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I am so so so very sorry, I swear I hate posting these notes but this time I really had to….


My exams are goin on and I am very busy! But half of the next chapter is written and it will be either posted in the next week, or today itself, I am not sure!

But the most important thing is….

My anonymous reviewer " NALINEA" informed me that she found this story translated in some other language!

So nalinea could you please please contact me personally and tell me where exactly you found it?

See, my email id- " ann93stewart (at) gmail(dot)com" please replace the dot with a "." and "at" with the other sigh you all know!!! so please contact me through this…..

And if anyone else finds this story published anywhere else, please let me know! Thank you~

And then again. I am sorry for my lack of updates but just know I have this story planned out and I will not disappoint you guys….just stick with me!

And I would also like to welcome the new readers who have been sending me reviews, I love and appreciate each and every one of it and I want to thank u all from the core of my heart! it means so much that you people take some time review :)

I know you guys want to hit me at the moment but please understand i really don't like to post late chapters.....i don't have any choice as my laptop is still not given back to me! i have to ask my friends for favours and hence it is a little hard!

I love you all and as said earlier the next chapter will be up soon! Oh and it contains a surprise for you guys!



p.s- Nalinea. please so contact me and let me know about the site! thanks