Around The Campfire

Author: The Humbug

Disclaimer: "Kim Possible" and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. No profit is being collected from the fiction contained within. The rest you can blame on me.

Rating: PG-13 for combat violence and intimations of a physical relationship and intimate contact between consenting adult females. This should also cover a little harsh language now and then, and the taking of the Lord's name in vain just once. If this will offend you, please read something else and then seek some professional help. No Pixie Scouts were harmed in the writing of this story.

Summary: This is a Kim/Shego pairing fan fiction and is set in my 'Who's Writing This Crap?' storyline. Kasy Ann and Sheki Go Possible are the creations of NoDrogs. This tale is dedicated to Starvinglunatic, who suggested the idea and her profile can be found FFdN.

Around The Campfire - One

It was the forest primeval… still and calm and miles from the things of man. Wind and birdsong caressed the trees in a susurrus that could only be so finely tuned as with the leaves of God's creation. Warm enough for the time of year to keep that morning's rain from soaking the undergrowth but not so warm that the moisture made the day too humid or muggy. The light mist that still lingered among the boles of the trees was gently led away by the breeze that gave the whole forest life.

Only the singing was out of place.

"We are Pixies, tried and true!"


Three shapes materialized from between the trees and shrubs, each wearing the distinctive gold vest, white shirt and black skirt of the Pixie Scouts. Their knap sacks were balanced squarely on their shoulders and their orange berets were cocked jauntily on their heads. They were each female, the oldest standing out by virtue of her orange sash bearing several commendations and medals. She was a redheaded young woman with fair skin and petite form, yet her stance and mien gave her an air of authority and self-assurance that would easily rival that of anyone twice her size.

"You can be a Pixie, too!"


Trailing behind her by a few steps were two girls, roughly seven years of age, and looking very much like the older woman except for their pale green skin and their lack of an orange sash, not to mention that one of the girls had long black hair tied back with a pink ribbon. The three stepped nimbly over felled branches and rocks, making hardly a sound other than the signing.

"Through time and tide and toil and weather!"


"Pixie scouts will stick together!"


"One more time!"


"… you have got to be kidding me…"

A fourth shape slunk through the foliage behind the others; she was the tallest of the troupe and had the same mass of flowing black hair as the one little girl. Unlike the cheerful march of those who preceded her, she dragged her heels through the underbrush and her muttered complaints would not constitute 'singing'.

"We are Pixies, tried and true!"


"… I think I'm gonna catch the flu…"

"You can be a Pixie, too!"


"… I've got chiggers, how 'bout you…"

"Through time and tide and toil and weather!"


"… my thighs are chafed like patent leather…"

"Pixie scouts will stick together!"


"… knock me over with a feather…"

Shego kicked a rock and it caught under the sole of her hiking boot; she stumbled a little and had to break stride to keep from tripping. Her next words were kept sotto voce so as not to alarm the children or infuriate her wife. None of this went unnoticed by the hero and Kim Possible stifled a giggle.

"You ok back there, baby?" She gently pushed a branch out of her way. The girls were able to walk beneath it.

"How long are we gonna keep up this death march?" The pale green woman felt the otherwise firm soil 'squish' under her boot and paused to kick the unknown animal spoor off against a tree. She growled at the prospect of picking critter shit from the treads of her hiking boots and the waterproofed footwear was thoroughly splattered with yuck.

"Maybe another mile or so… the girls have almost earned their Gnome Badge." They continued marching and Kim took a quick glance back; she watched her spouse swatting hopelessly at a mosquito before she turned back around to watch where she was walking.

"What ground we cover today and then back to the car when we leave will take them just past the required distance."

"YAY!" The children shared a high-five.

"Do we have to sing the whole darn time? OW! Damn it!" The same branch that Kim had avoided snagged Shego's mass of black hair and she had to tug herself free.

"It's fun to sing while we hike, sweetheart. It helps us keep pace and you won't get tired as fast."

"It was fun, sure, I'll admit that." Shego rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Right up until the twenty-third time."

"What happened then?"

"What do you think? I prayed for death."

"It's not that bad!"


"So not."

"It's like 'One Hundred Bottles Of Beer On The Wall' meets 'It's A Small World'."


"Take me, Lord!"

"… it's a small, small world…"

"Girls, you are not helping!" Kim pulled a face as she walked around a large pine tree that grew along the path, pausing to pull her compass from her fanny pack and take a reading against the position of the sun. She raised her hand when the children caught up to her.

"Pixies… halt!"

"Yes, Mommy." Kasy Ann adopted a reasonable facsimile of a parade rest and brushed an errant strand of hair out of her eyes.

"Ok, Mommy." Sheki Go bent down to examine a butterfly as it landed on a blade of grass.

"Jawohl, mein Fuhrer!"


"I mean, jawohl, mein schatzi." The tall woman smiled sweetly and batted her eyes; Kim sighed and shifted the load on her shoulders. She glanced one last time at the compass and then put it away.

"Pixie Scout Kasy?"


"Which way is east?"

The little redhead chewed her lip for a moment and inspected the lay of the land around her. After only a few seconds, she pointed. Kim kept her expression neutral and looked to the other girl.

"Is she right, Pixie Scout Sheki?"

Sheki stood up and lifted her arm, letting the butterfly flutter away. She looked around.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Excellent!" Kim grinned. "You're both that much closer towards earning your Gnome Badge!"

The girls leapt in the air with joy and gave a cheer that scattered birds from the surrounding trees.


"What's with this Gnome Badge stuff?" The pale green woman finally reached the others; she let her pack slide off her shoulders and hit the ground. "It's all I hear you three talking about anymore."

The twins were the ones who answered her; they looked equally shocked and incredulous.

"Momma! There's a badge for woodland skills, that's…"

"… the Gnome Badge, and then there's the Undine Badge…"

"… for swimming. We have that already! Then there's…"

"… the Sylph Badge for first aid. We got that, too, but…"

"… we need to earn our Salamander Badge for making fire, and…"

Kim stepped in, bending low and wrapping her arms around them lovingly.

"And you'll earn that tonight and tomorrow, won't you?"


Shego shook her head in amazement.

"Who in the wide, wide world of sports came up with this malarkey?" Three pairs of emerald eyes beheld her with varying degrees of distain. The tall woman took a half step back.

"Sorry I asked."

The four stood in the silence of the forest and each found something to occupy their attention for a minute. The sun was drawing low in the sky and the shadows competed with the clouds as to who could change color and shape the fastest. Some birds became quieter while others increased the frequency of the calls and a few insects joined in the chorus. The breeze died down and the leaves ceased to rustle as they had been… and time seemed to stop.

"I'm hungry. Are we there yet?"

Kim sighed for what felt like the hundredth time.

"Just another mile and we'll make camp."

Kasy moved up in line.


"Yes, sweetness?"

"I gotta do Number Two."

"Oh. Well… we've got everything we need in our packs. Do you want to go now or wait 'til we stop?" Kim let her daughter think it over. "We really don't have that much farther to go."

"I'm ok."

"Hey, Princess, they got a badge for that, too?"

The twins giggled and Kim felt her face grow hot. Shego took full advantage of the tweak.

"I don't know what you'd call that badge but I can sure guess what color it is!"

"Pixies! Prepare to move out!" The petite woman gritted her teeth and inspected her offspring as they shouldered their packs; as soon as they were ready, she gave the command.

"Pixies… forward!" They resumed their march, leaving the former villain behind. Kim took a deep breath, and…

"We are Pixies, tried and true!"


"You can be a Pixie, too!"


"Pixies, halt!"

Those in uniform stopped dead in their tracks, surprised at hearing that voice speak those words. Kim and the twins looked back at Shego still standing where they'd left her.


"Kimmie. If you love me," the woman looked sincerely desperate, "if you've ever loved me, could we please sing something… ANYTHING… else for this last mile?"

"Well… sure, I suppose. And of course, I love you." Kim was taken aback; Shego really did look anxious. "Maybe we did overdo it a little." She regarded their daughters. "What say you, Scouts? Can we sing something else for Momma?"



"What do we want to…"

"Can I sing something, Fearless Leader?"





"Is it suitable for the girls?"

"Pumpkin! I'm shocked! That you think I would stoop so low as to select a bawdy song in the presence of our babies! I am deeply hurt!"

"I didn't mean…!"

"Sorely wounded!"

"Ok, ok! Sorry!" Kim held up her hands. "I wasn't expecting you to want to sing, is all." She shrugged and nodded. "Sure, why not."

Shego smirked and tilted her head back to howl at the blue sky.


"What the…?!?"

"Mommy, Momma's howling."

"Like a doggy, Mommy."

"Can we howl, too?"

"No, you may not howl." The redhead looked back along the path. "Shego, what are you doing?"

In answer, the tall woman howled again, and sang…

"Owoooooooo… who's that I see walkin' in these woods? Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood! Hey, there, Little Red Riding Hood… you sure are looking good! You're everything a big bad wolf could want!"

"Shego, behave!" She turned to the twins. "Come on, Pixies, let's march."

"Listen to me!" Shego ignored her and stuck to the tune. "Little Red Riding Hood, I don't think little big girls should… go walking in these spooky old woods alone. Owoooooooo!"

"Oh, for the love of…" Kim pursed her lips and blushed; she was glad that the twins couldn't see her face from where they were walking. The song and tone were inciting feelings in her that were definitely NOT appropriate for the Pixie Scouts!

"What big eyes you have… the kind of eyes that drive wolves mad. Just to see that you don't get chased, I think I ought to walk with you for a ways! What full lips you have… they're sure to lure someone bad! So until you get to grandma's place, I think you ought… to walk… with me and be safe!"

Kim had trouble keeping her usual pace because of the new tempo. Looking back over her shoulder, she could see that the girls had also abandoned their regimented marching in favor of a light skip that kept more in time with Shego's song.

And hits just kept on coming.

"I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on… until I'm sure that you've been shown … that I can be trusted… walking with you alone." The pale green woman took a deep breath. "Owoooooooo!"

The twins howled back.


Shego smiled with pure delight and decided to make her move.

"Little Red Riding Hood… I'd like to hold you if I could… but you might think I'm a big bad wolf so I won't. Owoooooooo!" Shego quickened her stride and closed the distance between her and her offspring, letting them see her draw closer as she pretended to menace them. "What a big heart I have… all the better to love you with! Little Red Riding Hood, even bad wolves can be good! I'll try to be satisfied… just to walk close by your side. Maybe you'll see… things my way… before… we get… to grandma's place."

Shego reached out and pinched two black-skirted keisters.


"Momma, don't!" The twins laughed even as they started running.

"Little Red Riding Hood…"

"Momma, stop it!"


"Shego!?" Kim was forced to jump aside or risk being trampled by her own children. "What are you doing?"

"You sure are looking good!"

"Shego! Stop it! Really!" The petite redhead broke into a run when she felt the hot breath of her mate on the back of her neck… and a firm hand clamp tightly on her butt.


Her emotions flashed between panic and pleasure as she ran as fast as she could along the trail, legs pounding, quickly gaining on her laughing children as the three pretended… mostly pretended… to evade capture. Shego slowed a bit and watched the three greatest loves of her life running freely before her.

"You're everything that a big bad wolf could want! Owoooooooo!"

This time, all four howled.


"What died out here?"




"Oh, Shego, shush! Kasy'll be back in a minute!" Kim rolled her eyes. They had reached the desired location and each had shed their pack; the Pixie Scout Leader knew the spot from years before when she had been a Pixie Scout and they had a few hours left of daylight remaining to make camp. The site was perfect and scouts had been using this spot for years; the ground was firm and slightly sloped to keep potential rainwater from pooling, there was a clear area for a fire pit, the were enough trees for a wind break but still enough open sky for stargazing and a nearby stream for drinking water or bathing as the weather permitted.

There was also a tidy and secluded area behind some boulders that had served well as a natural latrine, for which Kasy had been immediately grateful and that the others would likely appreciate before too long. The little redhead disappeared as soon as they stopped to make camp.

Pitching the tents took no time at all and each was large enough to sleep three adults comfortably. In addition to the two hexagonal domes, Team Possible also erected a large tarp between two large trees in front of where they had set up the tent; it formed a wall right in front of the zippered flaps and hung slightly over the tops of the tents.

The oldest Possible had watched with puzzlement as the wide piece of vinyl was being set up several minutes earlier.

"What's that for?"

It was the twins who had replied, much to Kim's satisfaction.

"It's a windbreak, Momma!"

"Extra protection from the wind!"

Little things like that made Kim feel better about the twins being in the Pixie Scouts. She was concerned at first that they had only joined because of their Mommy. The girls were smart but still impressionable, not to mention that they were being raised by two highly competitive, Type-A personalities; it made her afraid that she might be urging them into things that they didn't want to do. It wasn't her biggest personal demon, but it was a concern.

"So what do you think, Fearless Leader?"

Startled out of her thoughts, the redhead looked up at her family.

"Uh, about what?"

"Oh, nice. Our Pixie Queen is zoning out." Shego mugged for Sheki's benefit and the little Pixie laughed. "That inspires confidence. I was wondering what kind of weather we might get tonight."

"Oh, it just might get a bit cool." She stuck out her tongue. "I'm so glad that I have a great big heat source to keep me warm."

"Ok, we get the picture."

"Big, soft, plush…"

"Oh, knock it off!"

It was Shego who stuck out her tongue this time. She gave a helping hand to Sheki at unpacking the supplies and the older redhead watched with contentment as spouse and daughter nattered back and forth over some sitch for a while. They were a real family, even if they didn't conform to any convenient mold or convention. Shego might have her own demons about being the 'lesser parent' but there was nothing to that… the twins had a connection to the former villain that went far beyond mere skin coloration or metahuman abilities.

All three looked up at the return of Kasy… they watched the girl trudge back from the direction of the rocks with a roll of toilet paper in hand and a bruised tint to her expression; it was how the pale green members of the Possible family blushed.

"Hey, it's the Poopie Trouper!"

"Shego, I swear…" Kim remained calm. "Did you leave the shovel, baby?"

"Yes, ma'am. Against a tree."

"Good girl. Your Momma'll be over there soon enough, so don't let her give you the razz."

"I'm not! She knows that! Kasy," the older woman held out her arms to the returning child. "Kasy, sweetheart, come here. I was only teasing, really."

The little girl scowled in a very Shegoesque fashion but readily joined her mother and her sibling in sorting through food items near the old fire pit; Kasy handled perishables while Sheki set aside sealed goods and Kim soon joined them after thoroughly inspecting the campsite. Shego soon began helping the twins constructively and Kim was gratified to see everyone smiling by the time she joined them.

"Ok! Great work Pixies and Honorary Pixie!" She received two smiles and one raspberry in response. "And kudos to Scout Kasy for being the first to visit Fort Necessity" Kim cocked a thumb back towards the large rocks and the barrier that they provided. "You will notice that it's downstream of our water supply and hidden from sight."

"Am I gonna break an ankle triangulating my way to the can in the middle of the night?"

"… so remember to always have your Pixie Glow Light within reach after dark, and even in the daylight you need to be wary of trip hazards when walking in the forest." Kim maintained her lecturing tone and ignored her wife's jibe. "Who's got the extra canned stuff?"


"Go ahead and find a nice, secure spot in the river for them to chill, please and thank you." She gave Sheki a pat on the back as the child ran off to follow her orders.


"Jar hole, my furerer!"

"Kasy, you never should repeat anything you hear your Momma say without asking me first."


"And please, never… ever… repeat those words."

"Yes, mommy. Sorry."

"It's ok, you're not the one who's in trouble." Kim ignored the scowl from her wife. "Did you and your sister set out tonight's dinner?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good girl. Please bag the rest of the stuff and hoist it from a tree."

"Easier done than said!" The little redhead shot to her feet and scampered off, leaving the adults alone at the fire pit.

Shego crossed her arms and waited for the wrath of her mate; Kimmie could be such a hard ass when she was 'in charge' and any tweaking was usually met with ire. For miles the little girls had been hiking through the forest, far from home and hearth into the wilderness and now they were being ordered about like slaves. Those two were so busy during the week with school and homework and various extracurricular activities that they never seemed to have any downtime. They were kids for crying out loud, and her Princess seemed to keep forgetting that.

She didn't have to wait long. The petite woman in the Pixie Scout uniform knelt down and straddled the long, powerful legs so that they couldn't move and grasped the arms in a vice-like grip. The younger woman was smaller and considerably lighter, but she used her weight and her considerable strength to force the strong arms apart and back over the larger woman's head.

"Two days!"

"Ow! Damn it!"

"Less than two days! Just one night!"

"That hurts! Leggo!"

"Tonight through tomorrow afternoon and then we head for home. Is that too much to ask?" The younger woman vented hours of irritation in three seconds. She lessened her grip only so that the older woman's arms weren't bent quite as far back as before. It also allowed Kim to lean in close and get right in Shego's face.

"You drive me so crazy sometimes!"


"The griping, the complaining… the fascist comments!"

"It's funny."

"And inappropriate for children!"

"Well, excuuuuuuuuse me!"

"What if Kasy repeats it?"

"Who'll give a shit?"

"Ohhhh, lessee… other kids, their parents, their teachers!"

"Big deal."

"How about Principal Barkin? He'd love that!"

"Whoopee friggin doo."

"The Stoppables?"

The former villain stopped struggling.

"Ok, you got me there."


"Hey, I was making a joke and would never have said that in mixed company."

"Kasy probably thinks I'm mad at her." The redhead was calming down. Kim was more curious than mad and wanted to hear the answer to a question before the evening wore away.

"I'll talk to her… again." Shego frowned, her expression contrite. "I hate that I'm always apologizing and explaining things to her."

"She adores you and listens to everything you say."


"Does. They both do. Kasy is just the more reactionary of the two." The small woman released her hold on her spouse's arms and sat up, still kneeling on top of the powerful legs. "She wants to be just like you but lacks the experience to know when you're being…"


"I was going to say 'snarky'." Slender pink arms crossed over a gold vest. "So what's got you so tweaked?"

"Do you know how sexy you look wearing that uniform?"

"Don't distract me. I asked you a question."

"Which was…?"

"Why did you decide to join us?"

"Because of the great outdoors."

"But you've been bugging ever since we hit the trail this morning."

"Ok, so the great outdoors suck!"

"The girls are having fun! I'm having fun!"

"I want to have fun, too!"

"No one's stopping you!"

"This isn't my idea of fun!"

"Excuse me? I know for a fact that you and a certain blue jerkwad that once occupied most of my free time as a teenager used to routinely hide in an area not all that far from here."

"Yeah. In a cabin near the slopes so that I could get in some skiing." The mass of flowing black hair shifted as Shego looked this way and that. "There was cable and hot water… Hell, there was a roof, for crying out loud!"

"Then why did you agree to come?"

"Are you saying that you don't want me here?"

Kim didn't respond immediately, she knew there was more. The answer had been too quick, too prepared. Shego had plenty of chances to bow out of this camping trip but was the first one to have her pack ready at the car with time to spare. Something was brewing behind those eyes and it needed airing.

"What I'm asking is why you're here." Now the slender woman rolled free of her 'captive' and settled down beside her on the ground. Kim lay on her side with her elbow up on the same log that Shego was leaning back against. She watched the long pale green arms cross again.

"I… I want to be here!"

"Why?" Delicate fingers traced lines up and down a long, pale green arm.

"Does it matter?" Her face screwed into a pout, Shego looked away.

"I'd still like to know."

"Because… because I never feel like I'm around the girls much."

"Baby, you're with them every single day." Pink lips brushed the long upper arm.

"It doesn't feel like it."

"That is total crap. You see them practically every waking hour except when they're at school or some activity." Kim shook her head. "Otherwise, you get to be with them loads of time."

"It still doesn't feel like it!" Now the older woman did turn to face her mate. "It never feels like it and I don't feel like I'm as ingrained in their lives as you are. And do NOT give me that look!" A long finger jabbed out and the hand glowed faintly; Kim rolled her eyes but held her tongue. "They do all the cutesy stuff with you, the mommy daughter stuff. You know… the normal stuff." The glowing ceased and the hand retracted, clenching into a fist as Shego cocked her thumb at her chest. "I wanted to be with them for something that they would never think of doing with me, and that maybe we'd… that we would…" She couldn't finish, not trusting herself to speak further. The arms crossed again and folded back behind her head as the former villain looked up into the clouds.

Kim remained silent for a few heartbeats and let the words digest.

"That you would get to do some cutesy stuff together?"

"Maybe." There was a slight pout there and Kim pursed her lips and nodded in understanding.



"Can I tell you a secret?" Kim scooted closer until her lithe body was pressed tight against the larger woman's side. Shego's expression stayed rock hard but her tone softened.


"You're doing a pretty good job already."

The ghost of a smile played across black glossed lips and the chiseled emeralds glistened a bit but the only indication that Shego had heard… and believed… her spouse was an overall lessening in the rigidity of her body. She kept looking up into the clear blue sky and Kim took this as a good sign. Taking care not to muss her uniform as she turned to lie on the ground alongside the pale green woman and together they watched the clouds and each in turn gathered whatever wisdom was to be found there.

"Hey, Kimmie."

"Hm?" Kim turned her head as the long and voluptuous body writhed beside the younger woman.

"Do you think that I might earn my merit badge tonight in our tent?"

"You already know the answer to that." The hero blushed. "We can't do much more than cuddling on this trip 'cause we got the girls!"

"They have their own tent, they won't hear us." This was a joke and they both knew it; there was never a question of boisterous activity when the girls were nearby. By mutual agreement, it simply wasn't done.

"Forget it." Kim played along, secure that their marriage would survive a night of good old fashioned sleep, and maybe some intense cuddling. "That's a badge that you'll have to earn another time."

"Hang on. Are you saying that there is such a merit badge?"

"You're incorrigible!"

"Oooo, Den Mother… I've been a bad Pixie!"


"You did say cuddling was ok, right?"

"Yeah…" Kim felt the heat from the other woman's body as that long form rolled towards her on the forest floor. One arm reached out and conformed to the muscles at the small of Kim's back and the redhead was pulled close.

"Like this?"


"How soon do you think the girls will be back?" Shego winked and was relieved when the smaller woman winked back.

"What girls?"

Maybe they would have a few minutes. They kissed in the light shade of the surrounding trees but from around the bole of a tree several yards away, twin pairs of green eyes watched the activity with dismay. Kasy had her back turned and looked off into the woods, still covering her eyes even though she wasn't looking in the right direction.

"Are they done yet?"

Her sister risked a glance but quickly covered her face and ducked back behind the tree.

"No! They're doing mushy stuff!"


"Sick and wrong!"


To Be Continued…

Author's Notes: I couldn't find any hard data about the Pixie Scouts at the various KP websites so I made up some reasonable details on my own using basic pixie/faerie lore (the merit badges) as well as my total inability to rhyme or write songs (the Pixie marching song). The song 'Little Red Riding Hood' comes to us courtesy of Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs, used without permission.