Dear Alex,

My name is Nestor and I am writing to you from Earth in the year 2100 AD. My world may sound as far-fetched and alien to you as yours does to me. Yet I need some one as a confidante and hence this letter.

You shall be receiving this letter as I type due to an integrated software on my Siliconite known as Xenophon. It allows for communication through time, and space; wirelessly.

The humans in my world can be primarily divided into two groups – The Carbonites and The Siliconites. Both are interdependent on each other and help the human race to progress. The Carbonites are basically humans like you and me who are made up of Carbon and rely on reactions between organic compounds for their day to day activities. The Siliconites are made up of Silicon and rely upon electricity for their daily existence. To get the image of a Siliconite clearer in your mind, your present computer would be termed as an infant Siliconite in today's world. Also, all Carbonites are given a companion Siliconite who was made at the same instant as the birth of the Carbonite. My Siliconite is Alexander, and he really is the best companion one can hope to have.

The world today is a very clean place. We humans have finally learnt to co-operate with our environment and Mother Nature. Hydrogen fuel cells are used as power supply units but Ion drives are much more common in today's next generation of cars. Nuclear power is still used, but in the form of fusion. Fission reactors have been banned due to the excess amount of toxic wastes released during the process – Everybody knows what happened at Chernobyl. Tigers and all other species classified as endangered in your world have been saved and are thriving in the wild. The air is very clean and smokers are treated as outcastes. The waste disposal is carried out by the crew aboard the ISS Virus orbiting Venus. All mines have been shifted to Ganymede due to the rich lode found there, and in an effort to preserve the environment,

Earth has changed dramatically in other areas as well. All the countries have been merged and we have a common economy and currency. The armed forces and police forces have also been combined resulting in a formidable militia. Administration is somewhat similar to that of India and the feudal states of the Middle Ages. People of a common ethnic and cultural origin are governed by a body which is directly answerable to a central body. It is this Central Body, situated in the Indian subcontinent that makes all the policies and takes all the decisions regarding the welfare of Earth.

The UW (United Worlds) has really done a great job in keeping peace. We haven't had any instances of aggression for the past fifty years. We have also advanced technologically, spiritually and economically in ways thought impossible before. The trade between Earth, Mars, Moon, Venus, Ganymede, Europa and Titan is booming. It is an era of peace and prosperity that all hope will last…..

I shall be delighted if you could reply to me through any method possible. I shall await it along with Alexander.

Your friend of the future,