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Lesson 03, part 1: "The Infirmary"


Perhaps she had been looking for an excuse to go off? Perhaps it was the shock of almost being crushed by a falling scaffolding? Or perhaps she was just getting fed up with all the pretense and the secrecy? Regardless of whatever the cause might have been, the effect was clear...

Anko had declared in no uncertain terms that Noboru Yoshikawa and she were together.

She was resting on a cot in the nurse's office. She remained silent as she mulled over what had happened. As far as Anko was concerned, she had nothing to be ashamed of! The more she thought about, the more annoyed she was that that her friends had seemingly scorned her for liking him. Still, she could understand how it might have seemed strange to them... After all, she had spent so much time picking on him- so it was sort of twisted that she would end up falling for him.

But she knew things that they didn't- Anko knew what he was really like, that he was a good person. They scorned her because they couldn't understand their relationship... and she guessed that others would likely to judge her for liking him as well...

To hell with them! She thought. It was their fault for not being able to understand why she liked him. And frankly, she felt no compulsion to explain it to them. She didn't owe these people anything- least of all, an explanation! These people- the ones who would look down on her... They knew nothing of what was in her heart or the depth of her feelings.

Anko blushed as she recalled some of things she had said. True, she had said a lot of things in a very heated moment- but she had meant every word of it. She didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed... She felt relieved. In truth, she viewed this as being better in the long run. She liked Yoshikawa... plain and simple. If they were too juvenile to understand, then that was their problem.

She turned onto her side, facing towards the window...


The incident with the scaffolding had effectively thrown a wrench in the school day...

Yoshikawa sat on the floor of the cramped make-shift room that served as Onizuka's all-purpose dwelling. The teen was leaning against the wall while his blond-haired teacher was slumped back in his 'Union Jack' themed love seat across from him. Onizuka was clenching a lit cigarette in his mouth. He reached up and retrieved it. He quickly expelled a lazy stream of smoke into the air.

The two of them had ended up here, much like they always did... but this time, it was much quieter. Eventually, the dark-haired young man looked up and broke the silence. "Mr. Onizuka, what do you think about what happened today?" He asked in a measured tone.

The teacher in question glanced at him for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders. He placed his cigarette in a nearby ashtray. "What do I think?" He began. "...I think what matters is what you think about all this." He added calmly.

Yoshikawa was quiet as he mulled over what Onizuka had said, then smiled weakly. "Yeah... You're probably right." He replied. "Honestly, I'm used to getting hassled... I'm more worried about Anko at the moment." He admitted in a low tone. "I mean, I know what I should be doing... but I'm not all that confident that I can be a good... er, boyfriend."

The blond 23 year old teacher regarded his student for a moment. "If you ask me... From what I saw, you did just what would be expected of you." He remarked. "I know that it must seem pretty complicated for you, but that's just because your young... In truth, it's really pretty simple."

Yoshikawa looked up as he continued. "Life too short to sweat the small stuff... The most important thing is to just man up and be there for her." He added with a smile. "And that, my young friend, is the honest truth."


Anko realized that while she was dressing down her two 'friends', she'd only narrowly stopped herself from venturing down a path that was far too personal for her to bring up in the middle of a hysterical rant. She was worked up, and pissed off, freaked out, and in a bad emotional condition... So, going off like she had was probably what tipped her over the edge and caused her to pass out.

It occurred to Anko that she had become awfully protective of Noboru. She wondered if this had something to do with the guilt she felt over how she had treated him in the past. Of course, there was also the fact that the person they were insulting was very important to her- so an insult against him was akin to insulting her!

She slowly sat up and looked around. The curtain around the cot suddenly swung open and Anko came face to face with the school's infamous nurse- Nao Kadena. The busty woman was decked out in one her usual skimpy outfits- a tight skirt, long legs clad in sheer stockings, and top that showed off her chest as much as possible. She also had a white lab coat on over it- as if wearing it somehow made her look more professional!

"I'm glad to see you're finally awake." The raven-haired seductress remarked. Her dark red lips curving into a smile as she continued. "You passed out from a mild case of fatigue- though that's not all that shocking considering what happened." She reasoned thoughtfully.

"How did I get here?" Anko asked as she cast her gaze away from the nurse. In all honesty, the woman's breasts were distracting her... Anko definitely didn't swing that way, but she sort of understood now why the all the males in the school always seemed to fall over themselves for the woman. The girl guessed that she was probably the sort of woman that men would willingly line for- just so that she could walk all over them...

Nao flashed her usual heart-stopping smile as the sunlight coming in through the window seemed to make her pale skin almost glow. "Well, Onizuka carried you back here after you collapsed." She replied, causing Anko to blush. "Don't worry, Miss Fuyutsuki was there and said she made sure he didn't try anything funny." She added in a reassuring tone.

Anko nodded, pushing the covers away and swiveling around. She glanced down at her feet as she dangled them off the side of the cot. After a moment, she looked back up and turned to the older woman. "I really went off back there, didn't I?"

Nao silently regarded the teenager sitting before. After a moment, she smiled and nodded knowingly. The older woman sat down on the bed beside Anko and exhaled. "I think you and I should have a talk- woman to woman..."


The classroom had been abuzz with muttering voices... That was, until Onizuka had walked in, held up an air-horn, and fired it off. After that, the teacher found himself with an audience of pale-faced students looking at him.

"You know," He began, lowering the airhorne. "If I didn't know any better, I'd might think that this was a hair salon that I just walked into- not a classroom." He offered with a strange smile as he leaned on the desk. "Especially after hearing all you guys gossiping like a bunch of old ladies getting their hair done." He added, taking a seat.

Onizuka leaned back in his chair and sighed. "Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a classroom full of high schoolers, right?" He asked the students- who only listened silently as he addressed them. The blond-haired teacher then stood back up. "Now I'm not here to talk about people behind their backs- it's just not my style... And, I'd like to believe that you guys wouldn't do that sort of thing either."

The entire class looked on in reverent silence as their homeroom teacher addressed them all in an uncharacteristically professional tone. "...So considering the incident earlier today, it was decided that things had been too disrupted to continue with classes." He revealed. "So, basically, I'm here to let you all know that you're free to head on home."


Back in the infirmary, Nao was busy listening to Anko. The curvacious woman sat quietly as the girl talked about various things- such the accident and the recent development between herself and Yoshikawa. The dark-haired woman nodded knowingly, smiling inwardly as she observed the girl blush faintly as she recounted the various points in the narrative.

Nao nodded as the girl finished. "Wow, that's sounds like quite an ordeal." She remarked coolly, as she hitched one stocking-clad leg over the other. "From the sound of it, you've still got some things you need to talk through." She reasoned.

Anko looked at the woman and sighed. "It's just that... Well, it's hard for me to just trust people." She managed to say. "I've never had to deal with the sort of things I'm feeling right now." The brunet admitted with some effort. "I want to be able to confide in someone- express how I really feel. But I've never had anyone like that in my life before."

Nao shook her head. "I think you've always had these feelings, but you weren't able to confront them before now." She replied. "And while I don't know enough to offer advice... It seems to me like there is someone in your life who you could talk to." The raven-haired woman leaned forward and placed a hand on the youth's shoulder. "And I think you know who I'm talking about, don't you?" She smiled warmly at her as she said the last part.

Anko blushed and looked away, understanding what the woman was insinuating. After a moment, she looked back her and nodded. "You're right, there is someone..." After that, she picked up her shoes and slipped them on. "I think it's time I talked to him."


Noboru Yoshikawa had been waiting near the nurse's office- a little ways down the hall- when he spotted Anko leaving Nao's clinic.

He approached the brunette and waved to her. As he drew nearer to the teen- he could see that her cream pullover was a little dusty and her dark blue pleated skirt was scuffed up a little. But otherwise, she looked alright. He reached up and loosened his tie a little more as he spoke up. "Hey, Anko- are you feeling better now?"

She smiled warmly at him as he walked up beside her. "Don't worry, I'm fine Noboru... It was just a mild case of fatigue... But I feel much better now." Anko stated calmly as the two walked down the hall. "Still... after everything that's happened, I guess we have a few things to talk about..."

Noboru smiled and nodded as they walked down the whitewash corridor. "Don't worry, I wouldn't let it bother you too much..." He offered reassuringly, tucking his hands into his pants pockets. "No one's really talking about what happened today."

Anko stopped and shook her head, prompting the young man to stop as well. The brunette looked at the teen intently for a moment. "Th-that's not what I'm talking about, Noboru..." She began in a low tone. "My past makes it hard for me to trust people, especially guys..." She admitted. "Y-you're the first guy I've been able to trust in a long time..."

Noboru blushed faintly under the girl's gaze as she spoke. "Even with all my faults and everything I've done, you accepted me..." She continued. "When I'm with you, I feel at ease... I want to be with you." She admitted, her cheeks flushing a dark pink color.

He rubbed the back of his head and smiled bashfully. "Wow... I don't know what to say to that." He then reached down and tuck hold of her hand (making her blush in the process). "But I do know that I want to be you... and, I'll do my best for you." He paused for moment. "Schools done for the day, let's head out."

"Yeah, that sounds good." Anko replied with slight blush and a nod, maintaining her grip on his hand as the two of them left the school.

(- End of Lesson 3, Part 1 -)


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