I have no name… I have no family… and yet, I have a purpose… I am known as Dia, I am one of the guardians of the legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh, and all the other regions in this world.

We guardians are in charge of protecting both the legendaries and the world as a whole. We each have our own legend to watch over, and are trained to work with them. We are even given gifts depending on the legendary we are protecting. I am the guardian of Dialga, the Temporal Pokemon. He is the pokemon that started time, and as such, I have been given the gift of both extraordinary timing and able to slow down time for a short period. As with all guardians my age, I am still in training.

I only know two other guardians in training, as well as our mentor, Suecra, the apprentice of Arceus, the creator of this world. Suecra is a very old and wise man. He has long yellow and white robes, and a long white beard extending all the way to his upper legs. He also has pure white hair which reaches the neck. He also uses a cane to walk with. The other two guardians are Pa, the guardian of Palkia, and Gira, Giratina's guardian. They're also my only friends and my allies. Pa is younger than me and able to distort the area she is in and can take advantage of any area she is in. Gira is older than me and he is able to create small voids in which darkness comes out. He is also able to make small portals to the Distortion world.

Each guardian also has a suit which matches the legendary we are destined to protect, both in appearance and in utilities. As I am the guardian of Dialga, my helmet has a small lump pointing backwards and has two metal bars on either side which help make the appearance of Dialga's head. Also, my helmet has a glass covering which covers my eyes and nose, others cannot see through it, but I can. My actual suit includes glowing patterns which are made to resemble Dialga's symbols. I also have dark blue gloves and boots, along with a slightly lighter blue coloration on the suit. I also sport a dark blue diamond on my chest with armor around it. Both gloves have retractable claws which I can use in self defense or to attack my enemies. I also have a shield which partly resembles Dialga's crest on his back.

Pa's suit has similar features, only they resemble Palkia's body. She also has a glass covering on her helmet, and has a metal horn sticking forward, made to resemble Palkia. Her suit and helmet are a basic pink, while she has armored shoulders, each with a pearl resembling Palkia's. She also has a pair of mechanical wings which she uses to glide from once place to another. She has an armored plate covering both of her lower arms and partly over her hands, which she uses to protect herself. She also has a Spatial Katana, which can cut through any matter. This special weapon has a purple base and expels a pink aura when she is using it.

Gira's suit is slightly different from either Pa's or mine. His mask is nearly identical to Giratina's head in his altered form, except the space where his eyes are covered with a dark glass. He has three golden claws on each arm, resembling those on Giratina's body. He also has a large black cape with six red tips at the end. From the base of the neck down to the stomach in the front, he has a pattern similar to Giratina's patterns. He has pitch black gloves which have a dark aura which he uses in combat. Along with those gloves, he also has a Shadow Gun, his own weapon which involves shooting a blob of darkness which takes over a person and causes him or her to faint. His legs are roughly similar to those of Giratina, including the two golden hooks on each leg and the golden tip at the end of the foot.

Ever since a few nights ago, I have had this dreaded feeling that something horrible is going to happen. And I know that the three of us will need the other guardians to figure out what this is…