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NOTE: I was a pre-school Sunday school teacher for over half a decade. I don't swear... however the characters do. I've found a way to keep them true to form, but not bend my standards. So if you see a word or phrase like "What the h#&?" use your imagination to fill in the blanks. :)

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Once Upon A Stage

Chapter 1

Sam Winchester awoke to a pillow bing dropped on his head.

"Up and at-tum, Sammy!"

His brother's sounded WAY to cheerful. Without opening his eyes, Sam thrust the pillow and the direction of the voice and smiled to himself when he heard it make contact. He looked at the clock on the hotel room's nightstand. 7:04am.

"Since when are you such a ray of sunshine, Dean?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

His brother grinned.

"Since Tanya Parker."

"I don't even want to know." Sam moaned and headed for the bathroom.

"Best weekend I had in months." Dean continued.

Sam sighed as he washed his face. Dean was always finding a new girl.

"You know Dean," His voice muffled, briefly, from the hand towel, "If you put as much effort into finding cases as you do finding girls, we wouldn't have been stuck here for three weeks."

"Ah, your just jealous."

"Jealous?" Sam scoffed. "Do you even remember the NAME of the girl you were out with LAST weekend."

"Yeah! It was... uh... Kay... something."

"It was Carrie."

"Whatever." Dean shrugged, opening a take out bag on the table. "I tried to call you to ask what you wanted for breakfast but you didn't answer. So, it's burritos. If you don't like it... too freaking bad."

Sam grabbed his cell phone of the nightstand.

"That's weird. I must have put it on silent." He mumbled to himself.

He checked his phone to change it back and got a surprise.

"Holy crap!" Sam shouted.

Instinctively, Dean looked over at his brother.


Sam was staring at his phone like it had just turned into a snake.

"I have thirty-seven missed calls!"

"Well, that's what you get for leaving it on silent." Dean teased and went back to his food.

He picked up one of the breakfast burritos and started to unwrap it.

"Dean, I checked my phone last night."

Dean paused. This could be something serious, or it could be just a random coincidence. He turned around and leaned against the edge of the table.

"Why would someone call you 37 times?"

"Not someone, everyone! Bobbie, Ellen, even Becky!"

"Becky? Isn't that the girl you went to school with?"

"Yeah, and she's not the only one. Half these calls are from my friends at Stanford."

Dean had to admit, THAT was a little weird.

"What did they want?"

Sam just stared at his phone is disbelief.

"I don't know. Why would they all be calling me in one night?"

"Well don't just sit there like an idiot! Call one of them back and find out what the h*!% is

going on!"

Sam snapped out of it and made the call. It seemed like forever before he got an answer.

"Hey Bobbie, it's Sam... sorry, I had left my phone on silent."

Dean motioned for him to get to the point.

"Anyway, why'd you call?... No, I don't know who that is... What!? Why?... Yeah, Bobbie, we'll take care of it... No I think we can handle it by ourselves... I'll let you know... Thanks Bobbie, bye."

He hung up the phone and looked up at Dean.

"Someone's looking for me."

"Not exactly breaking news, Sam. You got a whole mess of creatures who would love to get there hands on you. Could you be more specific?"

"Emily Redmond."

"Who the h#$* is Emily Redmond?"

"I have no idea! But she seems to know who I am."

"So... what is she? Some kind of stalker?"

"I don't know Dean, but she's doing everything she can to find me. She's been contacting my old classmates, putting up fliers, she has a website-"

"A website!?"

Now this was bad! The LAST thing Sam needed was to be advertised on a website!

"That's what Bobbie said. He wants me to lie low until this whole thing blows over."

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea."

"But Dean, what about this girl? If she's using my name, my REAL name, she could bring who-knows-what right to her door!"

"And what if she IS a who-knows-what and is trying to lead you out in the open?"

"What if she isn't? Are you willing to take that chance?"

"With your life? NO!"

"Dean, what other choice do we have?"

By now Dean was pacing the room, his forgotten burrito getting cold on the table. If this was a trap there was no way in h*#! he would stand by and let his brother walk into it. But if it wasn't... then this Emily girl was setting herself up for a heap of trouble. He looked at Sam, a puppy dog look in his blue-green eyes.

"Ok," Dean said, slowly. "You're going to stay here-"

"Dean! Come on!"

"Hey, you're the one she's looking for, you're not going anywhere. If this is a trap you are staying far away from it. I'll go and check this girl out "

Sam's look instantly changed from pleading to determined.

"Oh no Dean, you are NOT leaving me behind!"

"Well, I'm not taking you."

"Then I'll follow you! I already know where Emily is."

Dean gave his brother a hard look.

"Sam, there is no way you are going."

Two hours later the brothers sat in the impala in silence. Sam held the map while Dean focused on the road. Sam glanced over at Dean, his thoughts wondering back to the fight in the hotel room. After thirty minutes of arguing in had come down to two choices, either Sam went or Dean locked him in the bathroom. He knew Dean meant well, but this was his problem and he wouldn't be left out of it. It had taken some doing, but Sam finally convinced his brother to let him come.

"How far are we from Burlington?"

Sam was a little startled. Dean hadn't said two words since they left the hotel.

"Well?" Dean asked impatiently.

Sam looked down at the map.

"About four hours."


Sam sighed at his brother's sarcasm.

"Come on Dean, you can not stay mad at me the entire drive!"

"I'm not mad." Dean snapped.

"Yeah right."

"I just think you used a pretty cheap trick back there."

"What? You mean threatening to steal a car and follow you? You would have done the same thing and you know it."

"Yeah well, that's different."

It was different, Dean thought to himself. Sammy was his responsibility, always had been. This mess with this girl in Connecticut... it freaked him out. Even if she had pure intentions, who knows what might show up looking for Sam? He tried hard to hide his feelings from his brother, he had to. He couldn't let Sam see how shaken he was at the thought of something catching up to his little brother... Nothing would happen to Sam. He wouldn't let it.

Four, long, hours later they arrived at their destination. Without a clear idea of were to go, Dean started to hunt for a cheap motel... or a good place to eat, whichever he found first. It turned out to be both, a hotel right next to a steakhouse. Dean got out of the car and took a look around out of habit. Jeez, this was a small town, he thought to himself. There was a tractor place right across the street! He started toward the hotel, wanting to check in first, and looked back for a second to verify Sam was following him. His brother slowly walked a few steps back, probably thinking about why a stranger was looking so hard for him. Dean just turned his attention to the hotel, and the cute girl at the front desk. She looked to be in her late 20's with curly black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She smiled at him as he approached the counter.

"Hi. Welcome to Comfort Inn."

"Thank you... Sherri" He smiled, taking note of her name tag.

"Room for one" She asked sweetly.

Dean was about to correct her when he realized what EXACTLY she was saying. He looked around the lobby and saw he was the only one there! A sense of panic rose in him. Could something have snatched Sammy that quickly? Careful to keep his fears under control, he excused himself and went back toward the car. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his brother right outside the door looking at a large sign in the hotel window.

"Dude! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!?"

Sam look at him, confused.


"Never mind!" He grumbled, and looked at the thing that had captured his brother's attention.

It was a two foot square of neon orange. Bold black letters, clearly drawn by hand, marched across it.








Dean looked over at Sam.

"Subtle, huh?"

"This is bad."

"You're telling me, what is she, in pep squad? All it's missing is the glitter!"

"Dean!" Sam groaned.

"Alright! Let's check in so we can find out who this girl is."

It didn't take them long to check in and drop off their bags. Ten minutes later they were looking over then menu at the steakhouse, deciding their next move, when a flash of bright yellow caught Dean's eye. Across the room sat a young woman, about Sam's age, with long straight blond hair. She was very pretty and smiled at a little boy who sat next to her, sadly poking at his French fries. Dean guessed the kid was about five or six, but it was hard to tell since he couldn't see much more of him then a mop of brown curls. But what really got his attention was the brightly colored square signs the leaned against her chair. He tapped on Sam's menu and pointed at the woman.

"Bet you ten bucks those signs got your name on them."

Sam immediately got up and walked over to her.

"Sam!" Dean whispered, trying not to draw attention to themselves.

He followed his younger brother and reached him just as Sam greeted her.

"Hi, are you Emily?"

"Uh... yes. Did you see my signs?"

"Um... yeah we did-"

"Who could miss 'em." Dean interrupted.

He gave Sam a look telling him to watch what he says. Sam return with a look Dean knew meant that Sam saw no threat with the young woman and her little boy. Better safe then sorry, Dean thought to himself. The girl seemed to not notice their silent conversation, she was too busy blushing.

"I know, they're really bright. I just didn't want people to ignore them. So... do you know anything about Sam?"

Sam opened his mouth, but Dean was faster.

"Yeah, I think I saw him a few weeks back in Miami."

Pretending not to notice the glare on his brother's face, he watched hope fill the woman's eyes.

"A few weeks? Thank you! That's my most recent sighting!"

She pulled a small notebook out of her purse. When she opened it Dean clenched his teeth. It was a fairly detailed count of his kid brother's movements going back to his teens!

"So when and were did you see him, exactly?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Dean's voice must have been colder then he intended because Sam stepped on his foot. Emily seemed to notice too.

"I know what it looks like, but I am not a stalker! I just have to find Sam."

"Why?" Dean repeated.

Emily looked like she was about to cry, making Dean feel like a jerk.

"You see, my best friend, Heather, was in love with him." Emily explained.

The glare on Sam's face finally left and was replaced with a mix of confusion and shock. Dean was a bit surprised himself, but he stuck to business. He didn't remember any girl named Heather, not that he remembered many girl's name anyway. But if this girl was so nuts about Sam, why was it her best friend who was looking for him? Wait, Emily had used the word love in a past tense. This peaked his interest. Sammy wasn't the kind of guy to earn a woman's wrath... well not a HUMAN woman anyway.

"Was?" He asked.

Now Emily really did started to cry.

"Heather... she..."

She didn't need to say it, her grief told them everything.

"Heather is dead?" Sam asked softly.

Emily nodded.

"That's why I have to find Sam."

"Fulfilling your best friend's dying wish." Dean commented. "Noble of you."

Emily wiped away her tears and shook her head.

"No." She whispered.

She ran her fingers through the chocolate brown curls of the little boy next to her. He had been so quiet Dean almost forgot he was there. He seemed content to just stare at his plate and eat his fries, but now he looked up at them, sadness filled his green-blue puppy dog eyes.

"I'm doing this for Julius here," Emily said fondly, "so he can meet his father."

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