Warning, this chapter is only a filler so it is short! Enjoy!


Bella's POV

I stared and look at Edward in complete awe.

Even with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes he still looked like his gorgeous self. ( A/N I'm note saying people with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes are unattractive, I'm just saying that it is a different look for Edward!)

" You ready to go Bella?"

I couldn't answer. I was too busy looking into his deep blue eyes.

" Mmhmm." Was all I could manage to get out.

He led me out of the door and to the car.

We climbed into the car and started the journey to Seattle.

To be honest I hoped that the car ride would be peaceful. But with the Cullens that is a big thing to hope for.

" Bella we're here."

I looked over at Edward. He couldn't be serious. We had made it here without a scratch.

I quickly jumped out of the car before I jinxed myself.

I looked around and instantly regretted coming here.

Why did I have to be so impulsive?

" Bella are you oka-" He looked up and realised why I was so reluctant to go in.

I have never seen so many pink poodles in my entire life.

I think I was poodlaphobic!

We made our way through the crowd and found a seat inside the stadium.

You could tell that the show was about to start because a man with greying hair, in a tuxedo came out with a microphone.

" Hello and welcome to the dog show today. My name is Richard Head and I will be your host for today. This morning we will have all of the dogs who are 6 months and under. Enjoy the show."

All the dogs and owners appeared and began walking around the arena.

They were then each examined individually.

Emmett couldn't possibly win with the way that his dog was looking. It almost looked like a toy.

After they were all checked, the corny host made his appearance.

" Now for the results of the 6 months and under division. In third place Grace O'Donnell and her dog Coco. In second place Jordyn Sheldon-Collins and her dog Fifi. And in first place..." He paused for dramatic effect. I watched as Emmett inched towards the man. Assuming that he had won. " Georgia Anderson and her dog Tia!"

A look of pure horror crossed Emmett's face.


Edward and I couldn't help but laugh.

It was only a dog show.

Emmett's head snapped around to look at us.

He knew who we were instantly.

" Bella get on my back. We need to run." I quickly climbed on as Emmett started advancing on us.

Edward trough me into the car and started the engine.

Emmett followed closely behind.

Quite frankly I didn't know why we didn't just run. It would have been faster.

The car was racing down the highway.

My heart froze when we heard an almighty thump.

We hit something.

Edward and I quickly got out of the car and stared at the body beneath us.

Emmett pulled up behind us and jumped out of the car.

" You guys are... hey isn't that Brad Pitt?"

I stared into Edward's eyes.



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