Ruby rolled the six-sided dice together in his hand as he stared determinedly at the board. He dropped them on the table, then took a moment to count up the amount of spaces he would move his game piece. He pushed it forward, counting the spaces as he did.

Resting his chin on the palm of his hand, Norman watched dispassionately. He was only eight spaces away from the finish point, and Ruby was at least fifteen spaces behind him. Soon this silly game would be over, and he could get back to--

"Yes!" Ruby shouted, as his piece landed on an escape rope. An escape rope that lead to the space just before the finish point. "Hm, looks like I win, Dad."

Norman slammed his hands on the table, nearly sending the game pieces to the floor. "It's not over yet! If I get an eight or higher, I still win!"

Smirking, Ruby slid the dice over to his father. "Well then, let's see you try."

Norman snatched the dice away and shook them violently, before practically throwing them against the table.

Snake eyes.

The next few moments were a blur for both of them, as Norman flipped over the table and flung the dice across the room. He calmed down a moment later and seemed only slightly embarrassed at his outburst.

Which left Ruby to lean down and pick the table back up, and search for all the small objects that had hidden themselves in the commotion. When he finally gathered them all up and placed them back on the table, along with the game board, he shot his dad a disapproving look.

And he was promptly ignored.

"Dad!" Ruby finally screamed, waving his hands in the air in hopes of catching his father's attention. "It's just Sevipers and Escape Ropes! You don't have to flip out like that!"

Norman sighed, and finally sat back down to look Ruby in the face. "Well, if I would've won, you'd have been angry too."

"Would not!"

"You would."

"Would not!"

"Prove it."

They glared at each other as they quickly set the game pieces back up. Norman rolled first, only because he reached the dice faster, and smiled as he landed a twelve. He moved his piece slowly, trying to pretend he couldn't hear Ruby tapping his fingers impatiently on the table.

With Norman's turn finally over, Ruby grabbed at the dice and rolled. Only a three. He pouted, but moved his piece quickly, before Norman could make any comment.

For ten minutes the game went on like that, until they both sat eleven spaces away from the finish point. The atmosphere grew heavy as Ruby rolled the dice in his hand. He slowly let them drop and swallowed harshly as they clanked against the table.

Six spaces.

Ruby let out a sigh as he narrowly avoided a Seviper, and confidently handed Norman the dice.

He shook them up and gave the board a harsh glare, as if he could scare it into letting him win. Then he abruptly flung them down, and they both leaned forward too look at the results.

Eleven spaces.

Norman smiled contentedly as he moved his piece to the finish point space-by-space.

For a moment, Ruby was completely still. He looked calmly at the table, but he didn't speak, and for a moment it didn't seem like he would blink either. Then he suddenly sat up, inhaled sharply, and gently turned the table on its side.

Norman chuckled slightly as he pulled the table back up. "Next time you decide it's vital for us to do something together, why don't we just get ice cream?"

Ruby shoved the game back into its box. "Why wait?"