Hey all,

Okay, this is my first ever remotely serious fanfiction. Characters, as said, are all human and most characters from VA should be starring but I might miss someone. Yes. This is eventually going to be a romance but right now I'm having a lot of fun thinking of embarrassing things to do to Rose and Lissa. Yay! I tend to get a little off track with my stories but I digress, the beginning is here!

Chapter 1 – Swiss Cheese I

There was something elusive about that night. I knew there was something I should be remembering but after about fifty vodka shots the haze over my brain was too thick for me to remember anything. I didn't know why my best friend and I had left Montana at the speed of light. All I knew was that at the time it was incredibly funny…

We had packed fast… and drunkenly… and then driven to South Dakota. Pierre, to be exact. I guess my mobile is a lot like my memory. Gone. Now Lissa and I are hanging out in the capital of South Dakota with no real idea why, just a foreboding feeling that if we go back, we're going to be in trouble. And hysterics. I'm sure that one day I'll remember exactly why it was so funny but for now, my memory is Swiss Cheese.

I know there's a good reason we left Montana in that night… I just know it… But I can't remember.

Damn vodka. Damn it to Hell.

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