A Randy Orton Love Story

2 months, 34 minutes, and 8 seconds 'till we broke up, but whose counting. I can't lie. It hurts knowing the one you love doesn't love you back the same way anymore.

"Watch it" said a oh-so-familiar voice, knocking me out of my daydream as I bumped into him.

It was him. My ex, Jeff Hardy, the love of my life. Looking into his eyes, I knew why I fell in love with him. He was romantic, goofy, and loving all at the same time. It hurt breaking up ,but it hurt even more being in love with him.

"S-sorry" I stuttered making myself probably look more like an idiot.

He avoided my eyes instead looking at the ground. "Whatever. Just stay away."

Two years! Two years, I wanted to scream at him. You hurt me. Why did you have to cheat and throw everything away. I don't understand. I thought you loved me.

He pushed past me like I was nothing to him. "Coward" I whispered.

He was one. He avoided me everyday. I knew dwelling on my feelings would only make it worse for me, but he could at least be a man and tell me why. Why?

His head snapped back like somebody had stabbed him through the heart. "What did you say?" His voice was just above a whisper, but if you knew that Jeff, you never wanted to be the one he was talking to. Many times I have come in contact with this Jeff. This Jeff I never came to love.

"Jeff your drunk. Lets go." The ride to the hotel was a quiet one. Only getting the occasional drunken moan from the lifeless body in the seat next to me. Helping him out the car was a challenge. Helping him into the elevator was a challenge. Helping Jeff Hardy everyday was a challenge. Once we entered the hotel room, I planned to get Jeff to bed but he had over things in mind. "Nicole," he smirked at me. "No Jeff." I knew what he wanted, but he was drunk and I was tired. "Pleaseeee" he slurred his words. "No" I repeated. That was the first night he ever hit me.

"I said you're a coward Jeff Hardy."

"Why you little --" That's when my back came into contact with the brick wall. A moan of pain escaped my lips. I felt my body continuing its decent to the ground.

You threw it all away for nothing.

I heard arguing in the background, but my eyes hurt to much to even open. Sounded like Jeff. Of course it was his voice. I wouldn't neither could I forget it. The other voice though, I didn't know. Then a sound of somebody being punched maybe kicked came echoing from the arena's halls. That's the last thing I remember before blacking out on the cold, hard floor.