So, I've been craving some simple Fax fluff since I read Max, and that kinda evolved into this. Enjoy! Oh, yeah, and review :) (Also, sorry if Max's inner monologue isn't as Max-y as in the books, I haven't quite mastered Max POV.)

I heard the gunshot, and whirled around. I shrieked "NO!", not that it would do any good. Fang, my beloved be-careful, loves-me Fang, dropped like a stone.

Oh, God.

I raced to him, but I was too late. The light in his eyes that brightened whenever he kissed me faded just as I reached him. Please, no, not Fang, not Fang, please! I fell to my knees beside him, gripping his black shirt in my fists.

"Don't die on me now, not ever, please, Fang! You can't die!" The rest of my pleading words were lost in sobs. The rest of the flock were dim in my peripheral vision, keeping their distance. He was dead. He would never flash his famous, rare smile at me again.

I buried my head in his chest; I didn't care about the blood. His body muffled my screams of anguish. Someone was shaking me. Couldn't they see I was in pain, here? I just wanted to spend a few more moments with him, although he had already left.


"No, no, Fang…"

"Max! Wake up!"

A dim light flicked on, and there he was. I was in a bed, the sheets tangled. Just a dream.

"You were crying," he said, a crease of concern on is forehead.

"Fang!" I threw my arms around him, huddling into his chest, sobbing.

"Shh, it's okay, it was just a nightmare," Fang cooed, sounding, again, most un-Fang-like. It was just good to hear his voice.

"You were d-dead," I choked out, and started to come back to my senses, slipping back into reality. Oh, God, I was stuttering. What's happened to me?

"I'm right here, Max, it's okay."

"Right," I sniffled, backing away. "Don't you DARE die on me, you hear me?" I half-shouted, wiping my face.

He just nodded, and I threw my arms around his neck again, kissing him. "Good."

Woah, that was shorter than I thought it would be. Well, you know what to do!