Love Letter

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Hinata looked down at the pink envelope in her hands. She decided she was going to give it to him today. The first day of spring, she swallowed hard, trying to push down her uncertainty into the deeps of her stomach. She had been waiting for this chance all winter. Now she was finally going for it as many of her friends did.

She had spent hours trying to compose this letter. After completing it, she spent hours reading and rereading it to make sure it was perfect. She had put it into the envelope this morning. Her hands were shaking so much, she had nearly written his name wrong. She bit her lip and tried to calm down her beating heart. She knew this probably would be the most important letter of her sixteen-year-old life. All she had to do now was pluck up the courage to give it to him. She took a deep breath, looking at the long staircase that led to his classroom.

School was over, but she knew he would probably still be in the classroom. He was the class president, after all. She could see him, doing his paper work for the student counsel. She didn't know when she started to like the "iceberg" known as Uchiha Sasuke. Maybe it was when he helped her pick up the papers that she clumsily dropped while walking down the hallway. Maybe it was when she saw him playing soccer, the look of absolute concentration on his face. She didn't know why or when, but she was completely smitten by him.

She took a step back and pressed herself against the wall. She couldn't do it. She was scared again. She clutched the letter to her chest. She felt the sudden guilt since her young sister had even helped to prep her this morning before she left.

"Nee-chan, repeat after me," instructed Hanabi.

Hinata nodded seriously.

"Please accept this letter."

"P-Please a-accept this l-letter," repeated Hinata.

"Okay, good try, but try again, without the stutter."

"Okay, P-P-Please accept-t t-t his letter."

"Nee-chan, it's worse now!" shrieked Hanabi with laughter.

Hinata blushed. She was never going to get this right.

"Nee-chan, don't give up 'kay?"

Hinata looked down at her slippers. Hinata sighed. She was destined to be a "shy Jane" for rest of her life. "Shy Jane" was someone who has never been kissed or dated or confessed to a guy before. She looked out the window beside her shoulder. The peach blossoms bloomed a few days ago. They looked so fragile and beautiful at the moment. Their white, soft petals opened widely. The tiny flowers looked so brave to her. A peach blossoms' life span was short, only few months at the most. Yet, it amazed her that they still continued to bloom beautifully each time, unafraid of what was to come.

She wished she were as brave as the peach blossom outside, for just a few moments even. She looked up the sky; it was so blue, filed with promises of happiness within its depth. She wondered if the peach blossom felt this way as well. Did a peach blossom want the happiness that the sky had to offer? Is that why peach blossoms had so much courage? They wanted to bloom, if only for a few moments, to enjoy the happiness of being under the vast blueness.

She smiled, imagining for a minute that she too was a peach blossom wanting to bloom. She held onto this feeling tightly as she walked up the staircase to third floor. The classroom 3D-1 was emptied, except one, lone figure remained. She let out the breath she was holding. She bravely knocked on the door. For even a few moments, she was going be brave like the peach blossom outside.

"Uchiha Senpai…Please accept this letter."