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This is a mostly CarlislexOC story but imma put my friend and maybe it will be a side story some day of JacobxOC.

This first chapter will be in 3rd person but that will be it.


Lyria Rose sat at a table, a cup of water and an untouched muffin. Her hazel eyes staring into nothingness out the window. Her mind was elsewhere. She was new to Forks, she came out here because she had heard that there was an job offer for being an assistant for a doctor. But that wasn't just it, she was also going to be interviewed for a position as reporter. Her strong point was being a photographer so she knew she had a good chance at getting the job.

Lyria was twenty-one years old, fresh from junior collage. She had to get a job to pay off the loans. She had moved up from nice sunny California, she had wondered after her semi-dazed state how did she end up in cold and wet Forks, Washington?

Lyria sighed as then picked up on a conversation between two individuals. Lyria looked over to see the chief and his daughter, she had been here a week and knew that the chief was a divorced man and that his daughter Isabella was coming to stay with him. She finally looked down at her food. Taking the muffin in her hand she nibbled on it till it was gone. She listened to the two's conversation, ears dropping she knew it was bad to, but she didn't care.

The girl was starting in March for her school, poor girl had it tough coming in, in the middle of the school year. She then stood up and put a twenty down and headed out the door out to her black and red mini-cooper. She got inside and turned on the radio. For she had the interview for the doctors assistant. She sighed as she let the song sooth her, as most songs did.

She drove though Forks as the town was fairly small. She saw there was a long line once she got to the hospital, it looked like there were more people than it was built for. She had to park in the very back of the parking lot. Once out of her cute little car she straightened her clothes, she was wearing black, low-rider, female Dickies, with a white polo shirt. She sighed as she then messed with her mostly brown hair hoping she looked good. For her hair was an odd combination, the ends were a golden color while the rest of her hair was a light brown with blond streaks in it, if that wasn't a freak show already her hair was major waves and in the right weather frizzy.

She noticed she was in the back of the back line. There was no way she was going to get in by today, she noticed there were mostly girls in the line but also some guys. Much to her surprise the line moved quickly, soon she could see the front doors. She soon took notice as well the girls coming out, all giddy and blushing. 'Wonder what their problem is' Lyria thought, she then decided to tap the girl in front of her, the girl was of course taller than her, seeing how she was only 5'2 most people called her shrimp, "Um excuse me but can you tell me why there is so much people here?" Lyria asked.

The blond turned to look at Lyria, her baby blue eyes judging weather to talk to Lyria or not. She then finally spoke "Your not from around here are you?" she asked, a smirk on her lips, when Lyria nodded she laughed "Ah then your in for the ride of your life, Dr. Cullen is absolutely gorgeous, smart, and single" she said. A bit of an obsessed fan girl no?

Lyria smiled and thanked her "Thank you, yea I just moved here last week. So yea thanks again"

The girl smiled "Oh no problem, by the way names Krystal Ada" she said, as she then held out her hand for a shake.

Lyria smiled back and shook her hand "Lyria, Lyria Rose" she replied.

"Ah I knew you were new, the whole town is talking about you and Isabella" Krystal said.

Lyria blinked "About me?" she asked, she didn't know she was that popular.

Krystal smiled and laughed "Yea, it's not often we get newbie's here in town." she replied, she then thought of a nice plan "Hey, after the interview I have another to be a nurse, but if you can wait a while maybe we can hang out? A new pizza building is up and I wanna check it out" she said.

Lyria blinked a couple of times "Sure" she replied. It was hard to believe she already had a friend in this town. She only assumed that she would have a couple of friends and that way maybe a few years into her residency in Forks.

"I'll text my friends and you can have new friends" she said "Oh I hope you don't mind some of them are high schoolers. I was a senior last year" she said with a smile.

Lyria shook her head "No, no it's fine. It's good to have friends of different ages" she replied. She wondered if she would stick out like a sore thumb, figuring she would she asked "What are your friends like?" she asked.

"Well Mike is such a flirt, but he has every reason to be" she started off "Then there is Eric, he is just so adorable at times where you just want to squish his cheeks" she said as she made a squishing sign. "Then there is Tyler, he moved her from Oregon. He is the new one of the group but he's alright. Lauren and Angela, they were so mad at me for becoming the boy's friend" she said then smiling and laughing "So don't feel bad when they glare daggers at you" she warned.

Lyria laughed "Oh thank you for the heads up" she replied, soon they were inside the building, it was a nice 75 inside, unlike outside which was freezing. She noticed the song 'killing me softly' was playing, she smiled and gently hummed with the song.

"You like this song?" Krystal asked.

Lyria blushed and nodded, "Yea I like a lot of oldies" she replied. Krystal just smiled and shook her head.

Soon the two were the next two in line to meet the oh so sexy doctor, Krystal looked back at Lyria once she was called into the office "Wish me luck" she said then went into the mini waiting to wait for her turn.

Lyria was then there by herself, she looked around and noticed the building. It was a lot bigger on the inside than the outside, as she noticed that an elevator number went up to five. She was snapped out from her thoughts when she heard a small buzzing and a woman said 'next'

Lyria then went inside and sat down on the leather couch, it wasn't cold so obviously it had been used quite a lot. In the middle of the room was a glass table with a couple of magazines laying on it. In the corner was a girl, her desk was relatively small with a laptop on top, the woman looked in her forties, ready to retire.

After about twenty minutes Krystal came out, her cheeks were red and she had a woozy look to her "Something wrong Krystal? Maybe you need Dr. Cullen to look at you?" she asked.

Krystal laughed "That's all he did Lyria dear, you'll understand once your inside" she said "Now don't forget to wait for me okay?" she asked as she then strolled out of the room.

Lyria stood up, her fear starting to grip her heart, squeezing it till it pounded two times harder. Her left hand gripped her purse strap and her application and her right hand made a small wrinkle in her polo shirt. She sighed as she then strode into his office with an air of confidence.

That was quickly robbed of when Lyria set her eye's on Dr. Cullen, you know you judge people in the first 11 seconds of meeting them? Well Lyria made it in .3 He looked like a sex god! Master Stud Muffin! He was absolutely gorgeous. His blond hair was slicked back a little, he looked about 5'9 sitting in the chair, his arm was propped up by an arm rest. He was dressed in formal clothing, black dress pants and a light grey button up with a black and grey tie, his doctor's coat covering over it all. "Welcome, I am Dr. Cullen, I am pleased to meet you"

Lyria smiled a small smile as she then hesitantly handed him her application. "Thank you Dr. Cullen, sir" she replied. She then sat down in the overstuffed black leather chair, her Dickies suddenly very interesting.

Suddenly Dr. Cullen spoke up, causing Lyria to look up " Well Miss Rose, I like your application, all the way from California? Your strong points are organization, photography, and other such things" he said reading off from the application "Please do tell me why would you like to be my assistant.?" he asked.

Lyria nodded, she thanked God when she could speak normally "Well, normally I would not be applying for this job, but a sudden change of plans and interests made me want to possibly take up a carrier like yours. Well that is once I am done with my student loans. But for right now I am looking for a good paying job where I can learn to the best of my ability." she replied, a smile on her lips. She then added "Oh and by the way Dr. Cullen, weather I get this job or not please do not call me Miss. Rose, Lyria is fine with me"

Carlisle smiled, this small girl in front of him, something drew him to her, there wasn't anything major about her, but it was sweet how she didn't swoon majorly, for he could still hear her heartbeat when she first set sight on him. He then smiled one of those dazzling smiles "Ah I see" It made him happy to hear the heart skip a beat, he just hoped she was not like all the other girls.

Lyria set her purse on the desk as she fished out something, soon she pulled out a brag book, as one would call it and handed it to him, he flipped though a couple of pages, his eyes taking in all the information, he smiled again.

"Well I will give your application more thought, I will call you if I need you." he said as he then placed the book on the desk.

Lyria smiled and stood up and waved good bye to him. As she then exited in an odd daze. She now understood how the other girls felt. Suddenly a cold chill went though her body, snapping her out of her dazed state.

She then sat down on an available seat and took a couple of breaths it didn't work for long as her mind took in everything she could remember, his silky velvet voice, his pale skin, man anybody would kill to have that skin. And let's not forget his beautiful eyes.

Suddenly she heard her name being called "Lyria? Has anybody seem- Oh there you are Lyria dear. You accidentally left your purse and book here" Carlisle said as he then extended his hands to her to give her back her things.

'Well speak of the devil' she thought with a smile, she then thanked him and took back her things. He just smiled at her again, causing her heart to skip a beat.

She sat there for another ten minutes till Krystal came back "Hey girl" she said with a smile "How was meting Dr. Gorgeous?" she asked.

Lyria blushed "He,….He was very kind" she replied. She then opened her bag and saw a note inside, curious she almost pulled it out, best wait till it was safe to open it, placing her portfolio inside her bag she slung it over her shoulder "Okay I'm ready to go" she said.

Krystal nodded as she then proceeded out of the hospital. Lyria following her.

Carlisle watched the two girls leave the hospital, Lyria was the one he was most interested in. Her blood smelt sweeter than any other, he had to know why. Maybe he could ask his children if he could get any answers for him.