Author's notes: Okay. This is the last chapter of Rejected. There should be one more story before I finish this series, unless my mind comes up with more stuff, or you guys want more. After the series finishes, I'll start posting the side-stories.

This ties into the prologue of the next story, which is a Legend of ZeldaXKingdom Hearts crossover. I don't think I did Midna justice when I described her, so I suggest going onto Google Images or Deviant art and searching for 'Midna true form' if you don't know what she looks like. Or even if you do, 'cuz you might need a bit of a refresher.

Without further wait, onto the story!


Riku groaned. His head hurt. His sides hurt. His arms hurt. His legs hurt. Hell, everything hurt. He opened his eyes. Everything was black. It took him a moment to realize that he was face-down on black stone. Everything smelt of Twilight. No Light, no Dark, just Twilight. He felt a hand on his back.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" A girl spoke to him.

Riku tried to move to look at the person, but was unable to.

"Get the Princess." Spoke a second voice, a man, this time.

"Yes, sir."

Riku heard footsteps running away from him.

"You're lucky, son. Why you in here? Not that you can speak or anything. It's been ages since a Hylian was sent to this realm. But you're not Hylian, are you? Your ears aren't pointed, and your clothing is… weird."

Riku didn't even try to answer.

"What is going on?" A third voice, a young woman, rang out. She sounded like she had authority here.

"This boy fell into this realm. He hasn't said anything since we've found him."

"Impossible… I shattered the mirror in Hyrule."

"Maybe the Goddesses didn't like him."

"That I doubt highly. Let's get him into the palace before we get attacked by any remnants of Zant's forces."

"Of course, Princess."

Riku felt himself leave the ground, being carried in someone's arms. His mind didn't register much else before he felt himself slip from consciousness again.

Sora's hand strayed to his pendant. He ran his finger over each of the gems, pausing on the purple amethyst. The gems glowed slightly, showing that each of the three Keybladers were alive and well. The Keychain to the Kingdom Key was around his wrist like a bracelet. He sighed, and left the room. He headed down the stairs. Tara had a backpack at her feet, and she had just finished putting a large book with a gold fabric cover on it into the bag. Roxas was adjusting his wristband with the chakram and the sapphire on it. The Keychains for Oathkeeper and Oblivion were around either of his wrists.

"Sarah's still sleeping…" Tara frowned. "I'LL BE BACK!" She darted down into the basement. She returned a couple minutes later, a bruise forming on her arm.

"Sarah says bye." She said, grabbing her backpack and swinging it onto her shoulders. Sora laughed at her.

"We ready?" Sora asked Roxas, who nodded, and then opened a portal. The three stepped into it…

Riku blinked. He was laying on something soft… a bed? He looked over at the door. He wasn't sure how to describe the… person… he saw. Her skin was mainly a ghostly pale white, contrasted by the areas that were a pure black. She wore little clothing. Two pieces of black cloth with circular markings on them covered the front and back of her lower body, a hooded cape-like piece flowed behind her. Her hair was a bright orange color, two pieces of it were bound by a golden ring at her chest, flowing together. A circlet of silver rested on her forehead.

"You're awake." She remarked. Her red eyes sparkled in amusement as a small smirk formed on her lips.

"Supposedly." Riku groaned as he sat up, rubbing his forehead.

"So, why are you here?"

"That's a good question." Riku answered.

"Well, then, what's your name?"

"Riku." Riku looked over at her. "What's yours?"

"It's Midna. And I'll have you know that I'm the Princess of this realm." She answered.

"What is this realm, anyway?"

"The dark realm, the twilight realm, the Hylians have different names for it."

"It definitely isn't the dark realm. I've been there before." Riku sighed slightly. Midna gave him a quizzical expression, but didn't ask.

"I'll send one of the Twili by later to check on you." Midna said before she left. Riku didn't answer.

Sora cracked an eye open, but quickly closed it again as light filled his vision. His side was sore, and he quickly found why; he'd landed on a large rock jutting out of the ground. He felt himself blinking in and out of consciousness, until he passed out completely.

Tara sat up, rubbing her forehead. She glanced around, and instantly froze, slowly grabbing her backpack from where it had fallen a couple feet away from her.

"Sora… Roxas… help?" She looked around slowly, finding that she was alone, with a Lizalfos, a large, humanoid lizard in armor with duel scimitars, staring her straight in the eyes.

"UM… Himyname'sTarayoulooklikeyouwanttokillmesoI'mgoingtogonowBYEBYE!" With that, Tara grabbed the bag and bolted. She knew the Lizalfos were fast creatures, so she tried to outmaneuver it, rather than out run it.

The first thing Roxas noticed was that he was floating on his back. The second was that there was a strange, crystal-like roof over his head. He moved so that he was upright, treading water to stay afloat. He looked around at the strange, fish-like people around him. A child dove into the water and swam up to him.

"Hello there. I'm Prince Ralis of the Zora people." He introduced himself. "Who are you?"


"You're lucky, Roxas. A couple of Zora warriors in the lake below found you unconscious underwater. They brought you up here and revived you, although you only remained awake for a moment before fainting again."

"I owe your warriors my thanks, then." Roxas lowered his head in thanks.

"It is our honor." Ralis responded. "Would you like to see the rest of our domain?"

"If it is no trouble, I would love to." Roxas answered.

"It is no trouble at all." Ralis answered, and then paused. "Not afraid of heights, are you?"

For a moment, Roxas's mind flicked to various height-including stunts he had pulled, including his running up the Skyscraper of Memories, and a few height-including accidents he had been involved in, such as falling of the Station Tower.

"Not at all."

"That's good." Ralis went under and swam from the circular pool of water down to a bit of a river-like area. Roxas swam after him. He soon felt the current pulling him. Ralis was gone, and he quickly saw why. The Zora prince had swam over the edge of a water fall, although he quickly reappeared at the top, swimming against the current. He was still underwater, apparently housing the ability to breath in aquatic environments. He grabbed Roxas's wrist and pulled him along and over the edge. Roxas went over the falls head first, going underwater like a bent arrow. Ralis, on the other hand, was a spear. Roxas quickly found his way back to the surface. Ralis swam around under the water before surfacing.

"Welcome to Zora's Domain."

Sora stirred, but he went unnoticed.

"Link, you said you found the young man in the forest, correct?"

"Yes, Rusl."

"You two! He's waking up."

Sora forced his eyes open, and tried to sit up. He was quickly pushed back down onto the couch he was lying on by a woman with blond hair, before he had barely moved. Sora blinked in confusion, but didn't speak. He tried to shift his right arm, but a sharp pain ran through it. He hissed and looked over at it, spotting the wooden brace on it. He also noticed that his jacket and sleeve-less shirt were missing. A bandage was wrapped around his chest and stomach.

"Try not to move too much, please." The woman advised him. Sora nodded.

"I found you out in the forest."

Sora looked over to a young man, about seventeen, eighteen, wearing a green tunic with a strange green hat. He had a sword strapped to his back, with a shield clipped onto it. His hair was blond, and his eyes were a deep blue color.

"A Bulblin was attacking you while you were unconscious, which is where your injuries are from."

"A what?" Sora blinked.

"A Bulblin." The young man answered. When Sora gave him a blank look, he sighed and shook his head. "A monster. There aren't as many left as there used to be, with Ganondorf gone and all..."

Sora only hummed. Then he remembered Roxas and Tara. "Was I alone?" He asked. The young man nodded. Sora cursed. Who knew what had happened to Tara and Roxas by now, considering the earlier of the two wasn't a fighter.

"Who are you, anyway?"

"My name's Sora. I'm from a place far from here." Sora answered simply.

"I'm Link, and this is Uli, and Rusl." The green-clad teenager introduced himself, and then motioned to the woman and a swordsman with blond hair standing by the door. A loud squawking, like that of a raven, rang out and Sora could hear someone shooing birds away. Said raven flew in through the open window and landed gently on Sora's shoulder.

"You followed me." Sora remarked, holding his left hand out for Hannah. She jumped onto it and used it as a perch. The three people in the house were surprised by his casual speak to the annoying pest. "Find Tara and Roxas for me, would you?" Hannah spread her wings, and, with a single flap, glided back out through the window. He glanced over at Link, who seemed to be deep in thought, his expression holding a bit of remembrance in it. Sora had to admit that he was slightly curious, but didn't say anything.

Hyrule seemed, well, interesting so far. Getting separated from his teammates, attacked by monsters and then waking up in a strange house was not exactly on Sora's 'to do list'.

Author's notes: There is no reason why Roxas is the only one not getting attacked by monsters, actually... meh, anyway, I hope to see most of you in the next installment of the series.