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visionary dreams

Reason 1

Because she's loud, obnoxious, and she knows what she wants.

"Hey Sasuke-baka!"
"Date; tonight; seven."

And than she leaves. Just like that.
He picks her up anyway.

Reason 2

Because she doesn't ask why.

He wakes up, startled, his body dripping in cold sweat and his chest heaving up and down. Fucking nightmares. He's twenty-six and they still haunt him.

She rubs her sleepy eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck from behind him, and murmurs soft words in his ears.

Eventually, he's calm and as he wraps his arms around her slim waist - just a little tighter than usual and she knows that's his way of saying thank you.

Reason 3

Because she argues back.

Honestly, he's Uchiha Sasuke and with a signal of his hand and a dazzling smirk Sasuke can get whatever he wants. And when Sasuke wants something people don't put up much a fight…because hello, he's a Uchiha.

"Sasuke, honey you left a mess in the bathroom. Can you clean it up. Please?"

"Tch. Uchiha's don't clean."

"Look, Sasuke, I don't give a damn what the hell your last name is - go in the damn bathroom and clean up your mess!"


"NO?! Sasuke do you want me to castrate you, you stupid asshole! I know where you eat and sleep, baka!"


"FINE. Don't expect any of this for awhile!"

…He does it within the next ten minutes.

Reason 4

Because he has a soft spot for blondes.

Honestly, he does, and little people know this .

He doesn't like dark-haired females very much - they remind him too much of his mother. He doesn't like redhead's that much either - you could thank Karin for that - and he mostly certainly does not want some abnormal color like pink. Don't get him wrong, he loves Sakura, but he doesn't exactly won't his heir to have pink hair.

"Sasuke-kun!" he's twelve years old then and it was one of those days.

The familiar rose smell overcame him and the weight being pressed onto his back was something he was becoming easily familiar too.


He could feel her slim arms easily wrapping themselves around his neck as she hugged him from behind, her blond hair tickling up against her cheek as she laughed against his ear.

To this day, he still remembers how soft her blond hair felt up against his cheek.

Reason 5

Because she smiles.

Throughout his whole childhood, Sasuke never smiled. What was the reason to? His clan was gone, and all he needed to do was train, train, train, and train.

He had a mission to do, after all, there was no reason to smile.

And he doesn't smile when he kills his brother. It was suppose to be some happy thing, right? It was suppose to make him feel complete and done. It made him feel empty, lifeless, even. So, why should he smile?

She smiles about everything. Whether it has to do with something special or just seeing a flower in blossom - she smiles.

And he likes to think that all her smiles make up for all the ones he never had.

Reason 6

Because opposite attracts.

Uchiha Sasuke and Yamanaka Ino are like night and day, hot and cold, black and white, ying and yang… They were just different.

She brings the light into his dark world.
She brings the happiness and the laughter.
She brings all the smiles and grins.
She brings all the arguments.
She brings all the million things he never could.
She brings him.

Reason 7

Because she's Yamanaka Ino and he's Uchiha Sasuke and in some twisted up world that's just how it's suppose to be.

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