So I told Mel about the dream I had last night and she told me to turn it into a short story because she thought you guys would get as much of a kick out of reading it as she does.

It will prolly only be like 10 chapters.

So here it is—AU Season Four.

What I mean by that is that it's set in Season Four, but a whole lot of things happened to them out of order, and Lilith isn't having luck with the seals.

Also, there are a whole bunch of dark, dirty secrets.

Mel and I brainstormed a lot to make my dream much more interesting since I did, sadly, have to wake up from it.

It is loosely based on my dream though, so I left all the names from the dream the same, and just added some things to it.



* Dean and Kyla met a few years back, and she helped him and Sam out with several hunts—she was the reason when he met back up with Cassie after her father died, that Dean realized he could be a one-woman man and didn't go back to Cassie. Kyla never returned Dean's romantic feelings, which made her just the kind of challenge he wanted but never knew he wanted. He drunkenly proposed to her the night after John sold his soul for Dean's, and Kyla told him that angels couldn't get married. She, however, succumbed to him, and in her human body, married him and gave him a son. Like Anna, she is on a hit list in Heaven, but with a half/angelic baby with the secret weapon of the apocalypse, her death isn't high up on the list. Now that Dean is back and out of Hell, she is the only person who can get him to hunt again for the sake of his family.

* Sam and Melanie were romantically involved 2 years after Jessica died, but the minute that he started to trust Ruby, Melanie gave up on the relationship and left him heartbroken. Now Sam is with Ruby, but he can't stop thinking about Melanie—especially since Melanie comes over all of the time to help with Trevor, Kyla and Dean's son. Kyla and Ruby's hatred for each other is more than any hatred Sam has every seen any two people have for each other. Unfortunately for Sam, Kyla has been his best friend since they met so she knows all of his little secrets, and he just hopes she can keep them to herself until he can muster up the courage to tell his brother on his own.

* Melanie is still in love with Sam, and has heavy competition from Ruby and Kalli. Kalli is Kyla's next-door neighbor, and the object of flirtation for Sam when Ruby's not around. Kalli and Melanie are half sisters, and both know everything about each other—including each other's feelings for Sam. Kyla never gets involved with any of their squabbles over Sam, but personally thinks that anyone who isn't Ruby is okay by her with Sam.

* Now that Dean is back from Hell, he's learning a lot more about his wife than he wanted to know, and he's trying to keep his marriage together for his two-year old son. He also isn't loving all the things he's learning about his brother, and if Kyla doesn't take Ruby out first…then he will.


It had been two months since Dean had climbed his way out of Hell and met Castiel. Kyla wished she could make it better for him, but nothing she did seemed to make his smile what it used to be. She sighed as she put Trevor into his high chair, and smiled down at her son when he smiled up at her. Sam came into the kitchen and Kyla looked at him, him looking back at her and smiling awkwardly.

"So…you drink from Demon Skank last night?" Kyla asked, pouring Sam a cup of coffee.

Sam sighed. "Stop it, Kyla."

Kyla handed him the cup. "You're so sweet to the woman housing you. I don't see me kicking Demon Skank out on her ass every time she comes over."

"Oh, so you're my enabler?" Sam asked her with a smile.

"I guess I kind of am…funny how Mel still talks to me anyways." Kyla replied, giving Trevor a plate of food to eat.

"Aunt Sammy is silly." Trevor said as she stuck an apple piece into his mouth.

Kyla smiled and sipped her coffee. "I couldn't have said it better myself, Buddy."

Sam glared at her. "What are you teaching him?"

"I'm not teaching him to call you 'Aunt Sammy' if that's what you're getting at, Sammy. My son is his own kind of perceptive." Kyla said, stroking her son's head. "Have you seen Dean this morning?"

Sam shook his head. "No…I'd think you would have seen your own husband since you sleep with him."

Kyla nodded slowly. "I haven't slept with my husband in the sexual sense, since the day he died…so about six months ago. He's…he's troubled. Lucky me he's not drinking demon blood though."

"What the Hell, Kyla?" Sam asked her, standing up. "We never used to fight like this!"

"You have a problem and you won't acknowledge it!" Kyla told him.

"Scary!" Trevor said, looking at them. "Scary!"

"I'm sorry, Buddy." Kyla said, sitting down in the chair next to his high chair.

Sam ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah…sorry, Buddy."

Kyla kissed Trevor's forehead and stroked his hair, playing with his food a little to make him smile and eat his breakfast. Sam watched her and smiled a little, wishing he wasn't making her life so much harder. It wasn't his fault he was addicted to the demon blood—it was Ruby's. Ever since she'd given him the first taste, he felt like he needed it…it was an addiction to him.

"Has Dean…told you anything about Hell?" Sam asked her slowly.

Kyla shook her head. "He's insisting that he can't remember…but he can."

Sam sat back down in his kitchen chair. "You should know."

Kyla looked up at him. "Look…I know I was in the wrong to wait three years to tell anyone I was a fallen angel, all right? I just…I wanted to redeem myself, but I fell in love with your brother, and now I have the family I always wanted but could never have."

"Are you going to tell him about Castiel?" Sam asked her.

Kyla shook her head. "No…he doesn't need to know about me and Cas."

Sam sighed. "Well…I won't tell him about Ruby if you don't tell him about Cas."

Kyla glared a little. "He's going to find out about Ruby sooner or later, Sam—more than just you, me, Mel and Ruby know about your demon blood addiction."


Dean ran his hand down his face as he cleaned off the weapons he'd used to kill a shape shifter. He had called in sick to his garage, which was his real job, because he wanted to redeem himself to himself. Kyla had been trying for the last two months to get him to feel better, and he did…but only when he was around her. Sam kept badgering him about Hell and about what he remembered, and Bobby and Melanie kept telling him that he should be fighting what was out there—doing what Castiel wanted him to do.

"You should tell her that you're hunting." Kalli said, coming up behind him and tossing the gun into the back of the Impala.

Dean nodded. "And you should tell her that you're a hunter."

Kalli smiled a little. "She'd know if she'd just take her grace back."

"She doesn't want to use it." Dean told her. "She keeps it locked away, protected by all sorts of things, and she…she would rather be with me than be an angel again."

"How can you live with yourself knowing that she's given up the greater good for you?" Kalli asked him. "I'm not trying to be mean, I just—the world could use another angel fighting on the side of good."

Dean nodded. "I know…but I like knowing she's at home protecting our son."

Kalli smiled. "Right answer."

"What is it with you and tests?" Dean asked her.

"I'm good at them, I guess." Kalli told him. "I always have been."

"You're a good hunter too." Dean said, motioning to the car. "It'll take us practically all day to get back."

Kalli hopped into the Impala with him, both of them trying to talk about anything that wasn't hunting and angels and demons. They ended up talking about Kyla, Sam and Trevor, and then Kalli swallowed and Dean knew she wanted to ask a demon related question. He nodded slowly and Kalli took a deep breath.

"Why do you let Ruby into your home?" Kalli asked.

"Kyla lets her in because Sam trusts her and she trusts Sam. However, there are only two rooms that Ruby can go into since Kyla has the house about 95% warded off from demons. One is Sam's, and the other is the Living Room since that is where the front door is, and where we greet people." Dean explained.

Kalli nodded. "Oh…so Sam's sleeping with Ruby?"

Dean shuddered. "Unfortunately."

"Who would've thought that Sam Winchester of all people was into necrophiliac rape?" Kalli asked with a laugh. "Certainly not I. From reputation, I would have thought that maybe you would have tried it once…but you seem to be the pure one."

Dean laughed a little. "Necrophiliac rape, huh? I'm pretty sure that the coma patient Ruby took over had just crossed over when Ruby took her over."

"Doesn't matter how soon she crossed over…Kyla says Ruby complains about the coma girl rotting sometimes when she's in a hurry and has to possess someone else—that means the girls' body is dead. Therefore it's at least necrophilia, but once you go demon, I dunno if you come back, and sometimes that means rape." Kalli said.

Dean laughed again. "You're a good person to hunt with, Kalli."

"The feeling's mutual." Kalli told him.


Kyla growled as Ruby came in the front door of her house and stood by the couch.

"This house doesn't belong to you, Demon Skank—try knocking next time." Kyla told her.

Ruby rolled her eyes. "I'm here to talk to Sam."

"Well you can talk to him once you walk out the door, knock, and then I invite you in." Kyla replied, standing up and crossing the door towards Ruby.

"Like you could stop me—you're an angel with no grace, and no grace means no powers." Ruby explained with a smirk, stepping towards Kyla.

"I don't need powers to stop you, Demon Skank. If Sam didn't have some kind of feelings for you, I would have killed you already." Kyla said with a smug smile. "You forget who helped create the bullets for the Colt—I can easily make up some more, and kill you for good. Sending you to Hell is so overdone."

Ruby scowled and then turned to go towards Sam's room, Sam coming out of it and pointing to the front door.

"Kyla told you to knock, Ruby…knock." Sam told her.

"This is unbelievable!" Ruby said, going outside and shutting the door behind her.

"Thank you, Sammy." Kyla smiled at him genuinely. "It's nice to know you still have my back."

Sam smiled too as Ruby knocked on the front door. "Of course I have your back, Ky—you've always been there for me even when I didn't deserve it."

"Right back at you." Kyla replied, opening the door up and looking at Ruby. "Oh, I'm sorry—No Demon Skanks Allowed. It says it right there on the door mat."

Kyla opened the door up for Ruby though and Ruby walked into the house, shutting the door behind her. Ruby sent Kyla a glare, which upset Sam a little, but Ruby being here meant he got demon blood. Kyla turned to face them, put her hands on her hips and then took a deep breath.

"I am making Dean's favorite dinner tonight so that when he comes home he can eat and then go to bed in a somewhat happy mood. He is out hunting with Kalli, because Charlie called and said that he called in sick today and Cas told me yesterday that Kalli was a hunter. I need to make Dean a little happier than he's been in a while, so I'm hoping to have some time tonight with my husband alone." Kyla explained. "Trevor is napping right now, and Demon Skank is not allowed to be here when Dean gets home. Mel is coming over today, and Sam you need to be on your best behavior because she isn't coming for you, she's coming to talk to me about my newest idea. Try not to demon blood it right now, but if you have to, I'm not going to stop you. Your life is not my life to command Sammy, which you made very clear to me when you almost used your newest demonic powers on me 3 months ago. So…Demon Skank be gone where I can't see you."

Sam opened up his bedroom door wide enough for Ruby to go in after she glared at Kyla, and Sam smiled sadly at her and followed Ruby in, closing the door behind him. Kyla sighed a little and then set to work making some dinner for Dean, smiling when she realized that it would actually come out well. She looked up after a little while and took a deep breath, turning to see Castiel standing there in her kitchen.

"You're looking hot in that meat bag get up." Kyla told him with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

Castiel took a step towards her and she couldn't help but take a step towards him as well. She'd loved him when she was an angel, and he'd loved her. It was against the rules so they left their love unrequited, until Kyla took a step to break the rules and was recycled. She grew up on Earth from a baby to a woman, and she fell in love with Dean and now she was married to him with a son. It didn't mean she didn't love Castiel anymore—it meant she didn't love Castiel like she had once before.

"It's about time you got your husband out of his mood." Castiel said.

Kyla nodded. "I know that, Cas…anything else?"

"It's about time you took more of a stand against Ruby." Castiel warned her.

"I don't like the tone in your voice." Kyla replied, scrunching up her nose. "I'd rather not kill her, whether I loathe her existence or not. I'm trying to set an example for Trevor…I could get Mel to kill her though—or Kalli. Kalli would kill her for me."

"Melanie doesn't care for Sam anymore…and Kalli doesn't know that you know about her." Castiel said.

Kyla smiled a little. "For someone who loved once, you sure don't understand what it means to give tough love, do you?"