Triangle Choke

Summary: Filed under TMI. It wasn't a mental image Will would be forgetting anytime soon.

Rating: PG

Author's Note: If you don't know what a Triangle Choke looks like, this ficlet probably won't make much sense to you. It's a Mixed Martial Arts Submission Hold. To see it in action, go to youtube and search "Human Weapon Triangle Choke". It'll take you under a minute and the mental image will stay with you, lol.

Triangle Choke

Owing to the echoing nature of the lower rooms, Will could hear Henry and Ashley's voices well before he reached the gym. For some reason, Henry's was pretty muffled.

"Like this?" he asked.

"No, no. You need to slow down, Henry. This isn't about speed it's about technique. Nice and slow, just like I showed you."

"What, like this?"

"Much better!" she answered, approval evident in her tone. "One more time, okay?"

He sighed loudly. "Only for you, Ash."

"It's important!"

"If you say so. One more. Then we do that move I've been wanting to try."

"Mmm, I guess you've been a good enough boy. Okay, let's do this."

"You've got it," Henry agreed cheerfully.

There was a deep grunt, followed by silence.

Will finally reached the gym, turning the corner and freezing at the sight before him. Ashley was on the floor, on her back. Henry was on top of her, her arms and legs around him, his face pressed…

For some strange reason, they both seemed to be fully clothed.


"Jesus!" Will gasped. "Christ, I'm so sorry! I thought you two were sparring in here!" He took a step backwards.

Ashley looked up at him blankly for a moment, Henry still captured in her grip. Then she turned bright red and scrambled away from Henry on all fours. The werewolf was bright red as well, and he regarded Will sheepishly, mouth moving soundlessly.

The psychiatrist cleared his throat and held up both hands. "Hey, what you two do in your own time is no business of mine." With these words, he turned and fled.

Ashley's voice echoed after him. "Will! It was just a Submission!"

"More information about the two of you than I really needed!" he shouted back, shaking his head and hurrying off.

The End