All About Bobby - A drug lord Bobby put away wants revenge. This is a very dark twisted tale about Bobby Goren before joining the Major Case Squad.

Rated M for language, violence, rape, and torture. Bad stuff all around. No pairings. No Spoilers. No Fluff.

Chapter 1

New York, Friday Night 10:30pm

A large lumbering shape exited the bar. A few beers did not quench his nervous energy, driving him to walk. His day was filled with unending paperwork, leaving his mind to chase ghosts. He barely noticed the people on the streets. After bumping into a fellow and profusely apologizing, he headed for a quieter area near the park along the river. He found himself here often when he needed solitude from his mind and people. He followed the path along the river front. Sounds of the river soothed his mind as the chill of the air stung his face and eyes. He shoved his hands deep into his pockets to keep them warm and picked up the pace of his walk. Slowly calm and heaviness invaded his body. Maybe tonight he will sleep.

He followed the path that would bring him out on a street near the subway. As he approached the street he felt a bit light headed; next time he would remember to eat before drinking. On the street he found a convenient light pole to stop and clear his head. He leaned his back against the light pole; not since the army has he had double vision. Looking up at the light he felt the earth spin. The earth spins at… at … less than 1000 miles per hour in New York. If he was at the equator it would be over 1000 miles per hour.

Bobby sagged to his knees with his back against the light pole. He felt more comfortable here; not quite as dizzy. A few beers and no food had never had this effect on him before; someone slipped him something. Why? Did they find out he was a narc? I've seen… heard… about this before. Dimly a word formed in his foggy mind: Rohypnol.

He heard the scrape of metal upon metal as a van door opened nearby.

A quiet voice called out to him. "Hey mister, are you okay?"

Carefully, the concerned man helped Bobby up. "Here let me help you to my van and you can call someone."

Struggling to focus on the man's face Bobby recognized him from the bar. He tried to disengage himself from the man, but the man held on tightly.

"I think you've had a little too much to drink. Let's get to the van where it is warm and you can call someone to come get you. Do you have a friend you can call?"

Bobby felt helpless. His arms and legs grew heavy and a deep fog invaded his mind. He had to get away.

A shadow past behind Bobby and he felt a second set of hands push him into the van. The door slid shut. Darkness approached and all senses shut down.

Kingsport Tennessee Saturday 11:30 am (12 hours missing) Day 1

Bobby woke up in a moving vehicle. He felt disoriented and couldn't move. The last thing he remembered was drinking a few beers at some bar. The vehicle rolled to a stop. A couple of doors opened and shut. He could hear voices and laughter. Fighting nausea and a dreadful headache, he tried to differentiate the voices. He could hear at least four men speaking.

He was lying on his back, handcuffs restricted his hands and leg irons secured his feet. Although he was uncomfortable, care was given not to over tighten the restraints and bruise the skin. His mouth was gagged, his eyes blindfolded. He felt a light blanket covering him from head to foot and a thin mattress underneath him. Two wide straps bound his hips and shoulders to the floor of the van, preventing him from easily moving. He suspected the straps also stopped him from rolling around during the drive. His throat felt parched and his lips cracked.

He lifted his head and blanket fell from his face. He turned his head and painstakingly began to scrape against the thin mattress to trying to dislodge the blind fold, ever vigilant not to make the restraints rattle. The blind fold fell off as the door of the vehicle opened and a bright light assaulted his eyes. Too late to fake unconsciousness, Bobby squinted into the light as a shadow appeared.

The shadow leaned forward as Bobby's eyes adjusted. "I am glad to see you are conscious, detective. I trust the ride has not been too uncomfortable. It is time to stretch your legs and take a small break."

The man reached forward and smiled. "I will remove the gag and you may scream if you like, but, please, no girly screams." He untied the gag and removed it. Bobby returned the smile with a look of indifference.

His smiling captor removed the straps and blanket helping Bobby into a sitting position. Slowly the man backed out of the van and joined the other three. They watched him as he cleared the dizziness from his head and surveyed his surroundings.

His restrains were the typical prison belly chains with cuffs and leg irons. The length of each handcuff chain to the belly chain was long enough for him to place his hands behind his back for support. The length of chain between the belly chain to his leg irons looked long enough for him to stand. The length of the chain between his leg irons would allow him to walk only if he took small steps. All of his pockets were empty and his winter coat, suit coat and tie had been removed. His dress shirt and the t-shirt beneath it were not enough to stave off the chill of the air.

"Come on out, detective. We don't have a lot of time for you to answer the call of nature."

Bobby looked at the four men. His captor remained up front while two other men aimed 9mm Glocks at him. Another man was leisurely holding a sniper rifle pointed toward the ground. The men appeared nowhere near his height or stature. If it were not for the guns, he would have attempted an escape.

Bobby chose to remain indifferent to the men and leisurely scooted toward the door. He stretched his long legs out the door and sat on the edge of the door frame. His captor reached out and helped him to stand on unsteady feet.

Bobby regained his balance and stood to his full height displaying neither fear nor curiosity. It took a lot of self control not to shiver in the cool air. All four men backed slowly away, watching.

The area was surrounded by a beautiful quiet forest decked out in winter gray. Feeling the pressure grow in his bladder, Bobby slowly walked a distance away with his back to the men. Thankfully the handcuff chains were long enough for him to preserve his modesty. He was able to unzip his pants and relive himself without assistance. He zipped up and returned to the group, noticing there was a car parked next to the van. They seemed to be on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

"You may call me Jesus; you will not talk to any of the other men." Bobby acknowledged Jesus' request with a nod of his head.

Jesus pointed to the van's door frame. "Please sit."

Bobby sat down and was handed an open bottle of water. Although he was craving water, Bobby sipped it slowly with lack of interest. He didn't taste or smell anything unusual about the water. When he finished, the bottle was taken away and replaced with a protein drink. He shook his head to the protein drink.

Jesus frowned at Bobby. "You need the vitamins and protein. You can tell there has been no tampering, the bottle is sealed. Please drink; this is all I have for now." Jesus opened the bottle and handed it again to Bobby.

Bobby finished the drink quickly, thinking there was no need to create unnecessary drama, yet.

"Detective, please get back up into the van and lay down on the mattress." Bobby slowly raised his feet and slid back into the van. With some difficulty, he managed to stretch out on the mattress lying on his back. One of the men with a gun stepped in and pointed it at his head.

"If you move, my friend will shoot."

Jesus followed the gunman and covered Bobby with the thin blanket leaving his face exposed this time. He reached across Bobby and secured the straps so that his hands were strapped at his sides.

Jesus rolled up Bobby's sleeve, working around the strap. Bobby jerked when he realized what Jesus was going to do. The gunman quickly slammed a knee into Bobby's chest preventing any movement and placed the barrel of the gun to his forehead. Fear filled Bobby's mind but only anger filled his face. He looked the gunman straight in the eyes. The gunman didn't flinch.

"Detective, I know you would prefer to be drug free. This is for your own safety and comfort. We don't want any incidents on the way. Your host would not be amused."

Bobby was unable to relax his body but remained still. He felt the needle go in his vein as the cool liquid invaded his body.

The gunman removed his knee and backed off slowly until the gun was no longer touching his forehead. Jesus rolled his sleeve back down and covered his arm with the blanket.

Jesus leaned over and whispered in Bobby's ear, "Sweet dreams, detective."

Both men moved to the front of the van. Another gunman peered in before sliding the side door shut.

The engine roared to life and the van began to bump along the dirt road. In a matter of minutes, the wheels found pavement, lulling Bobby to sleep.

Hammond, Louisiana Saturday Midnight (24 hours missing) Day 1

Bobby felt someone shaking him. "Come on, detective, time to wake up."

Bobby groaned trying to clear his head. A bitter cold ravaged his body and he began to shiver. As the fog rolled from his brain, he remembered the van and Jesus. He blinked a few times but the darkness did not go away. He could see a couple of shapes at the van door. The straps and blanket were gone, the chains, handcuffs and leg irons still in place.

Jesus leaned into the van. "Time to stretch the legs again and take a little break."

Jesus spoke softly, but to Bobby it felt like a scream.

After a couple of valiant attempts Bobby managed to get into an upright position. He lowered his head to his knees and hands, trying to stop the shivering.

"Oh, detective, you don't look so good. Please, come outside now or my friends will drag you out."

Bobby's muscles felt lethargic and his head screamed pain. Slowly, he slid his body toward the door. As he reached the door, Jesus grasped his arm to help him out. It was very dark outside with only a crescent moon to light the way.

They took a few steps from the van and Bobby fell. Jesus stepped back as Bobby began to gag and heave. There was nothing for him to throw up; his stomach heaved but he could only spit out bile. Sweat covered his body leaving his skin cold and clammy while his insides he burned and cramped. Fighting the dry heaves, he rolled away from the small puddle of bile violently shivering. He found little success in the fight to regain his composure.

After a few minutes Jesus reached out to him. "All better now, detective?"

Bobby nodded and, with Jesus' help, he got back on his feet. Jesus guided him back toward the van and helped him to sit down. His sweat drenched shirt clung to his body as he found the door frame and sat down.

"Here, detective, have a small sip of water."

Bobby took a sip and gave the bottle back to Jesus. He lowered his head into his hands, still shivering. Jesus got up and joined the other men.

When Bobby felt a little better, he grabbed the van's door frame and pulled himself up. He leaned against the van and stared at the other men. They were all there, the sniper, the two gunmen and Jesus. They were on another dirt road, no lights or other sounds.

He stumbled away from the van to find a place to relieve himself. He zipped up and struggled to make it back to the van. Whatever drugs they were giving him did not agree with his body. As he approached the van, he tripped, bouncing off the van and rolling onto the ground.

Jesus and one of the gunmen helped him up and back into the van. Bobby stretched out on the mattress, laboring to control his violent shivering. The blanket and straps were once again secured in place.

"I am sorry, detective, but I must give you another dose."

Bobby ignored Jesus and focused on blocking out the cold and nausea.

The men moved to the front of the van again and the side door slid shut. The driver mumbled something in Spanish that Bobby could not make out. Jesus' answer brought about a more violent wave of tremors. "It is just as he wanted."

Bobby's last thought before darkness took him was that the drug cocktail was working as prescribed.