Dear Alex,

I regret to inform you that this will be the last letter that I shall be writing to you. Alexander and I firmly believe that we are on our last legs and both of us do not expect to live out the year. We shall soon be at our resting beds awaiting the end, comforted by the knowledge of having led full and eventful lives. The year is 0001AE (After Exodus) which I believe would translate into your chronological scale as 3011AD.

You must be curious as to why the event "Exodus" occupies such an important position in our timelines so as to force us to change our point of reference in our chronological scale. Your curiosity is justified as there is a long story behind this. So, just sit back and read while I begin my tale.

In my previous letter I had spoken about the massive construction project involving the construction of massive space towers on Earth. Men swarmed around the foundations and people from all over the Solar System lent a hand in the massive construction effort. The works was carefully coordinated such that the four tethers would get completed together and hence cause no noticeable change in the rotation of the Earth. It was also decided that the massive Space Ports would be constructed by the massive construction companies on Titan. It has been estimated that this construction project resulted in the creation of over a thousand job opportunities per month.

However, it was not pre-ordained by Fate that the project would continue peacefully. By a cruel twist of fortunes, Earth proved to be too fragile a planet for such a massive and ambitious construction project. Its thin crust, just 40 km thick, ruptured and massive cracks developed on the surface. Being unaffected by events such as Earthquakes since 910BE (2100AD), had made the human race over-confident. No consideration had been given to these factors and when we least expected it; we faced the horrors of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, soil liquefaction, tsunamis, etc.

Despite all this, the structures managed to stay intact, but their foundations were severely weakened. They tilted over and promptly crashed onto the ground. Calling the event dramatic, awesome, enthralling, or any other adjective that comes into my head right now would fail to do it justice. The vibrations reverberated through out the Earth as the four behemoths came crashing down. It has been speculated that they were the main cause of the Tsunamis that engulfed the smaller islands in the oceans. It has been proven that they were solely responsible for the demolition of the glaciers of Antarctica, leaving the continent a quarter of its former size. All life forms on Earth perished instantaneously due to the sound of 'The Fall'.

Within a year, Earth became a desolate planet as the mighty oceans rose and covered the land, submerging all of Earth for eternity. The only company to be had on Earth now is that of the water-dwellers.

As you can well imagine, this tragedy had a terrible psychological impact on us human beings. We had destroyed our home planet and our place of origin. We were responsible for the extinction of more than a million life forms. We were the blundering baboons who had single-handedly sealed the fate of a planet prematurely.

Most of us could not bear the burden of this guilt. Curiously, it was unanimously decided to leave the Solar System forever, and venture far away, to a place where humans would be able to have a chance at another guilt-free life.

And thus it was that the great Exodus began. Only a few million humans chose to stay behind. The rest boarded their various ships and set course for distant stars. People traveled in packs, and among the hundred or so groups that were formed, two main groups emerged, each with over eight billion members. The first group decided to make for the centre of the Galaxy, in the hope that in the high density of planetary systems there, they might be able to find a suitable one. The other group on the other hand wished seclusion to atone for their mistakes. And hence, their ships set course foe the periphery of the Galaxy to find places in the widely scattered worlds there.

As for those who remained behind, we setup headquarters on Mars. We remained content with just survival. We prioritized on food production and made it our primary goal in life to safeguard the vast learning that the human race collected over the course of millions of years.

Now, Alexander and I have grown old and it is all I could do to send this last letter to you in order to show you how our mighty Republic of Humans have degenerated from their lofty beginnings.

In the time span that this letter will take to reach you, I may have already passed into the void. Please do not concern yourself with a reply as neither Alexander, nor I would be present for your reply.

Yours sincerely,