The house was silent.

Darkness reigned supreme, nothing stirred except the clock hanging on the right-hand wall of the dim living room, making quiet ticking noises that echoed loud in the thick silence. All would seem well if there had not been a man crouched just beneath the clock, rigidly posed as though listening hard for something. His knees were bent and his back and palms were pressed firmly against the burgandy painted wall, his bright eyes flashing in the dark.

Hearing what he was listening intently for, he began to move quickly but quietly across the room, away from the wall he'd been stationed at and down a dark, narrow hallway past closed white doors and into the open door at the very end. He moved quickly, for he was being followed very closely. Once he entered the room, he crept to the right and hid in the shadow of the doorway.

Footsteps accompanied him down the hall.

As carefully and as quietly as his limping walk would allow him, he moved stealthily from behind the partially closed door. His socked feet made the barest impressions on the stylish rug that covered nearly the whole room, his footsteps making whispering thuds on the soft flooring. The bedroom was dark, the only light coming from the window on the far wall, a dull, orange light filtering dimly in from the quiet street. The large bed that encompassed most of the room was unmade, and small objects were tossed carelessly about the place, papers lying haphazardly on the floor. Just as he was about to come into view, he paused and waited. He counted down three seconds in his head.


The barest of noises from the other side of the door, as tiny as mouse paws pattering on wooden floors.


The distinct sound of a quiet breath of exultation, and an excited inhale.


The shuffle of feet moving fast towards the door, ready to reveal him.

House jumped from behind the door, taking care to land mostly on his left leg and reached down with a monster-like roar to scoop up the small child that had tried to sneak up on him.

Rachel screeched in laughter and squirmed helplessly as big hands ran like spiders across her exposed belly and tickled her senseless, her high-pitched giggles pairing with a rarely heard, deep one. They both fell in a tumbling, giggling heap on the hallway floor just as someone flicked on the lights.

"Alright, Rachel, Mister House has to go home now. Time for bed" Lisa Cuddy said, smiling softly down at her three-year-old daughter.

A/N: Just a little fic that came into my head. House playing hide & seek with Rachel at Cuddy's house when Rachel's grown up a bit. Read and review if you liked it. : D