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High Mountain Rangers

Jesse Hawkes: Used to head the Rangers now retired with his wife and lives for his children and grandchildren. Father of Matt, Cody and adopted Jess.

Jackie Hawkes: Wife of Jesse, mother of Matt, Cody and Jess. Runs a diner in Lake Tahoe.

Matthew Hawkes: Head of the High Mountain Rangers. Quit law school to become a Ranger at 23. Now twenty years later close to burning out but finding it hard to give up his command. Oldest son of Jesse and Jackie. Dating Robin Kelly.

James Cutler: Second in command. Ex-boyfriend of Jess. His father was a southern preacher who beat him as a child. Tons of baggage and hard to commit to anyone. Trained sniper and expert in demolitions.

Cody Hawkes: Brother of Matt, son of Jesse and Jackie. Ex-Marine. Expert in meteorology, demolitions, computer crimes and tracking. Also a pilot. Married to Sarah.

Jesse Lynne Hawkes: Adopted daughter of Jesse and Jackie. Her birth parents killed in a car accident when she was 12 but she spent summers since she was 5 with the Hawkes. Married to Derek Morgan. Trained in criminal justice, psychology, and criminal profiling. Also a paramedic, pilot and mechanic.

Derek Morgan: Ex-FBI agent moved to the mountains to marry Jess. Criminal Profiler and weapons specialist.

Robin Kelly: Twenty year vet of the Rangers. Originally from Sweden and a trained paramedic. Dating Matt.

Tim Hart: Ranger for nearly as long as Matt. Trained in high mountain maneuvers and search and rescue.

Izzy Flowers: Trained in high mountain maneuvers and demolitions. Horse expert.

Frank Alvila: The original High Mountain Ranger pilot. Retiring in the fall.

Benjamin 'Benji' Flynn: Ski expert, dive expert and mountain climbing expert. Childhood friend of Cody and Jess.

Jayden Trainer: Forensics expert, diver and tracker.

Tonya Jacobs: Paramedic and communications expert.

Dean Cooper: Rookie ski expert and ex-Navy seal and diving expert.

Sarah Hawkes: Cody's wife. Ex-trauma room nurse. Mother of Ava, Colton and Dylan.