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Dragon Surge

A girl wasin her room reading a book. Somebody knocked the on the door,

and the wall's computer said it was Slytha. His voice could have been heard down

the hall. "Hey, open up! I've got great news!" The girl sighed, and made a symbolic

gesture with her hand. T he door opened up, and a boy, about sixteen, was standing

with his fist raised to knock.

Slytha quickly walked over to the girl and said "Guess what." He sounded

excited, and it was contaigeous. She smiled and said "Let me guess. It went through?

Did it work?" The boy's smile faltered, and he wearily said "Yeah. But listen. It might

be to risky. People have died from surgery, you know.

"There was one girl, she tried to get a T-Rex surge, and when the doctors

finished, she tried to stand up, and her ribs broke, all at the same time. There was one

boy, who loved water, got gills, and chocked to death because there was no water.

And," Slytha stopped because the girl put her fingers over his mouth, and replied to all

that, " I won't be that careless. When do I go?'

The next morning, the girl was at a hospital, but seemed healthy enough. She

was brought to a special room. She was handed something, and she signed it. It

allowed the doctors to see her Surge-Morph. When she gave it back, the doctor started

looking for the morph. The doctors seemed suprised when it was brought up.

More details were brought up, and a doctor asked her if she was sure if she

wanted to go on. She nodded, but asked " If this turns out correctly, then I have full rights

over morphs of this type, right? and you might want to bring up more details." She was

correct, but it was a fleeting chance.


Although people do not have rights over surgery types in the Uglies series, the morph

that the girl was getting was a very serious design and not too many people were lucky.