A/N: Hi! This is my first attempt at Twilight fan fiction as I have only just become a Twilight fan um.. about a week ago. WARNING: If you have not read all 4 books of the Twilight Saga completely, but do intend to, do not read this story. This takes place as a sort of alternate ending/continuation to Breaking Dawn and therefore will RUIN the book if you have not already read it. Please review the prologue and tell me what you think. It's short, I know, but I just want to see if you all think it's worth it to continue. :)

Words in bold italics below are rewritten from Breaking Dawn as if they were seen more from Jacob's point of view but the dialogue is taken directly from Breaking Dawn which belongs to Stephanie Meyer, not me. I in absolutely no way own the rights to the words nor do I have any rights to the characters that Stephanie so lovingly created and allows us to work with. The words are written here for emphasis only.


Jacob Black lay quietly at the edge of the forest. He knew no one would dare pass close enough to the wooded area to see him, but should they, he would have sensed them before they saw him and disappeared. He was merely a lone wolf who had been lying quietly beneath the brush. Today, the 10th day of September, his thoughts were clouded, remembering…

Jacob watched Bella and Renesmee from the corner of his eye as Bella carefully slipped her daughter from around her neck and moved her into her arms.

"You remember what I told you?" She had whispered and tears had welled up in Renesmee's young eyes as she nodded.

"I love you," Renesmee whispered.

Edward was watching them too, his topaz eyes wide.

"I love you, too," Bella said, "More than my own life."

Mother and daughter embraced, a kiss to her daughter's forehead before she stretched to whisper into Jacob's ear.

"Wait until they are totally distracted, then run with her. Get as far from this place as you possibly can. When you've gone as far as you can on foot, she has what you need to get you in the air."

How could one day change your life so immeasurably? Jacob remembered the events as if they had occurred yesterday instead of almost 8 years before.

"You're the only one we could ever trust her with," Bella murmured to him. "If you didn't love her so much, I could never bear this. I know you can protect her, Jacob."

Jacob whined and dipped his head to nudge Bella's shoulder, hoping she would understand what he couldn't communicate verbally.

"I know," she whispered. "I love you too, Jake. You'll always be my best man."

Jacob let one solitary tear roll into his fur before Edward leaned his head to Jacob's shoulder as well. Renesmee was already in place, holding to him tightly.

"Goodbye, Jacob, my brother… my son."

Jacob's wolf senses picked up the sound of the small sedan he listened for everyday stopping in front of the house he was watching in suburban wonderland. A quarter mile away, it would take his charge only a few minutes to reach the spot where he was lying. She was fast. Like her father.

"Is there no hope, then?" Carlisle whispered. There was no fear in his voice. Just determination and acceptance. Jacob sat poised, ready for the moment when he would have to turn and run with the small girl on his back.

"There is absolutely hope," Bella responded. "I only know my own fate."

Edward and Bella held hands. He knew that he was included in her words as there was no question that when she spoke of fate, she spoke of both their fates. Each one of them was just one half of a whole, fates intertwined.

She was in his eyesight quickly and if he could have smiled as a wolf, he would have. The sight of her never ceased to amaze him. Her long auburn curls cascading to her waist, blowing in the wind as she ran. The chocolate brown eyes she had inherited from her mother, sparkling in the sunlight. Her alabaster skin glowed and her cheeks were even rosier than usual as she finally came to stop, standing right in front of Jacob.

He though to himself that had he not imprinted on her when she was just a few minutes old, he would have still loved this girl with all his heart. To him, she was perfect in every way.

"Hello my Jacob." Renesmee, the 8 year old who looked eighteen, stared down at the wolf she loved so much and threw her arms around his furry neck in a warm embrace.

"Get ready," Bella whispered, not only to Jacob, but to the others who stood around her, prepared for the battle. "It's starting."