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I woke up when I heard my mom calling out my name.

My name is Bella Swan. I'm 17 years old I am pretty normal looking. I don't mean I am ugly or anything it's just that I have long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes which I must say makes me look kinda boring, and well I am slim and as my mom says sooooooo stubborn.

I live in India but I am not an Indian. Well call me half Indian, I guess, because my mother Renee's great grandfather was born in India but he went to live in America and hence my mother was born in America so she is kind of Indian and has jet black hair with brown eyes but at 22 she fell in love with my dad who is a pure American and then they moved to India as my father is a well known business man in India. So hence I live in India but I am extremely pale so my complexion makes me look a foreigner.

But I am leaving for America next week for my higher studies. I am excited as well as nervous…I mean what if the kids don't like me? I can't help it…so back to the present I don't know why my mum is waking me up so early on Sunday.

"Bella! Bella!" she chanted trying to wake me up, which was a difficult task to undertake because I am not a morning. "Come on sleepy head I've got news for you!"

"What is it momm? For god's sake, can't I sleep a little longer on Sunday?" I replied angrily squeezing my eyes open.

My mother looked at me cautiously and started speaking. "Honey! We need to talk. There are some changes in the plans, but it's entirely up to you what you want to choose…I mean-" I cut her off.

"Mom, could you just get to the point? You know I am a little light headed in the morning." I told her tiredly. I mean what could be the reason to wake me up at 5:30 am?

She sighed, "Listen I never told you some important details about my life when I was in America. I had a friend who was like my sister and we were inseparable but when her parents got killed she had no money left and no where to go so my parents took her in. She lived with us until she was 21".

I kept looking at my mom with completely no idea about what she was saying.

Looking at my expression she sighed again. "Just listen to me first sweetie…so after that I got married and moved to India with your father I tried to contact her a number of times but I could never reach her because she had married a guy I don't even know and then she moved out and never contacted me after a couple of years but I missed her almost every day and guess what an hour ago she called me!! I know, isn't it unbelievable? My sister, my best friend Esme Ray well now Esme Cullen, called me again!" my mom smiled at me and I could see the tears in her eyes

"Wow mom, that's great news I am so happy for you. So where was she all these years?" then something suddenly clicked in my mind.

"Mom when you say Esme Cullen, do you mean Esme Cullen as in the mother of The Cullen brothers?" I literally yelled at her in excitement

My mom smiled at me mischievously. "Yes sweetie, the mother of The Cullen brothers. She told me just now and I was so shocked because I know you are such a huge fan of them…" she continued, but I stopped listening to my mother at that point of time I needed some time to digest the news I mean The Cullen Brothers were the most popular, most melodious, and most importantly, the most handsome brothers in the world.

It was a band of three brothers – Emmett Cullen well he was the most huge person I had ever seen in my life, he was 19, the oldest and played the drums. The second was Jasper Cullen with blond hair and sea blue eyes; he had a normal body and played guitar and sometimes keyboard, he was 18. The last was Edward Cullen. Frankly I had never seen a more gorgeous guy In my entire life. He was 17, five months older than me, he had bronze hair and deep emerald green eyes; he was the main singer and played piano and when I say he played piano means no one could ever play it better than him, and I secretly had a crush on him.

"Earth to Bella." my mom snapped me out of my dream.

"Oh my god mom!" I squealed. "I can't believe my mom is the BFF of The Cullen Brothers mom! Wait till I tell Ammy about it, she will die of shock!" I picked my mobile to tell her, Ammy was my best friend we were inseparable since kindergarten we had same interests but she was definitely bold and not clumsy like me.

I mean the worst thing about me are that I can trip over air and I visit hospital at least once a week and all the doctors know me as clumsy head. Another trademark of mine is my blush, arrhh I mean I blush like a tomato at normal things and I think I am the worst liar in the world.

Anyways, Ammy and I were the biggest Cullen Brothers fans but there was one difference, no matter how much I like them I know famous people are not the best human beings…so what, who cares?

My mother suddenly took the mobile from my hand and before I could protest she started her tale again. "When I told her about you she said she wants you to stay at her house so you will not feel uncomfortable, and she wants you to stay there for your whole school because her sons also go to that school and well everybody at that school is kind of popular and unwelcoming so you shouldn't stay at the hostel."

I was totally speechless. The only thing running through my was -ME! AT THE CULLEN BROTHERS HOUSE WHAT WAS MY MOM THINKING???? Ha, this better be a dream or should I say a nightmare.

At last I found my voice and almost yelled, "No way mom! I would rather die than stay at some egomaniacs star's place!" I instantly regretted my tone.

My mom gave me do–not–use–that–tone–or–you–will–be-grounded look.

But then her eyes softened and she said sincerely, "Honey I know you will be feeling awkward, but I did everything I could to refuse her but she is as stubborn as you are. But anyway it's entirely your choice what you want to do, but at least think about it ok?" she said giving me a hug.

When we broke away I was confused. "Mom why is she so keen to have me there? I mean they are rich and popular so why does she care?" I asked her.

"Well it turns out that she wants to return the favor we did to her." my mom replied frowning.

"But that's the point mom, we are rich enough to afford everything, I don't need a place to live. I will be more comfortable at the hostel and the principal already warned me about the snappy students last month when we went to America for my admission." I sighed.

My mom just shrugged. "I know, it's just that I would be relieved if I knew you were alright there and someone was there to look after you and to take care of you honey. Just think about it, Esme will make you feel really comfortable so don't think about that and I know how much you like her kids." she winked at me.

I felt my cheeks burn up but my mom had already left the room and I lay their staring at the ceiling. "It's going to be really interesting." I mumbled and drifted back to sleep.

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