Chapter 1: Numb


He left me, alone. He didn't want me, didn't love me anymore.

They left with him. No goodbye from any of them. They were gone. The ones who I thought were my family. They all abandoned me.

Five Months Later

It had been five months and my heart was still bleeding. I would cry myself to sleep every single night. The only thing that kept me from entirely showing my hurt was that I didn't want Charlie, Renee, and Phil to have to watch. They were the only people who kept me from completely going numb, but then the accident happened.

I was driving home from school. We were on winter break, we had a month off. Little did I know that I would be spending it grieving, hurting, even more.

As I drove into the driveway I saw police cars. After I parked my car, Tom, my dads deputy came up to me, a sorrowful look on his face. His daughter, Anna, was also there. She was sixteen, two years younger then me, she also had a sad look on her face. Tom came up to me " Bella", ha said almost crying, " your dad, mom, and step dad were in a car accident."

My heart, or what was left of it, stopped. I sucked in a breath. Renee and Phil were coming to visit me for the week, and Charlie was picking them up from the airport.

"Bella", he said again "they're dead."

Tears started to form in my eyes.

" No." I said shaking my head.

" NO!"

I crumpled to the hard, wet ground and screamed, "Nnnnnnooooooo!"

Anna came and sat down on the ground and hugged me. She sat there holding me as I screamed and cried into her shoulder. I don't know when but finally Tom picked me up and carried me to my room, Anna followed him. He set me down on my bed. I laid there for what seemed to be days my head rested on Anna's lap the whole time and she stayed with me through it all. She just held me as I cried and finally I fell into a sorrowful sleep.

The next morning I woke up and saw Anna sitting in a chair by my bed. She looked at me. A tear rolled down my cheek, she came and knelt down by my bed and wiped it away. She took my hand and held it. I had met her three or four times before, and I was glad that she was here.

What was left of my family was dead. Now I was numb. But as she held my hand I felt a slight feeling of hope and love.

She was there for me the night before and she stayed with me, everything. She held me every night as I cried to sleep. She held my hand at the funerals. She came to see me every day, most times she stayed through the whole night. Her boyfriend William Turner, even came, so did Tom.

She helped me, took care of me, loved me. She even moved in with me. Her father didn't allow it at first, then her older brother Brandon persuaded him to let her. I was glad he did, I needed her. I felt safe and like I wasn't alone when I was with her. She was here for me and I knew she always would be.

I even came to tell her about him. I could tell her anything and she would always listen without judging someone, just listen. Of course she always had her opinions but she never judged. She had become my best friend, my sister.