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Kamen Rider Duelist.

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: Along came a Kamen Rider

Domino City, some argue it being the Duel Monsters capital of Japan, if not the world. It was a bustling city filled with people who went about their usual ways. It was home to not only Industrial Illusions, the company which created Duel Monsters, but also home to KaibaCorp HQ, the company which helped make Duel Monsters the hit that it was.

The city was also home to countless game shops. It was also home to several world-class duelists who were famous in all things remotely related to Duel Monsters. One was the head of Kaibacorp, Seto Kaiba and the owner of the worlds only three Blue-Eyes White Dragons. There was also the eternal underdog and self-proclaimed 'Godfather of Games' Joey Wheeler. Finally, there was also the undisputed world champion and King of Games, Yugi Motou.

However, the focus of this story will not be on one of these young men. The focus of this story will be on a different young man. He looked to be about the average age for someone who was around to be high school age. He was wearing a red shirt with a light blue jacket. He had jeans and sneakers on. His preferred mode of transportation was a red moped with a gold helmet. Around his waist was a belt with a case on his hip. It looked small enough to hold a deck of cards. On his back was a backpack that looked like it had something bulky in it.

The young man came to a stop at a parking space in a large auditorium. Tucking his helmet on the handlebars and removing the keys, the young man headed inside. Without his helmet, it was revealed that he had slightly shaggy black hair and brown eyes that looked like polished wood. In all, it didn't look like he would be anyone who was going to be involved in major events to come. Rest assured, he was going to be intimately involved in things to come.

Heading inside, the young man found a table where several adults were sitting with pads of paper. They were all wearing white jackets with red, yellow, and blue. While some people might find the dress odd, those who were in the loop knew otherwise. These people were proctors and teachers at the prestigious Duel Academy.

Duel Academy was a school where the duelists of tomorrow went to make sure they became the best in the game. The students there were future professional duelists and other duel related futures. Graduates were all snatched up by various duel monsters companies all over the world as testers, company sponsored duelists, tutors for younger duelists and other such things. Seto Kaiba had started the school to bring the future of dueling into the world.

Walking to the front desk, the young man caught the attention of one of the proctors. The older women looked up to him. She tilted her glasses before raising a pencil.

"Name young man?" she asked pleasantly.

"Kotaro Akiyama," the young man answered with a slight hint of nervousness in his voice. "I'm here to try out for Duel Academy."

"I assumed as much," the older woman smiled. Well, at least she was friendly. Kotaro had heard that the proctors were a snobby bunch. Kotaro waited patiently for her to find his name. He knew that he had scored well enough to get this far in the entrance exams, but waiting to hear it made Kotaro nervous.

Applying for Duel Academy wasn't as simple as just passing an entrance test. Having the brains for the job was only part of it. You had to prove you could back it up. That meant a practical test against another duelist. Not another student though, that might make things too easy. No, it had to be against a proctor who was equipped with a deck made for these examinations. The duel would be hard to beat, but if you were a good duelist, you would be able to win.

"Here you are," the woman nodded, spying Kotaro's name. She picked up a slip of paper and handed it over to Kotaro. "This is your Duel Number. When it is called, head to the arena."

"Than-you ma'am," Kotaro nodded as he took the paper. Checking the number, he headed off to see what kind of action going on.

Taking a spot in the stands, he eyed the numerous students taking on proctors for their chance to get into Duel Academy. One guy got his butt kicked and failed miserably. Another one used a Ring of Destruction on his Vorse Raider to wipe out the proctor and win himself the duel and get himself into the academy.

Looking around, he spotted two Duel Academy students wearing white and blue watching as well. One was a male with blue hair and cold eyes. The other was a blonde female in a short skirt standing next to him. The two seemed to be commenting on what the other students were doing. Another black haired kid in a blue jacket was watching with two of his buddies. Still, Kotaro noticed how the guy looked like he was looking at trash. Obviously he felt himself better than everyone there.

"Things seem stiff here," Kotaro frowned as he rested a hand on his deck case. "Let's see if we can loosen things up a little?"


"Number 25, Kotaro Akiyama. Please report to duel arena five," a voice spoke out over the loudspeakers.

"That's me," Kotaro nodded as he stood up. Slinging off his backpack he produced a KaibaCorp Duel Disc. It was an older model from Battle City, but it was good enough for his needs. Besides, if he passed, he would be provided with one of the latest models.

Barreling down the stairs, Kotaro followed directions to one of the multiple duel arenas set up. Moving through the doorway, he found himself facing a man in a white jacket and a blue lining. He was wearing sunglasses and had a stare like he had seen hundreds of duels.

"Good. You're on time." The proctor nodded. "You've made a good impression at least. Are you ready to duel?"

"I was born ready," Kotaro smirked. Dropping his bag to the side, he removed his deck and slipped it into the slot indicated for his deck. Pressing a button, he activated the wrist-mounted machine and let it come to life.

"Good attitude to have," the proctor nodded. He pressed a button and activated his more modern Duel Disc. "Now, you know this is for a place in Duel Academy. You had better give it your all!"

"You won't get anything less!" Kotaro grinned. "I might even show you a thing or two!"

"I doubt it kid," the proctor smirked. "Duel!"

P: 4000

K: 4000

Both players drew five cards. As Kotaro was examining his hand, the proctor began speaking, "Okay, since you're the one applying I guess I'll let you go first."

"Thanks," Kotaro nodded. He then drew his first card. "I suppose I'll start things off with Kamen Rider Verde in attack mode!"

Kotaro placed a card face up on his Duel Disc. There was a flash of light before a humanoid image appeared before solidifying. It was a man wearing a black bodysuit and wearing green armor designed after a chameleon. His helmet had chameleon eyes on it and a chameleon head was strapped to his thigh. A belt with a green case in the centre was wrapped around his waist.

Kamen Rider Verde LV4/Earth/Warrior/1400/1600

"Huh?" the proctor blinked. "Hey, I've never heard of a card like that!"

"'Course not," Kotaro shrugged. "They're brand new. I think I'm probably the only one who has Kamen Rider cards right now."

Zane Trusedale and Alexis Rhodes looked down at the beginning duel between a proctor and an applicant. Both were idly casting glances, but when the applicant had summoned his first monster, both were trained on the new monster and the one controlling it.

"A Kamen Rider?" asked Alexis. "Never heard of them before."

"If what he says is true, then probably no one has," Zane reasoned. "It doesn't look incredibly strong, but there is probably more to it than what it seems."

"Hey Chazz," one of the boys in blue asked one Chazz Princeton as they watched the duel. "Ever heard of a Kamen Rider before?"

"Must be a new expansion or something," Chazz shrugged. "Who cares? Let the rejects duel with what they want."

"Still, maybe there's something about them we don't know?" pondered Chazz's other friend.

"Just to be safe, I'll put down two facedown cards," Kotaro continued as he slipped two cards into his magic/trap card zones. "That will be all for me."

"Very well," the proctor nodded as he drew his own card. "First, I'll put one card face down. Then, I will summon my Green Gadget in attack mode!"

A large card appeared with the front facing the ground. In front of it, a light shone before a large green robot with a bunch of gears on it. Heck, it actually was a gear. The machine clenched its fists as it gave off a cloud of steam. It looked ready for whatever could be thrown at it.

Green Gadget LV4/Earth/Machine/1400/600

"Furthermore, summoning this monster allows me to pull one Red Gadget from my deck to my hand," the proctor explained as his Duel Disc produced a card from his deck. "After that, I shall end my turn."

"I draw," Kotaro nodded as he picked the top card. He examined it for a moment before returning to his hand. "Okay, since it's my turn now, I'll summon Mirror Monster-Biogreeza!"

Kotaro placed his card on the disc, bringing out another flash of light. This time, a humanoid chameleon with bright green skin and bronze coils running around its body appeared. It was hunched over and its mouth was open with a curled tail hanging from its back.

Mirror Monster-Biogreeza LV6/Earth/Reptile/2000/1200

"Wait a sec!" the proctor frowned. "Check your gear! It says that your Biogreeza is a level six monster! You require a sacrifice for that!"

"My gear's fine," Kotaro grinned. "Y'see, as long as Kamen Rider Verde is on the field, I don't have to sacrifice to summon Mirror Monster-Biogreeza to the field."

"Hmm," the proctor nodded. "I see. I suppose simple mistakes like what I just did are expected when I've never even heard of Kamen Rider or Mirror Monster cards. However, don't expect my inexperience with them to help you win!"

"Then why don't I let my cards to the talking?" Kotaro grinned. "Biogreeza! Attack Green Gadget!

Biogreeza hissed loudly before it leaped forward. As it ran closer, its tongue shot out and wrapped around the machine monster. It was suddenly yanked toward the charging Mirror Monster before Biogreeza smashed its fist through it. The Gadget groaned before exploding in a cloud of dust.

P: 4000 -- 3400

"Next up, Verde, attack!" Kotaro ordered to his Kamen Rider.

Verde nodded before lunging forward. He leaped over the card that the proctor had set down. In a flurry of movement, Verde then kicked the proctor in the face before leaping back. The proctor groaned before standing straight again.

P: 3400 -- 2000

"I'll end my turn after that," Kotaro gestured to his opponent. "Your move."

"That I will," the proctor nodded as he drew a card. "Now, I'll use something I'm sure any experienced duelist will know. Monster Reborn! Using it, I will return my Green Gadget to the field!"

A card depicting an ornament of some kind had appeared for a moment before the Green Gadget had returned. A card slipped out of the deck, indicating that the proctor had received another Red Gadgetfrom his deck.

"Next, I will summon Boot-Up Soldier-Dread Dynamo!" the proctor announced as he put another card onto his disc.

A large machine appeared on the field. This one was made of brown metal, but its chest was hollow and it looked like it could fit a gear of some kind inside.

Boot-Up Soldier-Dread Dynamo LV4/Earth/Machine/0/2000

"This machine may look a little odd, but take a second look at it instead," the proctor explained. To Kotaro's surprise, the Green Gadgetattached itself to the second machine and was spinning rapidly. As a result, the Boot-Up Soldier's attack power went up to 2000!

Boot-Up Solder-Dread Dynamo: 0 -- 2000

"Oh crap!" Kotaro gulped.

"Boot-Up Soldier!" the proctor ordered. "Attack Kamen Rider Verde!"

The bronze machine let off a screeching plume of steam before it burst forward. It reared back a metal fist before it collided with Verde's chest. The Kamen Rider flew backwards with a cry of pain before exploding in a shower of sparks.

K: 4000 -- 3400

"You had a good opening, but you had better keep it up if you want to be accepted into Duel Academy!" the proctor announced coolly. Suddenly, there was a flash of light before Kamen Rider Verde returned to the field. "W-what?"

"Call of the Mirror World," Kotaro explained. One of his facedown cards was now missing. "It's a trap card I activated after you finished your attack. If I have a Mirror Monster is on the field, I can summon a Kamen Rider to the field. In this case, I picked Kamen Rider Verde who just happened to be in my hand."

"I see," the proctor nodded. "End turn."

"My draw," Kotaro nodded as he drew his card. "Okay, that machine has gotta go. I play the magic card, Final Vent!"

Kotaro slipped one of the cards in his hand into his Duel Disc. A large card appeared depicting fourteen gold crests of some kind. The card flashed before it vanished. Verde instantly reacted and leaped forward before standing on his hands. Biogreeza lashed his tongue up and over an overhanging beam before letting it come back down and wrapping around Verde's legs. The Kamen Rider then swung forward into Boot-Up Soldier and grabbed his legs. The two swung into the air before the tongue let go and they spun in the air. They then hanged in the air before Verde put the Boot-Up Soldier into a piledriver. The machine's head was smashed as it hit the ground. Verde hopped off the body before running while the Green Gadget fled as well. The Soldier then exploded.

"Final Vent allows me to destroy one monster on the field as long as the proper Mirror Monster and Kamen Rider are on the field at the same time," Kotaro explained. "In this case, Verde and Biogreeza. Normally you'd lose the monster's attack points from your life points but since your soldier didn't have any to begin with, you lose nothing."

"My stroke of luck then," the proctor sighed.

"For now," Kotaro grinned. "Now Biogreeza will attack your Green Gadget!"

"I think not! Waboku!" the proctor announced as she revealed her sole face-down card. It flashed brightly, forcing Biogreeza to stumble back to Kotaro's side of the field. "The basics are sometimes best."

"I'll bet they are," Kotaro grimaced. "Okay, I'll end my turn."

Up on the stands, Bastion Misawa was observing the duel with a critical. "Kamen Riders, Mirror Monsters, and their corresponding Spells and Traps. How intriguing." Bastion was a person who always planned ahead rather than duel on the fly. His strategies were always mathematical calculations and because of them he always came up on top. "Hm…I should think of new strategies to counter them once I learn more."

Syrus Truesdale was watching the duel with interest. He had never heard of cards called Kamen Rider or Mirror Monster before. They were definitely cool though. Maybe he should ask where he could find some cards like those.

"Woah! Sweet cards!"

Syrus looked up to see who was talking and found a boy with brown hair and was wearing a student uniform. He had an excited look in his eyes as he gazed at the Kamen Rider and Mirror Monster.

"Man, did I miss much?" the boy asked Syrus excitedly.

"Nah, they really just started," Syrus answered. "I want to know where he got those cards though."

"Me too," the boy grinned. "They're totally sweet!"

"I shall draw," the proctor nodded as he drew a card. "I will begin my turn by summoning Red Gadget to the field in attack mode."

A flash of light appeared as a second machine similar to Green Gadget appeared. The difference was that this one was red, as the name implied.

Red Gadget LV4/Earth/Machine/1300/1500

"It also carries an effect which allows me to draw a Yellow Gadget from my deck into my hand," the proctor continued. A card slipped out from his deck and he picked it up. "Don't think I forgot about your monsters. Both of them can destroy my new Gadget. So, I'll play Swords of Revealing Light!"

Kotaro looked up as three giant swords made of radiant light fell from the air and stuck themselves in the ground between his monsters and the proctor's monsters. Kotaro grimaced at the sight. The swords would prevent him from attacking for three turns unless he did something about it.

"I shall then put a card face-down and end my turn," the proctor spoke as he gestured to his opponent.

"My draw," Kotaro nodded as he picked up a card. He eyed the two cards in his hand before he heaved a sigh. "Okay, I'll sacrifice my Mirror Monster-Biogreeza to summon my Mirror Monster-Dragredder!"

Biogreeza vanished in a flash of light before he was replaced with a long red armored Chinese dragon. It had sharp teeth and roared loudly, shaking the ground.

Mirror Monster-Dragredder LV6/Fire/Dragon/2000/1500

"What purpose did that serve?" asked the proctor. "It has the exact same attack points as Biogreeza did!"

"That's my little secret!" Kotaro smirked. "Now, I'll activate my face-down card, Seal!"

Kotaro's remaining face-down card turned up to reveal a magic card with some kind of vortex as a picture.

"What does that do?" asked the proctor.

"Well, that requires some insight into the Mirror Monsters," Kotaro shrugged. "You see, each Mirror Monster has a deep connection to a different Kamen Rider. In Biogreeza's case, that's Verde. However, Dragredder does not. So if the Rider isn't nearby, the Mirror Monster requires me to do something each turn. In Dragredder's case, I would have to sacrifice a monster every turn or else return him to my hand."

"And?" asked the proctor.

"Seal allows me to bypass that," Kotaro explained. "I can treat Dragredder and any other Mirror Monster as if their Rider is on the field. Well, in terms of their cost anyway. Anyway, that will end my turn."

"I see," the proctor nodded. He then drew his card. "I will summon Yellow Gadget in attack mode!"

The third machine of the day appeared in front of the proctor. This one was a bright yellow and looked as determined as the other two.

Yellow Gadget LV4/Earth/Machine/1200/1200

"This card allows me to draw a Green Gadget from my deck after successfully summoning this monster to the field," the proctor announced. "However, my next move will be to reveal my facedown card. Stronghold the Moving Fortress!"

The card flipped over and the ground shook as smoke poured out from the proctor's side of the field. Kotaro grimaced as he witnessed a large shape rising from the smoke cloud. It was a giant silver robot which looked like it was capable of moving but wasn't. It had three holes in its chest that looked ready to be filled.

Stronghold the Moving Fortress LV4/Earth/Machine/0/2000

Kotaro watched in growing fear as the three gadgets on the field hovered up to the fortress and inserted themselves into the hollows. Stronghold immediately came to life as his attack points shot up to a shocking 3000!

Stronghold the Moving Fortress: 0 -- 3000

"I…am in…deep trouble," Kotaro gulped at the sight of the monster.

"Oh, very deep," the proctor agreed. "However, Stronghold comes in defense mode so I cannot change his position this turn. So, you are safe from his wrath. I will end my turn with this."

"Appreciate it," Kotaro gulped as he drew his card. A light came into his eyes before he turned his attention to the field. "Okay, I'm going to activate Verde's special effect! I can sacrifice one monster to draw a card. I'm using that ability on Verde himself!"

The green Rider vanished into sparkles before Kotaro drew another card. It gave him the grand total of three cards in his hand, but that would be good enough, "Okay, first I will summon Dragredder's partner, Kamen Rider Ryuki!"

A new Kamen Rider appeared on the field. He wore a red bodysuit with black and silver armor and a matching helmet. His left arm had a dragon-shaped gauntlet similar to Dragredder's head. The helmet had two red eyes with a grilled visor covering them. A dragon symbol was on the helmet as well.

Kamen Rider Ryuki LV4/Fire/Warrior/1600/1200

"For my next trick, we're taking this to the realm where the Riders do battle and the Mirror Monsters call home! Mirror World!" Kotaro announced as a hidden panel on the disc opened. Kotaro slipped the card inside before snapping it shut.

Crystals rained down from the sky and coated everything in the area in a crystal mist. The entire room flashed before retuning to normal. The proctor assumed that nothing had happened until he saw the writing on some banners had changed. The writing was reversed.

"Welcome to the Mirror World," Kotaro smiled. "Here, Kamen Riders lose their special abilities, but gain 500 attack points. Mirror Monsters also gain a special ability for as long as this card is in play."

Dragredder roared loudly before Ryuki's attack power went up to 2100. Both monsters were able to destroy the gadgets, but the swords were keeping them away. Stronghold could easily crush both Rider and Mirror Monsters and the swords weren't about to stop him anytime soon.

Kamen Rider Ryuki: 1600 -- 2100

"I'll finish by putting a card face down. End turn," Kotaru finished by putting his last card down. One of the swords vanished as he ended his turn.

"A last-ditch effort," the proctor shrugged. "You may do well in Duel Academy, but you'll have to apply next year if this keeps up. Now, I'll switch my fortress into attack mode. Stronghold! Destroy Dragredder!"

Stronghold unleashed a hiss of steam as the gadgets began spinning rapidly. It reared back a colossal fist and prepared to plant it into Dragredder's face. As things stood, he would be dealt a chunk of damage. One thousand points in total.

"Activate trap, Overexposure!" Kotaro yelled as he activated his card.

"What?" the proctor blinked.

"There's a funny thing about the Mirror World," Kotaro smirked. "You see, the atmosphere is corrosive to everything except the Mirror Monsters who call it home. The reverse is true for our world. If you stay too long, you end up dissolving. Overexposure allows me to destroy a monster of my choice so long as Mirror World is in play. Otherwise I would have to target a Mirror Monster."

Stronghold groaned as its entire body began vanishing in a cloud of gray particles. The gadgets made a break for it while Stronghold crashed to the ground before fading away in a haze of gray particles. The proctor was left gaping at what happened.

"Woah!" Syrus was shocked at this development. He knew traps could be deadly, but getting the right one at the right moment required a whole lot of luck and even more skill to be played at the right time.

"Hey, nice counter!" complimented Jaden. "Just what I would've done!"

"Not too shabby, huh, Chazz?" asked one of Chazz's friends.

Chazz snorted in response. "He just got lucky." But, there was a tone of uncertainty hidden in his statement.

"Hm, this kid might just have a future in Duel Academy," said Alexis. "What do you think, Zane?"

"Maybe, but let's watch some more," suggested Zane. "I want to see who I may go up against."

"So, you gonna continue your turn or what?" asked Kotaro.

"Rrr. I end my turn!" the proctor called.

"Here I go," Kotaro smiled as he drew his card. "Hey, it's another Final Vent! Let's play it! Target Green Gadget!"

The card appeared for a moment before vanishing. Ryuki immediately held his arms out in a martial arts pose as Dragredder circled him. Ryuki then leaped into the air and did an impressive flip in the air. He then started coming back down with his foot extended and Dragredder behind him. Dragredder then basted a fireball out, propelling Ryuki at Gadget Green with a flaming kick. Ryuki collided with the Gadget before it was sent hurtling away before exploding.

"And Green Gadget actually has attack points, so that means you lose life points!" Kotoaro pointed out.

P: 2000 -- 600

"Since your swords are still active, I can't attack," Kotaro sighed. "So I'll have to end my turn now." Kotaro gestured to the proctor, dismissing a second sword. The proctor nodded before he looked to his deck and drew a card. He examined his cards before making his move.

"I will summon a Green Gadget in attack mode!" the proctor announced. The green machine from before reappeared. For a third time, a Red Gadget was removed from the deck and placed into the proctor's hand. "You may have destroyed my first Stronghold, but I have more. It's only a matter of time before I find another one. With the swords in play you won't be able to touch me. So draw your next card."

"Well, then here we go!" Kotaro smiled as he drew his card. He grinned as he viewed it. "Okay, I use the magic card De-Spell to destroy the last of your swords! Didn't you say the basics sometimes worked best?"

The proctor grimaced as the card appeared on the field. It sent out a blast of energy that collided with the remaining sword on the field. It shattered like glass before releasing a bright glitter across the field. The proctor realized just how deep he was in now. Kotaro was smirking at the sight, knowing that he had this test in the bag. Still, it was better not to take any chances with a duel this important. He would have to end it and end it now!

"And for a clean sweep, Ryuki! Dragredder! Destroy the Red and Yellow Gadgets!" Kotaro ordered with a sense if finality.

Ryuki nodded and charged before punching straight through the Red Gadget while Dragredder fried the Yellow Gadget with his fiery breath. Both machines exploded loudly, leaving clouds of smoke and the two attacking monsters behind.

P: 600-0

"Tsk!" the proctor sighed. "Well, congratulations are in order then. You've just managed to earn your way into Duel Academy. Good luck out there kid."

"YES!" cheered Kotaro. "I got in!" He then removed Kamen Rider Ryuki's card from his duel disc. "And all thanks to you, buddy."

After deactivating his D-Disc and re-holstering his card, Kotaro walked towards the stands and climbed up. He received curious glances, which were obviously because he'd used cards nobody had ever seen before.

"Hey, dude!" spoke a brown haired boy. "Sweet cards, man!"

"Thanks," Kotaro accepted.

"I'm Jaden Yuki, the future King of Games!" the brown haired boy introduced.

Kotaro blinked before introducing himself with his own smile, "Kotaro, Kotaro Akiyama."

"So, where did you get those cards?" asked Jaden curiously. "I mean are they a new expansion or something?"

"Kinda…but where I got them is…"


"A secret."

Jaden facefaulted and Kotaro chuckled. "Not funny man."

"It was to me," Kotaro laughed. "So, when is your duel supposed to be?"

"Huh?" Jaden blinked as he got up. A look of terror overtook his face. "Oh man! I forgot! I'm late! I gotta go!"

Jaden then took off like a shot towards the registration tables. Kotaro watched him go with a chuckle as a shorter blue-haired boy walked up to him. Next to him was a taller young man in a white school uniform. Both of them looked like they were pretty intent on asking him a few questions. Kotaro knew he would probably be a subject of curiosity. Not only was he using cards no one had ever heard of before, but he was also able to beat a proctor with only a minimal amount of damage.

"You handled yourself rather well out there," the taller boy smiled. "My name is Bastion Misawa. If what I heard is true then you are Kotaro Akiyama?"

"That's me," Kotaro nodded. "I caught the tail end of your duel. Nice idea to use the Ring of Destruction to wipe out the proctor's life points and only taking a little bit of your own. Without sacrifice, there really can't be a victory I suppose."

"All part of the equation," Bastion nodded. "Your Mirror World ploy was well timed. Of course, I suppose that can be chalked up to the fact that no one has heard of it before."

"Yeah! I've never heard of those cards before!" the shorter boy nodded. "Where can I get some of them?"

"Well…I got mine through some connections with my dad's work," Kotaro explained. "They are official Duel Monsters cards, but they aren't in circulation yet. To be honest, I'm not sure if they will be put into circulation anytime soon. It will be a while though."

"Aww," the shorter boy sighed.

"Hey, don't let it get you down," Kotaro smiled. "Say, what's your name anyway?"

"Oh, I'm Syrus Truesdale," the boy grinned. "I managed to get into Duel Academy too. I just barely got in, but I managed to do it."

"Good to hear," Kotaro nodded. He then looked back to the duel arenas where some remaining students were still dueling against proctors. "So, think we should find some seats and see how Jaden is doing? He seemed pretty hyped up to be here. I want to see what makes him so confident. I mean, it must be something awesome if he can come in late with a grin on his face."

"You'd think so," Bastion nodded. "Let's see, shall we?"

"Yeah!" Syrus agreed.

"So what is your name young scholar?" asked a tall man wearing a blue blazer and a modified duel disk which was worn on his chest. He had long blonde hair and was a strange pale shade. His lips were purple, which was definitely make-up. He even had frills coming out of the sleeves of his blazer.

"Jaden. Jaden Yuki," the applicant answered with his Duel Disc and cards at the ready.

"Well Jaden Yuki, I am Dr. Vellian Crowler. Department Chair of Dueling Techniques," the man explained proudly. He had been hoping for some kind of reaction that included awe or worship, but that wasn't what he got.

"Wow! A Department Chair? Cool!" Jaden grinned. "I would have thought from the way you were dressed you were a Duel academy mascot of some kind. That or a cheerleader of some kind."

Crowler frowned slightly. That was not the reaction he had wanted. Snorting, he reached to the centre of his dueling device, "Duel Vest on!" the machine came to life as he drew five cards from the top. Jaden's eyes widened as he saw that the piece of machinery was something to duel with.

"Wow! Sweet gear! How can I get a blue blazer like that?" asked Jaden excitedly. He was under the impression that the Duel Vest and the jacket were part of the same package. Still, it was a question that Crowler was happy to answer.

"Oh, it just takes lots of hard work and high marks," he answered. 'But you'll have to get into Duel Academy first! That's something I intend to make sure never happens!'

"Okay! Then let's duel!" Jaden grinned. The game was on.

J: 4000

C: 4000

"Here goes!" Jaden spoke as he drew his card. "Sweet! I'll summon Elemental Hero Avian in defense mode!"

A man donned in green armor and feathers appeared. He had large wings and a heroic aura around himself. He quickly crouched down and crossed his arms, revealing his position on the field.

Elemental Hero Avian :LV3/Wind/Warrior/1000/1000

"Then I'll throw down a facedown and call it a turn," Jaden grinned. He then looked at Crowler with expectant eyes. "Time to get your game on!"

"Yes, very nice. Now don't tell me what to do," Crowler muttered as he drew a card. 'Since I'm using my personal deck rather than one of those test ones, I'll be in control for this entire duel. I'll fail this little punk in no time flat!"

"Now, I'll start off nice and easy by playing the magic card, Confiscation," Crowler announced as he slipped a card into one of the magic/trap slots. It immediately took affect as the area began to glow brightly.

Jaden blinked as he waited for the effect to resolve, "So…what does it do?"

"What it does is allow me to take a peek at your hand. Then I can pick one of them to send to the graveyard. At the cost of 1000 life points of course," Crowler smirked as Jaden's hand appeared in holograms in front of him. "Ah yes. I remember some of these cards back when I was a naïve rookie. Now, I'll send Monster Reborn to the graveyard!"

C: 4000 -- 3000

Jaden grimaced as he watched the hologram of his card explode. Reluctantly, he had slipped his card into the graveyard. Looking up, he spied Crowler still smirking like he had just found an incredible joke, "Next I'll place two cards face down. After that, I will play the magic card Heavy Storm!"

A sudden windstorm swept through the arena. The wind caught on Jaden's trap card and sent it flying before it exploded. Both cards on Crowler's side of the field flipped face up to reveal pictures of some twisted gold statues. However, the cards were only there for a moment before they too exploded into shards of holographic data. A moment after that, the wind died down and Jaden was able to see what was going on.

"Whoops! I guess you forgot about your own facedown cards!" Jaden grinned.

"Now now, young scholar," Crowler grinned. "We must never speak out of turn."

As Crowler spoke, a thick dark fog began to flood into the area. Jaden shivered as it pooled around Crowler's side of the field, "Uh, what's going on?"

"Why, nothing yet," Crowler answered with a growing grin. "But that's about to change!"

The fog on Crowlers side seemed to explode before two monsters rose from the ground. Both were snake-like with spindly arms. Their large mouths were filled with sharp teeth and had four red eyes and horns. Their bodies looked like they were made of pure gold. Both were hissing loudly and roared at Jaden. The applicant trembled and felt a shiver creep up his spine as the monsters stared at him hungrily.

"Oh man," Jaden gulped.

"Uhhh, could someone please explain what happened?" Syrus asked uncertainly. From what he knew, trap cards didn't summon two monsters after they were destroyed.

"It's quite simple," Bastion explained. "Those two cards that Dr. Crowler sent to the graveyard were called Statue of the Wicked. They're a special trap card which when destroyed, summon a Wicked Token monster to the field. That's why he played Heavy Storm."

"This doesn't smell right," Kotaro frowned. "From the duels I've seen here, the examination decks don't have cards like that in them. I don't think that Crowler guy is using one of the examination decks."

"Are you sure?" asked Syrus in worry. "I mean, that one examiner used that moving fortress card on you."

"That card was allowed because despite the power it has, it is filled with weaknesses and easy to exploit if a duelist is skilled enough," Bastion explained with a growing frown. "Statue of the Wicked has much fewer weaknesses, but it's the fact that there are two of them that worries me."

"So we're both thinking the same thing," Kotaro frowned.

"Huh?" Syrus blinked.

Wicked Token:


"Ready for your next lesson?" Crowler smirked at his young opponent.

"You bet!" Jaden laughed. "I can't remember the last time that learning was this much fun!"

"Well, I am a rather excellent teacher, thank you" Crowler scowled. The kid wasn't shivering in his boots like most young duelists that Crowler had chastised in the past. Well, if he wasn't going to be scared now, he would be soon. "Now I'll sacrifice my two Wicked Tokens to summon my legendary Ancient Gear Golem!"

The two tokens vanished in a haze of fire before the flames were swallowed by the fog. The fog then bulged before the body of a gigantic machine rose into the air. It was human shaped, but it was made of old steel and moved with loud gears. Its head was shaped like a roman helmet, but only a single red eye could be seen. The grinding sounds of gears and ancient machinery echoed through the hollow body of the monster as it stood to attention.

"That's it!" Alexis gasped as the machine appeared on the field. "The legendary rare card!"

"And we're about to see what makes it so legendary," Zane commented as he eyed the duel.

Ancient Gear Golem:


"Golem, attack with Mechanized Melee!" Crowler cried loudly to his monster.

The golem's gears roared to life, spinning at a rapid pace. The monster stomped over to Jaden's side of the field as its mechanics groaned. It reared back a fist and slammed it into Elemental Hero Avian. The green hero didn't stand a chance as the mechanical fist slammed into him. He flew back from the sheer force before exploding into shards. Jaden groaned as the golem's fist continuing past Avian and phase through him. It wasn't the only thing that took a hit either. His life points suddenly began to drop as the golem finished its assault.

J: 4000 -- 2000

"Damn, a big ass monster with a trampling effect," frowned Kotaro.

"Actually, the term is piercing now," corrected Bastion.

"You don't say," Kotaro blinked. Man, he had been out of the loop for a while.

"Now don't feel bad," Crowler chuckled as he watched Jaden tremble after the hit. "Some people just aren't cut out...for…it?"

"Ha ha ha!" Jaden laughed happily. "Man, now I really want to come to this school now! You really know your stuff teach!"

"Huh?!" Crowler gaped at Jaden's attitude. He then started growling at the opponent he was facing. 'Can't this punk take a hint? He is NOT going to get into Duel Academy! And he is especially not going to make a mockery of MY deck!'

'Wow, I must really be impressing him. He's trembling," Jaden thought with a grin as he drew another card. As he did so, he could hear a soft cooing noise come from apparently nowhere. Looking at what he drew, he discovered that he had drawn Winged Kuriboh. "Huh? You want me to play you?" another cooing noise sounded off and the image of the Winged Kuriboh actually winked. "Well, if that's not a sign, I don't know what is. I play Winged Kuriboh in defense mode!"

The tiny puff ball appeared in a flash of light. It had a tiny pair of white wings coming from its back and large cute eyes. The little monster cooed softly as it stared down the giant machine that its duelist was facing off against.

'Oi! That thing's like me!'

Kotaro blinked as his eyes widened. Bastion and Syrus both didn't notice how Kotaro's interest suddenly became more intense. In his eyes, that Winged Kuriboh looked different from the other holograms. While the holograms were very impressive, they were still obviously holograms. This Winged Kuriboh on the other hand, was different. It was a little too lifelike for a simple hologram. The fur actually looked like real fur instead of a mass of brown. The creature was even scratching an itch as it cooed and looked at the Ancient Gear Golem.

There was something different about the Winged Kuriboh.

"I'll then throw down a face down," Jaden continued as he slipped a card into his Duel Disc. "Not bad huh teach?"

"No, not bad," Crowler chuckled. "But, I'm a master tactician so a Kuriboh is rather pedestrian to me, even if it has wings. Its defense points are much too low to compare to my golem. It's a textbook mistake so don't feel bad. Now, let us continue," the Duel Vest popped a card into Crowler's hand. He placed it in his hand and looked back to the field with a smirk on his face. "Now, Golem, crush that little hairball with Mechanized Melee!"

The Golem roared to life again with groaning and clanking. The stomped across the field and reared back its gigantic fist with a hiss of gears and hydraulics. It then lunged forward and plowed the gigantic limb into the Winged Kuriboh. It gave off a final coo before it shattered into glitter and shards of hologram.

'Sorry Winged Kuriboh,' Jaden thought regretfully to his new monster. Even after that guy he bumped into on the way to the exam had given it to him, he had to let it get destroyed like that.

"Hmph! Check your gear! Your life points haven't gone down," Crowler frowned.

"My gear is just fine," Jaden chuckled. "When Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, I don't take any damage."

"EH?!" Crowler gaped.

"There's something you don't see everyday," Alexis smiled. "A technique that the doctor didn't know."

"No one can be expected to know every technique out there," Zane retorted. "Especially one as obscure as that."

"Well, that kid sure knew it," Alexis retorted.

"Fine, fine, I guess you lame little monster managed to save you," Crowler snickered. It was no skin off his nose anyway. What was one more turn to show a little punk his place? It was just more fun for him.

"Hey, watch it teach!" Jaden frowned. "You may have beaten Winged Kuriboh, but that doesn't give you the right to call him lame!"

Oh, that's right," Crowler smirked. "I forget how attached you new duelists get to your monsters. I'm sorry."

"Well you should be," Jaden grinned as he pressed a button on his duel disk. "Because by attacking my Winged Kuriboh, you activated my trap card! It's one of my favorites too! Hero Signal! This baby lets me bring out an Elemental Hero from my hand or deck and summon it!"

The trap card flipped up and activated. It shot a beam of light which a lot like a signal into the roof of the arena. It depicted a large H that looked like it was meant to call down a superhero of some kind.

"And that will bring out my second Elemental Hero! Burstinatrix!" Jaden announced as he drew a card from his deck. He slapped it onto his Duel Disc, activating his systems. A blast of red fire erupted onto the field before unleashing the hero, or in this case, heroine. This new monster was a female with pale skin in a red outfit and long black hair. She let off a battle cry before standing at attention.

Elemental Hero Burstinatrix LV3/Fire/Warrior/1200/800

"My turn," Jaden then announced as he drew a card. "Okay Winged Kuriboh, this one is for you. First, I'll play the magic card, The Warrior Returning Alive! This magic card allows me to summon one warrior-type monster from the graveyard and put it into my hand. Since I only have Avian, I pick him. Of course, then I'll summon him to the field!"

A card slipped out of Jaden's graveyard and into his waiting hand. Taking it, he placed it on his disc, bringing his winged hero back to the field in a flash of light and feathers. Both he and Burstinatrix were absolutely fearless as they stared down the Ancient Gear Golem.

"Okay, I see, another amateur mistake!" Crowler nodded. "Now, would anyone like to tell us what our young friend did wrong?"

"I'm not done yet!" Jaden spoke up. "I know my two heroes aren't strong enough on their own, but putting them together is a different story! Especially with this, Polymerization!" Both Avian and Burstinatrix leaped into the air as the card was played. As they were in the air, they were both absorbed in a wormhole-like haze. The warp was there for a moment before a new being came out. It was a may figure with strong muscles and green skin. He had a white wing coming out of his left shoulder while a red dragon's head and arm made up his right arm with a red tail coming from his back. No mouth was visible along with red eyes.

"Combine into Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!" Jaden cried as the monster hovered above the ground. "I hope your golem is ready for a clash of the titans!"

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman LV6/Wind/Warrior/2100/1200

"Now things are going to get interesting," Kotaro smirked.

"So, what do you think teach?" asked Jaden as Flame Wingman took his place.

"I think you're dueling very well for an amateur," Crowler shrugged. "But next time maybe you should play something with more attack points that what is already out on the field. Anyway, I'm a very busy man so are you done yet?"

"Of course I'm not done yet!" Jaden grinned. "I know that Flame Wingman's attack points aren't enough to beat your Golem, so that's why I have this card," he flipped his last card in his hand over so to reveal a magic card. "Skyscraper!"

A panel opened on Jaden's Duel Disc and he slipped the card inside. Shutting it, the card took effect. All around the arena, large buildings began to rise from the ground. They all reached into the air as a night sky shone overhead with a full moon illuminated everything. At the top of the highest tower was Flame Wingman being illuminated by the silver orb in the sky. The Ancient Gear Golem stood in the midst of the tall buildings much like a monster who was terrorizing the city that Flame Wingman blended so well into.

"Okay Flame Wingman!" Jaden grinned. "Show off those heroics and attack that Ancient Gear Golem!"

The Flame Wingman nodded as he took flight. He didn't hesitate for a moment as he flew towards the Ancient Gear Golem with the intent of destroying it.

"Fine by me! Bring him on!" Crowler smirked. "This Skyscraper field card didn't lower my golem's attack power by one point!"

"You're right!" Jaden agreed. "What this field card did do was raise my Flame Wingman's attack power by a grand total of one thousand!"

"HUH?!" Crowler paled, beginning to panic. "WAIT!! TIME OUT!!"

"Skydive Scorcher!" Jaden yelled to his descending hero.

Flame Wingman: 2100 -- 3100

Flame Wingman's eyes narrowed as his entire body was covered in flames. He then reared back his dragon head and let flames begin to collect inside the fanged mouth. The golem was lethargic compared to its earlier movements and didn't offer any kind of effective resistance against the attack. Flame Wingman continued one and slammed his dragon head into the golem's face with an explosion of fire. Dust and debris flew in all directions from the force of the explosion.

"I can't believe this!" Crowler cried out. "That was my best card!" His comedic panic attack was further made amusing by a piece of the debris hitting his head.

"And because of my Flame Wingman's super power that golem's attack points get deducted from your life points. Sweet huh?" Jaden grinned.

"What?! No!" Crowler cried in shock. A groaning noise caught his attention and he looked up to see his headless golem shuddering. Without enough time to run away, the giant machine collapsed with the broken metal piling on top of the angry teacher. "Ahhhhhhh!"

C: 3000 -- 0

"And that's game!" Jaden grinned. "So I guess I pass the test, huh teach?"

"Nnnnng!" Crowler groaned as the holograms vanished. "Impossible! There's no way this punk could defeat me!"

No…way!" Chazz gaped. "It had to be luck! There's no way Doctor Crowler could lose to a guy like that!"

He didn't sound too convinced. His two fiends were too shocked to say anything.

"Wow," Alexis smiled. "Two kids with potential in one day. That's something."

"Hmm," Zane frowned. He then wordlessly turned around and headed away. He figured he had seen enough.

"Great job, Jaden!" Kotaro grinned as he, Syrus, and Bastion headed down to meet up with him. "You trounced that guy!"

"Way to play Jay!" Syrus laughed.

"Yes, congratulations," Bastion nodded. "I look forward to seeing you around Duel Academy."

"Hey, it was easy!" Jaden smirked. "All in a day's work." He then stared at Kotaro. "Hey, your Kamen Rider deck is just as sweet! Awesome cards!"

"Thanks," smiled Kotaro. "It's a pleasure to meet another fellow hero enthusiast."

Kotaro was genuinely surprised to find someone who used heroic cards like he did. The Elemental Hero cards weren't known for their overwhelming power. It was their fusions which had that power. To see someone actually using them was pretty surprising. Even more surprising was to see them actually win with them. Kotaro had tried to use Elemental Heroes in the past, but he never got the strategy down perfectly. That was before he discovered the Kamen Riders though.

"Heh," Jaden grinned. "Hey, they're the best."

"I'll bet my Kamen Riders are better," Kotaro retorted.

"Oh yeah?" Jaden began to smile. "Care to duel and find out?"

"Ahem," Bastion coughed, catching the attention of both boys. "While a duel between Elemental Heroes and Kamen Riders would be interesting, I think we should go register. Otherwise we're not going to be able to go to Duel Academy."

"You're right!" Syrus gasped. "We gotta move!"

"Hey, relax," Jaden shrugged. "The tables aren't going anywhere. We've got time."

"Actually, we don't," Bastion replied. "The tables will close in a few minutes. If we miss it, we'll have to reapply next year."

"WHAT?!" Jaden cried. "We gotta move!"

The four boys then decided to make tracks. They had already gotten into Duel Academy, but now they just had to get there.

To Be Continued...

A/N: This is an idea I had floating around in my head for a while. Thought I'd write it down and see how it turned out. Save for the Kamen Rider cards which I made up, all the other cards used are rea in either real life, anime, or manga. Thank you YuGiOh Wikia.