" Hurry up withe gibbits" said the King of Town. " I thought I gave them to you" Said Bubs Storng Bad pops out from Bubs Conssestion Stand and runs for it saying " I have them kingy" King of Town starts Chasing. Stong Bad umps the stop sing iStrong Badia " Stop right there" yelled the King o Town then a White light blast happened and strong bad flew into the fences and smashed all the gibbets. a group of teenagers with two tall athletic woman were with them. Each person thought to them selfs " I am the oppesite gender. I will tell them the female name of my name. " "Wee are we"? said the violent guy " Welcome to Free Country USA" said Stond Bad as he got up. " this stuned guy here is the weak leade of this place is King of Town" " hi" Everyone said. " " Well tell us your names " said Strong Bad THere was : chistan, Chef Hatchet ( a bad cook), Malcolm ( a Nerdy guy), Gilbert ( surfer who clumsy on land), Codyr ( sientific dork, ( yes the name is femle)), Lancelot( a bossy guy), Jandy (kind-hearted guy), Isadora (juvenile delinquent( if you haven geuss the change is TDI people changed gender)), Evan ( a violet dude), Bezek (home-schooled sexist), Jade ( Party girl), Gwenwynwyn (goth),

A voice was heard. " I got to go said King of Town and he fled. Strong the rest followed King of Town. " there more new people" said Strong bad. " Great Homestar, Marzipan and coach z are here." said Strong Bad as he got closer. Then strong sad and Homsar showed. Introdutions were given. Strong bad was mad that Badeete was there. Bubs perplex why the stand guild sent him a boos ( rosemary). Strong bad started to fall in love with Red. Homestar (miley Homly), Mazipan (violet blue), and Choach Z( know-it-ally) each huged their couian. Bubs was happy to see his sister( jack-jack). And everyone was surprised that Homsar had a sister (Hattie) nd King of Town had a wife( Queen of Town).

"hey I see someone in the forest." said Bubs. " I going In get them" said Homestar. " you do that" said strong Bad unintristed. Homestar ran and comre out in about 50 mintues later. " I found CrakeStrunman and these six ladies. Crake had nothing to do with them." the ladies were introduced " overload of new people b ut it is worth and I bet it is over." said KOT "not yet" said choach Z pointing behid himself. A buch princesses were coming." " What you doing Here" shound Strong bad. " we are here to have fun doing non-princesses things." siad Snow White(Jane) "Well I be darn." Intrduction were given for them. THe day was done.

Note: in the rest of the chapter at lest one of the new people will be in it. But not everyone will be in it.

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