old with the life of someone who's middle aged, apart from the whole wolf thing. Being a dad has really made me grow up quickly. I can't afford to act like a teenager anymore, Sarah needs me. My Sarah, the most perfect creation the world has seen, if I don't say so myself. She is the life force that runs through my body, my heart and mind, my love and Bella's love all formed into one tiny little human being. It's still hard to think of myself as a father. After two months of being back it still feels as though I'm in a coma and living this perfect and unreal life in my head. Every morning I wake up to do the first feed and take Sarah to La Push to see her uncles. I want to make it up to Bella after all the time I could have been there. It makes me feel better just doing something to help.

"Come give me my niece to hold. I want the first cuddle." Embry runs ahead of the rest of the pack and takes Sarah from my arms.

I stand back and let the pack fuss my gorgeous daughter. I am lucky enough not only to have been welcomed back with open arms by Bella but my family of wolfs as well. They of course knew about Sarah and tried for months to find me and prayed that I would one day take my wolf form so they could reach me…but I never did.

"Dude give me her! I want a turn." Quill holds his arms out and attempts to take Sarah from Embry as I watch and laugh.

"Be careful with her guys, she's not as strong as us wolfs…yet." I smile as I imagine the possibility of my little girl one day being like me.

We all head into the house and eat a delicious breakfast courtesy of Emily while Sam stands at the counter and address his pack.

"I know you have Sarah and Bella now Jake but you still have a loyalty to the pack." He speaks calmly yet firmly to me while I hold a sleeping Sarah.

"Now as you know it's been months since we have had any vampires down these parts but we still need to patrol and make sure La push is safe and stays vampire clean."

I hear chores of 'here, here' and 'hell yes' as I attempt to shut them all up and not wake up Sarah.

"So if we all take it in turns to patrol round the clock and make sure we patrol the surrounding areas as well. Now the Cullen's have gone I see no reason for us not to protect Forks too. As long as we have yours and Bella's permission to run around the woods near your house Jake? " Sam looks at me with a serious expression.

"As If I need to answer that" I quietly laugh feeling slightly offended that he even had to ask.

He nods thanks still with a serious expression on his face. I haven't phased for so many months I've almost forgotten what it feels like. I don't need my wolf connection to the pack to know what Sam's thinking though, he feels betrayed. You can see it when he looks at me, such disappointment in his eyes. I could barely stand it if it wasn't my fault. I was an idiot who left everyone I loved and I deserve any punishment given.

"There you both are." Bella smiles as I walk through the front door holding Sarah. I missed that smile so much when I was away. It was all I could think about, all I dreamt about. Bella and her perfect beautiful smile.

"Sorry Bells, the guys were hogging Sarah again." I lean down and kiss her softly on the head whilst handing her our daughter.

"Ah I guess the novelty of her hasn't worn off then." Bella laughs as she kisses Sarah on the head.

"Far from it, our little cub is one popular member of the pack." We both laugh at my new little nickname for our daughter.

"Little cub?" Bella smirks as she looks down at Sarah "I like it."

I sniff the air instantly smelling fried bacon and eggs "Breakfast?" I ask already heading to the kitchen.

"I'm guessing your second one this morning?" Bella laughs as she follows behind me.

"OI I'm a growing man, I need my food." I grab Bella around the waist and kiss her on the lips letting go so we can all sit down for our usual family breakfast.