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Kamen Rider Duelist

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 8: Monkey See, Rider Duel

Kotaro yawned slightly as he sat through his class and waited for the teacher to arrive. After defeating Cameron, Jasmine and he had another movie date in his room, this time watching scary movies. Of course, the majority of the Ra Yellow boys were certainly glad to see her coming, even if she was glued to Kotaro's arm. It didn't stop them from entertaining fantasies with themselves and a girl of their dreams. Jasmine spent the majority of their time watching movies curled up next to him or even practically in his lap. The marathon had gone late into the night before Jasmine regretfully had to leave, but not before mentioning what a nice date it was.

So he spent the morning daydreaming about how their day together went. Sadly, that daydream was interrupted when Syrus came dashing into the classroom.

"Jaden! Jaden!" the younger Truesdale cried as he ran to his friend. "It's awful! Chazz is gone!"

Jaden looked up from where he was napping and rubbed his eyes, "…and that's awful how?"

Kotaro shook his head. Chazz had pulled a disappearing act since his loss to Bastion. Kotaro just assumed he was sulking again while he got his things ready for his move into Ra Yellow. Still, if what Syrus was saying was true, had Chazz just gotten up and ran away?

'Typical,' Imperer snorted from his seat on the desks. 'He can't deal with his problems so he just runs away from them.'

Sighing, Kotaro listened in on the conversation between his two Slifer Red friends.

"Well…uh…gee, I don't know. Maybe it's because he's your big duel rival?"

"You're right!" Jaden gasped as the idea suddenly hit him. "I do need my competition!"

"Well, good riddance is all I can say," spoke up Kotaro. "If he has to cheat to win and can't take a loss gracefully, he doesn't deserve to be here." He wasn't trying to be harsh, but Kotaro hated cheaters and sore losers. They were just so irritating. "I doubt anyone will miss him."

That was true. Nobody in Obelisk Blue missed Chazz at all. Some were even mocking him for losing to a Slifer and a Ra. To others, it was like he never existed. Then again, losing to a Ra and Slifer definitely made them lose any respect they ever had of him. He deserved it. Call it karma paying him back for being a jerk.

"A little harsh, don't you think Kotaro?" asked Bastion.

"I generally try not to be but remember that he tried to cheat in your duel by throwing your cards into the ocean and every time he lost he was on the verge of blowing his stack, refusing to accept the fact that his opponent was better," Kotaro replied. "Besides, if he had half the determination to be a great duelist that you or Jaden have, he probably wouldn't be in this mess right now or at least be working to get back to where he was."

"I guess I can't argue with that logic," Bastion nodded. "As harsh as it sounds, it is technically true."

"No kidding," Alexis muttered as she and her friends overheard the Ra and Slifer boys talking.

"Oh Chazzie," Mindy frowned worriedly.

Down with Jaden and Syrus, the pair was still talking, "But what if Chazz is in trouble and he needs us to help him?"

"Then we're going to go looking for him," Jaden answered simply as he stood up.

"But when?" Syrus pressed.

"Right now of course!" Jaden grinned. "Besides, I can't think of a better way to get out of class!"


Escaping was no simple task for Jaden Syrus. Well, it might have been but instead they decided to use some very complicated escape tunnel that Jaden had discovered once when he skipped a class. So Syrus and Jaden had crawled on the dirt through the tunnel out of the Academy and they were free in the open air.

"That wasn't too hard," Jaden grinned as he and Syrus patted dirt off of their outfits.

"The school does have regular doors you know," a female voice spoke up.

"WAGH!!" the two Slifer boys cried out as they turned to see who they were caught by. Of course, they were looking at Kotaro, Alexis, Mindy, and Jasmine. "Ah…hey Alexis. We were just…getting an early start on our homework."

"Yeah right," Alexis sighed. "You two were going to go look for Chazz. Well you're in luck. We're going to help."

"You are? Since when do you cut class?" asked Jaden in shock.

"Hey, Chazz is from Obelisk Blue and we take care of our own," Alexis shrugged.

"What about you Kotaro?" asked Syrus. "You don't even like Chazz."

"You're right, I don't," Kotaro nodded. "But, as far as we know he's still a student here at Duel Academy. This is to make sure he's okay and maybe knock some sense into that thick skull of his."

"Well, it all sounds good to me," Jaden grinned. "Let's go then."

"Lead the way," said Kotaro. "Oh, and Jazz, stick close, okay?"

"Overprotective much?" Alexis teased. Kotaro and Jasmine both flushed, but the silly smile on Jasmine's face was there.

With the teasing out of the way, the six students set out into the woods. It covered the majority of the island and would be the logical place to hide. Jaden and Syrus led the way, calling out for Chazz loudly. The other four students let the Slifer Reds do the yelling. They had the lung power for it.

Eventually though, Alexis had enough. Chazz was being a complete baby and it was time to stop this game. Taking a deep breath she shouted out, "CHAZZ YOU LITTLE TOAD! IF THIS IS ALL A JOKE YOU HAD BETTER HOPE THAT WE DON'T FIND YOU!!"

"Yeah, threaten him Alexis," Jaden snickered. "That will bring him running."

Jasmine giggled slightly at the commented, "You know, I'm sure there's a good reason for all this."

"Yeah there is," Kotaro nodded. "Chazz is upset that his world is being turned upside down where a Ra and a Slifer have proven to be better duelists and instead of dealing with it, he's running away from the problem."

"Hey, lay off," Mindy frowned. "Chazzie is just sensitive! He's probably never had a problem like this before!"

Kotaro stared at Mindy in bewilderment. "OK, does she have a thing for Chazz?" he questioned Jasmine.

"It happens every week," Jasmine shrugged. "When we first got here it was Zane, then she was curious about Jaden, last week it was Bastion, and of course now it's Chazz since he's the man of the hour."

"I see," Kotaro blinked, how someone can even have a temporary crush on Chazz given the guy's attitude he didn't know.

Alexis rolled her eyes at the talk as she looked forward, she saw something move in some bushes ahead, "Hey! Over there!"

"Huh?" Jaden blinked as he and the others turned to see what Alexis was looking at. It turned out to be a push a few feet in front of the group that was moving slightly.

"Is that Chazz?" asked Syrus.

"It must be," Jaden shrugged before he grinned. He started walking over to the bush first as he called out to what was moving. "Okay Chazz, the games over. We found you."

Before Jaden could place a hand on the bush though, something leaped out with a loud animalistic cry. From the brief glance, it looked like some kind of monkey. However, it was dressed in some kind of metal outfit. On its left arm was a Duel Disc. The armored monkey gave off a screech as it leaped at the group of six. A dust cloud erupted as chaos reigned. Cries of pain and shock shot out before he monkey leaped into the brush, carrying something. The teens were on the ground, gasping for breath after what happened.

"What…what was that?" Syrus gasped out.

"Well, it wasn't Chazz. That's for sure," Alexis gaped.

"Not human either," Kotaro added.

"He went this way!"

The group of teens turned when three new faces came barreling out of the brush. One was a tall man in a black suit with glasses and black hair. Another was a non-descript man with a rifle in his arms and the last was a shorter old man with a gray beard and glasses of his own.

"Blast," the man in black frowned. "He's not here."

"Who are those guys?" Mindy asked in confusion.

"Forget that," Kotaro cried out as he looked around. "Where's Jazz?"


"In the trees!" Jaden cried as he pointed in the direction that the weird techno monkey had run off in.

"Someone help!" Jasmine's voice cried. The monkey continued to run away with her in its arms. "Kotaro!!"

"I'm coming!" Kotaro cried as he took chase after the monkey. His friends were close behind, all concerned about their redheaded friend. Of course, the men in suits were following the teens in pursuit of the monkey which was wearing the high tech.

With Jasmine, she was struggling with the money which was way stronger than it looked. It was jumping through trees, running down paths, and even leaping on rocks across a river. It didn't seem to register her cries as she continued to struggle

"Listen, this a big mistake! I'm not your type!" she cried as the monkey ran with her. "I've already got a guy I'm interested in! I'm a high maintenance girl! My guy is way cuter! Just let me goooo!"

The monkey ran with Jasmine to the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. There was a tree growing out of the ledge in which the monkey ran up to the branches before placing Jasmine onto a sturdy length of wood. Making monkey sounds, he turned to see people coming. With grit teeth, he leaped forward onto a rock that was in front of the tree and began thumping his chest while calling loudly. The first to arrive was none other than the Ra Yellow student Kotaro. His friends were close behind with the suited men following up.

"Hey!" Kotaro yelled as he came to a stop. "You had better keep your stinking paws off my girlfriend you damn dirty ape!"

"Girlfriend?!" Syrus and Jaden cried out in shock.

"I knew it!" Mindy squealed as she giggled madly. "About time they did it!"

The monkey just growled and sopped beating its chest. It settled for glaring down the boy as Jasmine clutched the branch she had been placed on.

'As much as I appreciate the gesture, now's not the time!' Jasmine mentally cried out, but it didn't stop her face from turning red.

"Uh…," Kotaro blinked. "Did…I just say the girlfriend part out loud?"

"Very loud," Alexis snickered.

"Thought I did," Kotaro groaned before he looked back at the monkey. "But the threat still stands. You let her go or else I'll peel you like a banana!"

The monkey seemed to be almost understanding Kotaro's threat. However, the most shocking thing happened when the red visor covering its eyes lit up, "Duel me!"

"Bwah?!" Kotaro gaped.

"Holy cow! That monkey talked!" Jaden gaped.

"Oh don't be ridiculous," the short man grunted. "Wheeler's armor allows his thoughts to be read and then projected as words. I'd talk about it more, but that's all completely classified."

"Wow, Wheeler the talking, dueling monkey," Alexis blinked. "Will wonders never cease?"

"Duel me!" Wheeler demanded again. "You win, I give girl back. I win, you let me go."

"It's a deal then," Kotaro nodded as he brought out his deck.

"Hey Kotaro!" Syrus called as he brought out a Duel Disc that he kept on him in case things got hairy. He dashed over to the Ra duelist and gave it to him. "Here. You can use this. It looks like he has one already."

"Thanks," Kotaro nodded as he clamped the device onto his wrist and inserted his deck. As he activated he machine, Wheeler did the same with his own. "Okay Wheeler, let's ride."

"Duel!" Wheeler growled.

W: 4000

K: 4000

"I'll go first!" Kotaro announced as he drew his six cards. Checking them over, he began to smirk. "Okay, I'll summon Kamen Rider Imperer (1500/1500) in attack mode!"

The golden horned Rider rose to the field and made a roundhouse kick in the air. He came to rest in front of Kotaro looking for a fight.

"Then I'll summon Mirror Monster-Gigazelle (1600/1500) by using Imperer's special ability!" Kotaro finished as the armored beast with the stiff horns rose next to its master. It growled menacingly before staring down Wheeler.

"Not bad," Alexis commented. "Since it's his first turn, Wheeler won't have any monsters out so Imperer won't change sides."

"Yeah! Two monsters on his first turn! Wheeler's going to get creamed!" Jaden grinned.

"Maybe," Alexis frowned. "What bothers me is Imperer's special ability. If Kotaro doesn't play Mirror World this turn, then his Mirror Monster is going to get destroyed on his next turn."

'Too bad I don't have Mirror World, but I was expecting that anyway,' Kotaro mentally shrugged to himself. "I'll end my turn with that Wheeler. Now show me what you've got!"

"My draw! My draw!" Wheeler grunted as he plucked a card from his deck. Looking over his hand, he then got a card ready to use. "I summon Berserk Gorilla in attack mode! Attack mode!"

In a flash of light, a large gorilla with brown fur rose up. Its eyes were red and it looked pretty pissed off about something.

Berserk Gorilla: LV4/Earth/Beast/2000/1000

"Attack Gigazelle! Attack! Attack!" Wheeler then ordered his monster with loud monkey hoots.

The gorilla roared loudly before charging across the field. Gigazelle prepared to defend itself, but the gorilla was powerful. It reared back a fist and lay a powerful punch across Gigazelle's face. The Mirror Monster groaned as it flew back before shattering into holographic pieces,

"Gah!" Kotaro cried as his life points took a hit.

K: 4000 -- 3600

"Kotaro!" Jasmine cried.

"I'm fine," said Kotaro. 'OK, a level 4 monster with 2000 attack points is looking at me like today's breakfast and I say I'm fine? Who am I trying to kid? Still, it doesn't mean that I can't bring it down!'

"Then I put one card face down. Face down!" Wheeler continued as he slipped a card into his Duel Disc. The holographic counterpart appeared on the field. "Your turn! Your turn!"

"Okay," Kotaro frowned as he drew his next card. As he did so, Imperer's visor gleamed before he leaped across the field and took the Berserk Gorilla's side of the field. Kotaro frowned, but he didn't flinch. Looking at his cards, he decided to make his move. "Okay, First I'll use the magic card Soul Exchange! Thanks to this card, I'll sacrifice Imperer to summon Kamen Rider Tiger (1700/1100) in attack mode!"

The white-clad Kamen Rider rose up with his axe in his hands. Gripping the weapon tightly, he stared down the enemy gorilla that was opposing him.

"Now I'll use a magic card," Kotaro announced as he used a card depicting two large tiger-like claws. "Strike Vent-Dest Claws! When this card is equipped, the monster gains a 500 attack point bonus!"

Kamen Rider Tiger: 1700 -- 2200

Tiger's arms glowed as his axe vanished. In a flash of light, his arms were covered with a new set of armor with large claws coming out of the position where the hands would be. The bladed claws caught the light as the sun shone in the sky.

"Kamen Rider Tiger!" Kotaro called out. "Attack the Berserk Gorilla!"

"Hraaaahh!" Tiger roared as he dashed across the field. He then leaped up into the air before coming back down and raking his claws through the Berserk Gorilla. The large ape gave off a bellow of pain before shattering.

"Eyaaaaa!" Wheeler screeched in his own voice as his own life points took a hit.

W: 4000 -- 3800

"Pit an ape against a tiger and the tiger always wins!" said Kotaro confidently with a smile.

"Rrrrr!" Wheeler growled.

"I'll end it with that," Kotaro nodded. "Your move."

"My draw! My draw!" Wheeler frowned as he drew his next card. "I summon Acrobat Monkey! Monkey!"

A flash of light cut through the area and a small robot appeared on the field. It was similar to a monkey as it did several flips.

Acrobat Monkey: LV3/Earth/Machine/1000/1800

"Now I activate my face down. Trap! Trap! DNA Surgery!"

"Oh boy," Kotaro gulped. He knew that card. It allowed the user to select a monster type and then all monsters on the field become that type. Kotaro had used in the past when he used mainly Warrior-Types before he got the Kamen Riders.

"I choose Beast-Type! Beast-Type!" Wheeler called out as the DNA Surgery flashed brightly.

The Acrobat monkey grey as its face turned into an actual monkey face while its hands, legs, and tail turned flesh and blood. Kamen Rider Tiger likewise began to change. His bodysuit turned to fur while his armor became stretched to the limit. His helmet appeared the same, but the mouth guard was replaced with a snout like a tiger's. His claw arms turned into actual fur arms with real claws at the end.

Kamen Rider Tiger: Warrior -- Beast

Acrobat Monkey: Machine -- Beast

"That's a nasty change," Kotaro grimaced. "Now what?"

"I play a magic card! Wild Nature's Release!" Wheeler continued as he played the magic card.

Wild Nature's Release was a magic card which allowed a target monster's defense points to be added to its attack points. The downside was that the monster was destroyed at the end of the turn. However, that wasn't going to matter at the moment.

The changed Acrobat Monkey roared as its muscles began to bulge. Its metal armor cracked and shattered as the monkey's attack power went up.

Acrobat Monkey: 1000 -- 2800

"Attack Tiger! Attack!" Wheeler ordered. The monkey on steroids roared and smashed its fist into the mutated Kamen Rider. Tiger bellowed in pain before he shattered in glowing shards.

"Gahhh!" Kotaro grunted as his life points began to go down.

K: 3600 -- 3000

"Now I make monkey out of Tiger, and you!" Wheeler crowed. "Next I play, Mystik Wok! I sacrifice Acrobat Monkey. Get life points!"

The Acrobat Monkey vanished in a haze of light as the card took effect. However the sparkles left behind flew to wheeler and gave him a life point boost equal to the Acrobat Monkey's attack points.

W: 3800 -- 6600

"Incredible," the tall man with glasses pondered. "I don't think I've ever seen Wheeler so aggressive before."

"Obviously he sees this young man as a threat," the short man nodded. "In Wheeler's eyes, the boy is protecting his mate, which can make any animal into the most dangerous of beings."

"I end turn! Monkey see, Monkey do better!" Wheeler crowed.

"We'll see about that!" Kotaro frowned as he drew a card. He then got a smirk on his face. "I'll play Monster Reborn to revive Tiger!"

Playing the card, there was a flash of light before Kamen Rider Tiger in his mutated form returned to the field. The only difference was that his large paws were replaced with black furred hands and his axe was back.

"Next I'll use his special ability to call Mirror Monster-Destwilder (2000/500) to the field!" Kotaro continued as he slapped the card down.

Another flash of light rose before the white and blue monster appeared. Since it was already a Beast-Type, DNA Surgery didn't go into effect. It just left Destwilder snarling on the field at Wheeler.

"Now both will go at you for a direct attack!" Kotaro shouted. Both of Kotaro's monsters roared before charging at Wheeler. Tiger slashed with his axe while Destwilder got him with his claws.

W: 6600 -- 2900

Wheeler grunted from the lost of life points. Still, he was holding on tight with what he had at the moment. He hadn't been through all the intense teaching and training just to become a failed duelist, but dueling wasn't what he wanted in the first place…

"My turn! My turn!" he called as he drew his newest card. "I play Voltic Kong in attack mode! Attack mode!"

In a blast of electricity, a large gorilla with golden skin and red fur rose up onto the field. Electricity sparked off its hide as it roared and beat its chest

Voltic Kong: LV4/Light/Beast/1800/1000

"Now attack Tiger! Attack! Attack!" Wheeler ordered his new monster. The Voltic Kong roared and leaped across the field at Tiger. Electricity sparked off its hide before it punched Tiger with an electrified fist, destroying it easily.

"Barely felt a thing!" Kotaro frowned, even though he was upset to see that happen to Tiger again.

K: 3000 -- 2900

"Voltic Kong effect! You take battle damage! You lose card off top of your deck to graveyard for every Light monster I control! I have one! Discard! Discard!" Wheeler called to Kotaro.

"Okay, I'm doing it," Kotaro sighed as he took the top card of his deck and tossed it into his graveyard.

"Your move! Your move!" Wheeler finished, passing the turn to Kotaro.

"And here I go!" Kotaro spoke as he drew his next card. He looked at it and smiled. "OK let's do it! I'll play the magic card Pot of Greed!" Kotaro played the spell and two cards slipped from the top of his deck to his waiting hand. Looking at them, his grin grew wider. "Okay, time for you to take a trip into the Mirror World!"

Kotaro slipped his field spell card into place, allowing the magic to take hold. The crystal scenery appeared for a moment before it vanished again, leaving everything looking the same. However, Destwilder seemed to be happy with being back on his own turf.

"Next I'll play the magic card, Seal! Usually I would have to subtract 1000 attack points from one of my monsters besides Destwilder since Tiger is not on the field during my main phase. Seal lets me bypass that. Now Destwilder!" Kotaro called out. "Cut that monkey down to size!"

The Mirror Monster snarled before leaping at the Voltic Kong. Bringing its claws back, he smashed them against the red monkey's head. The beast gave off one last cry of pain before vanishing in a haze of light.

W: 2900 -- 2700

"I activate special effect!" Wheeler announced. "When Beast-Type I have is destroyed, I pay 1000 life points to summon Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest!"

W: 2700 -- 1700

In a flash of light, a large green-furred ape rose up with a roar. It was covered in wooden brown armor and a large wooden club in his hand. The beast snarled as it looked down on Tiger and Destwilder.

Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest: LV7/Earth/Beast/2600/2800

"Oh man," Kotaro gulped. He looked down at the last card he had left. "I'll put one card face down and end my turn."

"My turn! My turn!" Wheeler called as he drew another card. "Baboon! Crush Destwilder!"

The large baboon roared and raised its club into the air. As it began to come back down, Kotaro went into action. He activated one of his face down cards, "Waboku!"

Three priestesses appeared around Destwilder and raised their arms. The baboon's club was blocked with a shield of light. The baboon attempted to press on, but the shield held. Growling, the baboon backed off from the Mirror Monster as the three women vanished.

"Grrrr," Wheeler growled. "Your move, your move,"

"Gladly," Kotaro frowned as he drew his card. Maybe if he got the Kamen Rider Trial card then he'd be able to take control of the duel again. Of course, now he didn't have the card but he could get something good. He was being made a monkey of by a monkey…talk about irony. Still, every card helped.

"I play Card of Sanctity!" Kotaro announced, revealing the card. "Now we both get to fill our hands with six cards."

"Draw! Draw!" Wheeler nodded as both he and Kotaro got the six cards that they were allowed.

"Now we have some options!" Kotaro grinned. "Okay, I'll play the magic card Premature Burial! By paying 800 life points, I can bring back one of my monsters. In this case, my Kamen Rider Tiger."

K: 2900 -- 2100

The ground of the dueling field cracked and the beastial Tiger roared as he returned to the field. He snarled loudly as he stared down the giant baboon. As Kotaro reached for his next card, he began to hear hooting at the sidelines. Looking in the direction, he saw a bunch of monkeys watching the duel. "Huh? Who are they?"

"Family," Wheeler cooed, losing his aggression.

"Hey! I get it now!" Jaden grinned, slapping his fist into his open palm. "Wheeler ran away because he missed his family!"

"Aww! The poor guy!" Syrus sniffed.

"That's so sad!" Mindy agreed with tears in her eyes.

"Makes sense," Alexis nodded. "Why else would a monkey run away from where he was being kept."

"Miss family, miss family," Wheeler spoke as he gazed longingly at the audience of monkeys.

"Great, now I look like the bad guy," Kotaro grimaced. Assuming Wheeler was as smart in other things as he was in dueling, he might have taken Jasmine to use her as a distraction. Looking back at the three men in suits, he could tell that they weren't the friendliest of folks. Probably not animal-friendly either. Still, he had to help Wheeler escape somehow.

"Wheeler," Kotaro spoke to the dueling monkey. "When I use my next card, it'll cause you to lose the duel. During the flash effects, you make a break for it. Understand.?"

"Woooo," Wheeler blinked. "Understand."

"Good," Kotaro nodded as he drew his next card. "Now, I'll play the magic card, Final Vent. With this, I can destroy any of your monsters as long as I have the right pair of Kamen Rider and Mirror Monster on the field. Plus, when a monster is destroyed, its original attack points are removed from your life points. Tiger and Destwilder are one such pair capable of this. Tiger! Destwilder! End this!"

Destwilder roared loudly as he launched himself across the field. He tackled the Green Baboon to the ground. Digging his claws into the wooden armor, Destwilder seemed to summon incredible strength as he dashed back towards Tiger. He was also dragging the Green Baboon towards the bestial Kamen Rider. Tiger's arms changed into large paws with razor sharp claws. Both Kamen Rider and Mirror Monster roared as Destwilder thrust the Baboon at Tiger. Tiger thrust his own claw forward into the Baboon's hide, making it shriek out before exploding.

"Ohh! Ahh! Ahhh!" Wheeler cried as smoke and dust flew in all directions.

W: 1700 -- 0

"Run for it Wheeler!" Kotaro shouted over the noise of the holograms. "Now!"

"Thank-you," he heard Wheeler call out.

"No!" shouted the tallest of the suited men. He grabbed the man holding the gun, "Hurry! Take aim! Fire!"

"I can't see anything sir!" the gunman cried out. "There's too much dust in the air!"

The dust cleared out, leaving the clearing completely monkey-less. All of the primates had vacated the premises. The men in the suits looked around before showing their frustration.

"Blast! We can't let that research go to waste!" he grunted. "Follow me!"

The three men with the suits then ran deeper into the forests. They probably weren't going to give up on finding Wheeler anytime soon. Kotaro just hoped that the monkey would be able to get away.

"All right Kotaro!" Jaden grinned as he dashed to his friend. "Way to show that monkey!"

"Yeah, I guess," Kotaro sighed as he walked past Jaden and headed to the tree. He offered his hand to Jasmine and helped her off it. She gasped when Kotaro carried her in his arms, bridal style, being careful not to drop her. Mindy swooned, and commented about a knight in shining armor saving his princess.

"Um…Jazz…about that girlfriend comment…" Kotaro began, blushing slightly.

"We'll talk later," said Jasmine, winking, "Honey."

"Oh boy…"

Not long after, Dr. Banner found the students and reported what happened to Chazz. Apparently his cat Pharaoh sniffed the boy out. Chazz had left the island on his family yacht. Personally Kotaro doubted that he'd see the former Obelisk Blue ever again. Still, the others seemed hopeful in one way or another. Of course, their forlorn hope was interrupted when Banner dragged them off for detention since they skipped class. Still, it wasn't a total loss since Wheeler had gotten away.

While he was getting his homework done, there was a soft knocking at his door. Dreading who it might be, Kotaro put down his pencil and headed for the door. He opened it and wasn't terribly surprised to see Jasmine standing outside.

"Jazz…hi," Kotaro smiled weakly.

"Hey," Jasmine smiled. "Can I come in?"

"Sure, you're always welcome," Kotaro nodded, standing aside so that the Obelisk girl could enter. Jasmine walked inside and Kotaro shut the door. "So…I guess you want to talk, huh?"

"Yeah," Jasmine nodded. A mischievous smile came over her face. "A little presumptuous, calling me your girlfriend, you know."

"Sorry. Just got caught up in the moment," Kotaro blushed. "I mean, that and the whole boyfriend for a day thing, it just showed me how nice it was to actually have you as my girlfriend."

"How sweet," Jasmine smiled. "How would you like to be my boyfriend for real?"

"Huh?" Kotaro blinked. His face turned a shade of red to match Ryuki's. "You mean-?!"

"Yup," Jasmine nodded, her face gaining a lovely tint of red. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms behind Kotaro's neck, letting him place his hands on her waist. "I really like you Kotaro. I guess I got interested when we dueled, but getting to know you more, I saw there was a great guy just waiting to be found. I wasn't sure if I could say it out loud, but after hearing you today, I'm sure. I want to be your girlfriend."

Kotaro was stunned into silence before a grin came to his face, "Wow. Not how I was picturing this, but I'll take it. You're definitely one of the more interesting girls I have ever met. Facing you in a duel really let me see what you're like. I liked what I saw. You're pretty easy on the eyes too."

"Flatterer." She then surprised him by leaning forward and pressing her lips against his. He went stiff, eyes wide, before he slowly relaxed and closed his eyes to return the light kiss. He could almost hear his Kamen Riders cheering for him in his head.

Jasmine then slowly stepped back with a pink tint on her cheeks, smiling at him. Kotaro nearly fell backwards. His knees were like jelly. "OK…that was awesome," Kotaro admitted.

"Plenty more where that came from," she flirted. Pushing Kotaro slightly, he was sitting on the bed when Jasmine seated herself on his lap. "Now, you know what I'm thinking?"

"Another movie night to celebrate?" Kotaro asked with a funny grin on his face.

"Yup!" Jasmine grinned. "With some cuddling and stuff to make it memorable."

"Sounds good to me," Kotaro nodded. Jasmine just smiled before she leaned in and stole another kiss.

To Be Continued...