When Harry receives a letter to attend the world famous DaLeo's Academy for the Young and Magical Gifted everything goes upside down in his family as his twin brother who is believed to be the BWL becomes enraged and his family confused.

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Chapter One: Only the Beginning

It was late in the night; nearly midnight. A boy no older then five lay in bed in the huge room staring up at the black ceiling that was charmed to look like the night sky. But tonight the stars brought him no comfort. Because just like every other night he laid there and listened as his parents tucked in his younger brother, laughing at anything and everything the little five year old did. He knew for a fact that his oh so loving parents would not come and say goodnight to him. No, they would simply walk past his door as if nothing resided in the only other room of the house. He just didn't understand why.

He didn't understand why his mother was constantly at his brother's side or why he was always excluded when his uncles came over. They all acted like one big happy family outside of the house but once alone he was left to his own entertainment. This usually included several books from the Potter library.

Harry didn't understand why his parents acted like this. Why his brother always got the better of everything. He just didn't understand. He might not have understood but Harry was far from stupid. He knew that the old man Dumbledore had something to do with this odd treatment toward him. He had observed how he would always be sent straight to his room when the old man popped in for a quick visit or whatever they did when he was over. Harry just knew something was up. And his brother was apart of it.

Harry let out a long sigh and rolled over onto his side. He couldn't stop the few tears that escaped here and there when he heard the door to his brother's door close and his parents' footsteps go right past his door. As he allowed himself to be consumed in the wonderful dream world he heard the gentle whispers of his guardian angels whisper to him.

"You will always matter, son." "We will always love you." With those few soft words lingering in the air Harry fell into a calm and peaceful sleep unaware of what was coming up next.


Lily Potter felt a stab in the heart as she walked past her eldest son's room. The room gave off the coldest of chills. One that she had come to be quite accustomed to as it always surrounded the Potter heir. She sighed knowing that her treatment toward her son was unfair. She knew she should have treated her sons equally, same for James. But when Dumbledore had told them of the prophecy made shortly after her sons' births she couldn't help but worry. In fact the Potters had been in hiding for the past several years. She had just started to allow James return to work but kept a close eye on her youngest baby.

Dumbledore had been truly convinced that the prophecy had been made for Matthew Orion Luke Potter. Ever since Lily had been afraid of loosing her youngest baby. She hardly ever took her eyes off him afraid that he would be attacked or worse. He was going to be the savior against the dreaded you-know-who! When you compare that to 'just Harry' it was hard not to throw all your attention to one. But sometimes Lily got a feeling that someone out there was watching her son. She wasn't quite sure who but she knew someone was keeping her boy safe. Someone was loving him the way she should have. But ever since he was a baby of the age of two he had had a cold atmosphere surrounding him. It was scary. Harry's first words to her and James had been "People fear the unexplained." The four words had filled Lily's heart with the coldest of ice. It scared her to believe that her child was going dark.

She knew her son was not normal. Now he was far from even touching the concept of normal. And she was beginning to question just how powerful he was. There were times when the boy would just ooze power. His dark eyes would be filled with it. Everything about him just screamed power.

At the end of the stairs Lily and James split up. Lily going to make a cup of tea in the kitchen and James going to his personal study.

Just as Lily was about to sit down with a good book and her hot cup of tea there was a loud band on the front door. The tea spilt from the cup as it fell to the floor and the glass shattered into millions of pieces. James rushed to the kitchen to see what the commotion was all about only to come face to face with the dark lord Voldemort.


Harry awoke to a violent shaking. When his eyes opened he was meet with the face of an angel in the form another five year old with dark brown hair and the deepest of golden eyes. Pale skin stuck out in the moonlight the shined in from the balcony.

"Harry wake up." The musical voice commanded. He looked at the girl from his dreams tiredly. "Harry danger approaches." She shook him again. Harry's eyes scanned her faced. Still drowsy from sleep started to drift back. That was until the girl put a hand on his forehead and sent a jolt of power through him waking him up.

"What!?" He half yelled and the girl smiled innocently like she would do in his dreams.

"Danger Harry." He understood clearly what she meant. He was out of bed in no time standing in plaid pajama bottoms and a long sleeved black t-shirt. He grabbed her hand fearfully and stared at the door. The girl stood beside him. She was an inch shorter then him and dressed if a princess going to a ball. She certainly fit the part.

"Where?" Harry asked as he scanned the room checking for any other signs of intrusion but finding none.

"Front door." He nodded and both stood quietly listening. They heard a body dropping to the ground after being stunned and another's footsteps racing up the stairs. The footsteps passed the room and entered Matt's. "She won't save me." Harry whispered sadly feeling as if death as soon approaching.

"She will." The girl whispered quietly. "She won't see me though." Harry nodded at this. He knew from dreams that the girl would not show herself to humans unless willing. Just as the girl had finished her sentence the door to Harry's room burst open and his mother ran into the room carrying a screaming Matt.

Lily stopped when she saw her son just standing there in strange and expensive clothing she had never seen before. She noticed how mature he looked. How he held himself. Lily shook her head. Now was no time to be thinking these thoughts. Not only was Matt in danger but so was Harry. So she rushed forward and pushed passed the cold blanket. She grabbed Harry. Backing into the corner she held her two sons protectively.

"Danger is here." The cool breath brushed Harry's neck. He stood bravely feeling the presence of his friend beside him. Harry could feel the black magic surround him. He watched the door carefully. He didn't dare blink. He watched as the dark lord glided into the room and the girl and Harry narrowed their eyes.

"Lillian Potter." The snake man hissed out. Harry felt the girl beside him stiffen.

"Y-y-you" Lily stuttered "Leave us alone!" Harry and the girl grew closer together and held each other. "I won't let you have him!" Lily hissed.

"Won't let me?" Voldemort laughed without humor, "That's not in you decision."

He looked down at Harry and then back at Lily a cruel smile playing on his lips, "I will, however, allow you to choose which will die first." He sneered.

Lily gasped, "I will never choose!" The girl clutched Harry tighter to her little body fearing for his life. There was only so much that she could do.

"Then I shall choose for you." Everyone watched and held their breaths as they watched Voldemort slowly raise his wand to level with Matt's head. He was about to say something when Lily beat him to it.

"Please don't hurt Orion!" Lily dropped to her knees. "Take Harry!" a devilish smile crossed Voldemort's face and the eyes of Harry and his sister grew fearful. The girl grabbed Harry's hand and willed all her strength to him.

"Vary well then mudblood." Voldemort aimed his wand at Harry and yelled clearly and evilly "Crucio!" The screams of the very tortured boy rang in the air. There were so many other sounds going on. His mother cried and his brother cried but it was only the girl who screamed at him to hold on.

"FIGHT IT HARRY! FIGHT IT!" the girl screamed "YOU HAVE IT IN YOU! FIGHT IT DARN IT!" Harry could only feet the pain in his body. But he would never forget the words that came out of the dark man that tortured him.

"Avada Kadavra!" Harry thought his whole being was going to explode. But before the curse could hit him and light surrounded him. It grew brighter and brighter until all in the room had to shield their eyes from the brilliant light. The horrid sounds of Voldemort's screams rang through the room. With one last scream from both Harry and Voldemort the light disappeared leaving behind only a pile of ashes and a cloak. Lily opened her eyes and saw Harry passed out on the floor and then her eyes turned to Matt who sat there ripping apart one of Harry's books. There on his left cheek was a clear cut with the letters 'LV'. Lily gasped. Matt had saved them all.

As Lily fretted over Matt and her husband the girl drew closer to her dear friend. She collapsed on her knees and hugged his tiny body to hers. Behind others appeared. Two others. They knelt down beside their sister and looked over the boy with grief. Two more followed. The man and woman looked down on their children sadly.

Lying their hands on a pile on Harry's chest they concentrated. "We will always be there for you." The girl whispered. She kissed his forehead and a light golden aura surrounded them.


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