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Once the credits started to roll Carlisle and I stood up, stretching our legs. I had finished my drink and half the popcorn, much to my chagrin Carlisle only took a handful of popcorn, no more, no less. I smiled at Carlisle, he smiled back at me.

His perfect teeth gleamed in the dim light. The man was perfect, utterly perfect. I couldn't help but blush at him. We both heard an 'ahem' I looked behind Carlisle, to see a couple to waiting for us to move. I smiled kindly at them and then I moved to get out of the row, Carlisle followed me.

Edward and Bella were waiting for us at the bottom. Bella had a glow around her, she looked so happy. Edward looked happy as well.

Soon we four were all standing in a square shape. "Did you enjoy the movie?" I asked everybody. They all replied yes. "I liked it as well, Especially when the guy came through the window and saved the girl" I said.

"Only to find out it is the wrong window?" Bella replied, smiling and laughing. I nodded in agreement.

Soon I felt Mother Nature calling "Okay, let's move, I gotta use the restroom"

We located the bathroom; Carlisle was kind enough to hold my small purse. Truthfully I thought it was cute that he would do that for me. Bella followed after me, apparently she needed to use the restroom as well.

We were both at the sink washing our hands, I glanced over at her "So Edward huh?" I asked

"Yeah, you and Dr. Cullen?" she replied.

I blushed and shook my head, "Naw, we aren't an item, this was going to be another interview of some sort, but it did kinda turn into a date" I replied.

Outside the boys were standing around, Carlisle smiled at Edward. "Did you have fun?" he asked.

Edward smiled "Yes, of course" he replied "So why'd you come to the movies, I thought you were going to a dinner date?" He replied.

Carlisle shrugged "Yes, we were, but I noticed Lyria looking at the sign, I could tell she would like to go to the movies, so it was a change of plan. I noticed that your car was in the parking lot, so I assumed you and Bella were inside." He replied.

Edward nodded and smiled "You know, during most of the movie her thoughts flickered between being caught by Bella and I, and then it was on you and the movie. She really likes you" he told Carlsile.

Carlisle shifted his stance and gripped Lyria's purse a little closer, "I think she was terrified that she was caught by you two. It would be a little embarrassing to be caught by you son and his date." He replied.

Edward looked at Carlisle, curious "Do you like her as well?" he asked.

Carlisle smiled a small secretive smile "She is a good co-worker" he replied, course he knew Edward would be searching his thoughts, so he preoccupied his mind with the movie and the drive.

What Carlisle didn't know was Edward was not only reading his thoughts, but was looking for specific thoughts, and he found them. He smiled. "Okay, whatever you say old man" he joked.

Carlisle rolled his eyes, but he instantly perked up when Lyria and Bella came back.

He handed Lyria back her purse and their hands connected for a brief moment. To Carlisle it felt like a jolt of electricity, akin to the intensity of a patient being brought back to life. He smiled at her, she smiled shyly back at him.

The touch to Lyria felt like a bomb went off in her hand. She felt as if she was holding both ice and fire in her hand. When Carlisle smiled at her she couldn't help but smile back, of course it was accompanied by a fierce blush.

Carlisle and I stood by each other as we talked with Edward and Bella for a small while longer. I was ever aware of how close Carlisle stood to me, and how good he smelt.

Soon Bella was yawning, and we decided to part. Carlisle once again led me out by the small of my back. I watched as Bella and Edward got into their car (As for some chance, we parked close to them). "They look cute together" I commented.

Carlisle nodded and smiled "He waited a long time for a girl like her" he replied.

I smiled and let a little chuckle out "What? A week?" I asked.

Carlisle shook his head "Believe it or not, he never really dated anybody. Bella is actually his first girlfriend".

My mouth fell open, a young man, a good looking kid, was single up until Bella. "Wow" I replied in shock and awe.

Carlisle nodded "Yes, I am very proud of him, he chose wisely for a first girlfriend".

On the ride home all we talked about was his children and my siblings. It was funny; we had fallen into such a comfortable conversation about our family, that we almost missed the exit needed to get back to Forks.

I learned he had three other children, I was amazed, to have four teens in the house all by yourself would be a hard job. Nearly impossible, but then I remembered that he was a recent widower, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

He of course told me that all his children were very well behaved.

Carlisle learned that I was the eldest of four, and all of them were still in California. My Mother was very sad to learn that I was leaving California, but I had my own reasons to leave.

Soon we were at my house, Carlisle walked up to the door, he gave me a kiss on the knuckles and let me into the house.

I smiled as I slumped against the wall, today was a good day. I ended the night with a few emails, updating my status and reading a chapter in a book. All in all a great night.

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