To the outside world, Mitsukuni Haninozuka could be summed up in one simple word: hot.

Even though he was in fact 28, he was often mistaken for a 21-year-old because of his youthful visage and charming boyish attitude. He still loved his cake and sweets a great deal more than any other 28 –year-old, but not as much as he had done when he was in high school and he had been given the nickname 'Honey'. Now, he instead loved to watch the look of delight on his son's face when he took that glorious first bite of cake, and the look of sleepy contentment that appeared as he snuggled up with his father's beloved 'Usa-chan' as he went to sleep.

The members of the legendary 'Ouran Host Club' still met up frequently, hosting parties and talking into the early hours of the morning, remembering their extraordinary years spent at Ouran Academy.

Kyoya had, of course, married a beautiful woman from another wealthy family, and Tamaki was engaged to an enchanting woman that he had met on one of his many trips to France, where he frequently visited his mother. Takashi had surprised them all and was happily married to one of the most energetic, most hyper-active woman any of them had ever met. But the pair were happy, so the others accepted their relationship without a second thought. Hikaru and Kaoru were still single – 'young and free', as they liked to call themselves – and everyone couldn't help but wonder if they were still hung up about Haruhi a little.

That, or their best-selling 'brotherly love' act had actually been more genuine than anyone had thought.

All of his life, Mitsukuni had gotten everything that he could have ever wanted; never had he been denied by anyone.

As his wife bustled about their extravagant kitchen happily, humming quietly to herself as she prepared a meal; every so often brushing a stray flick of her cropped brown hair out of her face, he smiled to himself.

He was Mitsukuni Haninozuka, and he had everything he could ever want.

Including Haruhi Fujioka.


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