Two weeks before the first day of the Semester, at Hogwarts

"Blood Pop?" She asked using the sweetest voice she could muster.

The gargoyle didn't move.

"Lemon Drop?"

Nothing happened.

"Oh for goodness sakes move!" This time the gargoyle gave her a cheeky wink. And that was the last straw.

With a great humph Professor McGonagall pulled back the long emerald sleeves of her robes, kicked the stone beast, and was turning around to storm off when she saw Professor Dumbledore skipping down the hall towards her, singing

Hey diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon…

Then, thank goodness, he noticed her and stopped mid- skip. "Ah, Professor, can I help you with something?"

"Well, actually Dumbledore, I was just going to your office to pick up the Gryffindor Prefect badges, you know how I like to mail them personally…"

Dumbledore's clear blue eyes glinted, "Don't lie to yourself Minerva, we both know that the real reason you wanted to see the badges was to find out whether or not the Heads I selected this year were from Gryffindor House."

At this comment, Professor McGonagall began to look rather flustered, and said, "Well, no I just… I'd have had no trouble waiting to find out if…oh all right then, it's true! Last year neither of the Heads were Gryffindors, and I truly do believe that the best students for the post this year are in my House and…"

Here McGonagall paused to look at Dumbledore beseechingly, "And, well, you were in Gryffindor too, were you not? It's only fair that you select at least one Gryffindor as a Head this year."

Dumbledore smiled, his bright eyes twinkling, "Very well then."

He turned to his gargoyle and said, "Maple tafee", causing the stone creature to leap to action, and out of the way.

"Come along then, Minerva" Dumbledore called over one shoulder as he boarded the escalating stairs to his office, "You have several badges to look at, do you not?"

Professor McGonagall rushed in behind him. Several? That had to be a good thing.

When she entered the office, Professor McGonagall noticed that things had changed slightly over the summer; Fawkes was at his peak season -his red and gold feathers glowing and a proud air about him, the claw-footed headmaster's desk looked freshly polished, and sorting hat was wide awake and grinning at her.

McGonagall also noticed that a neat stack of badge- bearing letters was sitting on a small golden table in the centre of the room, and two matching chairs sat ready beside it.

Dumbledore promptly plopped himself down in one of them, and gestured for McGonagall to join him. "Let's start with the prefects, shall we?" he began, "Here you are Minerva, they are, Franklin Peakes and Anne Worthington."

McGonagall almost smiled. Peakes was a very kind and likable student, who had joined the House team as a beater in his second year, and Worthington was a very bright and industrious girl, who was the best in all of her classes, excepting potions and charms.

"And the Quidditch captain this year is?" McGonagall asked, knowing full well that it would be Potter. She hadn't seen a chaser like him in years, and was actually in awe of his skill, not that she would ever let him know that.

Dumbledore's lips twitched in amusement, "Sirius Black"

"What! I'd thought for sure that it would be..."

Dumbledore cut her off, "Potter will have more that enough to do this year without recruiting Quidditch players I can assure you." McGonagall opened her mouth to ask what exactly Potter could possibly have to do, besides annoying her at every possible opportunity, when Dumbledore handed her the final two envelopes, quietly saying, "I believe that it would be best if you looked at these ones yourself."

Professor McGonagall took the envelopes from him, feeling almost giddy. Two envelopes, two. That could only mean one thing. Both Heads would be Gryffindors this year!

Hands shaking, McGonagall read the first envelope. It was addressed to one Lily Jane Evans, and this came as no surprise to McGonagall whatsoever. She had known from the first time she had seen Lily that the girl would go far.

After all, the first time she had really noticed Lily Evans was in the girl's first ever Transfiguration lesson; the girl had known so much already that McGonagall could have let her teach the class instead.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly as McGonagall put the first letter back on the table, and looked at the other. She read the name on the second letter. Then she read it again, not quite believing her eyes. Then she read it again. She could feel her heart pounding faster than usual, just from the sheer shock of it all.

There, written in Dumbledore's neat slanted script and green ink pen, was the name James Terrence Potter.

The same James Potter who was in almost every fight which occurred at the school The same James Potter who never bothered studying or paying attention in class because he could ace the tests either way. The same James Potter who, at the end of the last school year, had enchanted all of the books in the school library to fly around and bop Slytherins and Professors on their heads while shrieking things like, "It's the last day, so throw us away!" and "You're a stupid stinky slimy gritty awful nasty SLYTHERIN!"

It had taken days to recapture and un-charm all of the books, and no evidence had been found to incriminate either Potter or Black.

"Professor, are you quite alright? You look rather ill" Dumbledore said politely. "I'd be happy to fetch Madame Pomfr-"

But Professor McGonagall cut him off, "You chose Potter? Why? Lupin is far more studious, he'd be a much better influence for the first years. Merlin, Abbot would do a good job too. But Potter?"

"Actually Minerva, if I may be so bold, I believe that Potter would do a better job than either of them. True, he will not be your typical head boy, but I believe that he will become mature enough to do a good job."

"You believe that Potter will become mature?" McGonagall said with a doubtful tone.

"Yes, I do" was all Dumbledore said.

"Alright then" McGonagall said, still unsure about the appointment of James, but unwilling to challenge Dumbledore's decision. "I'd better go the Owlery and have these delivered."

McGonagall turned to leave, but when she had reached the stairs she turned back and said, "Are you sure about Potter, Dumbledore?"

He nodded and said, "Dear Minerva, if I were any surer about Potter's capabilities, he would have had your job by now."

His placid smile and twinkling eyes caused Professor McGonagall to tighten her jaw: "Very well."

The, she turned on her heel, and stalked off to the Owlery to deliver the letters, while Dumbledore chuckled softly after her.


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