Scream, Aim, Fire

By: Beccatdemon13


Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except for Aiden and Haley Winchester as well as anyone you don't immediately recognize. Please don't sue. You'd only be getting a hell of a lot of textbooks. What? Don't look at me like that College isn't a paying gig you know. But god I wished it was. Beccatdemon13 now will go off to fantasize about the lack of tuition payments that being paid would bring. Oh, right, the story! On we go…

Synopsis: The Winchester Clan Revisited: Life will never be ordinary for us. There are powerful forces out there. Things that can't be explained. So, we protect those who are lost and afraid. This journey is our burden, our secret, and our destiny.

Author's Note: Okay, so first of all this is a complete rewrite of my Winchester Clan series encompassing The Winchester Clan, What a Tangled Web We Weave, and Where Angels Fear to Tread. No prior knowledge of the series is required as this is the complete and total remake. The only characters that are remaining are Haley, Aiden, Sam, and Dean with some appearances from John. They have new allies and such. So, give me reviews and lets so how far this idea can go! This doesn't start off in Season One but it is somewhat following the beginning of Supernatural. Assume spoilers for all FOUR seasons.

Chapter One: Losing Innocence

"You see someone running incredibly fast? The first thing you gotta ask is if they're running to something or from something? The answer is always both. Achievement is balanced by fault. You can't have one without the other."

Everyone had his or her own set of rules: the rules that one would survive by. Some were purely trivial, look both ways before crossing the street, don't talk to strangers. Some were a little on the paranoid side, don't go out side, everyone's out to get you. And then there were some set of rules to live by that people would find insane. My rules to live by veered off the straight and narrow, right into the strange and creepy. The stuff that no one really understood but you knew instinctually it was there. You ever walk alone in a hallway and the hair on the back of your neck stands up? Or the feeling you get when someone is watching you but no one is around despite that fact you're nearly certain something was there moments before you turned around.

I was a walking ambush. To the eye, I looked like a normal eighteen-year-old girl but in all actuality that was far from the case. My name's Hailey Jade Winchester, I'm the youngest child of Mary and John Winchester. I have brownish blonde hair that at its longest point was slightly past my shoulders. The rest of it was layered, with its shortest length being a few centimeters under my ears. I have bright blue eyes and am five foot seven, the shortest of the Winchester children.

As I've mentioned I was the youngest, the rest of my family consisted of my father and my three older brothers. The eldest was Dean Aaron Winchester. Dean was our father's right hand and raised my brothers and I nearly singlehandedly. Dean is twenty-eight years old and has spiky dark blond hair and green eyes he's also six foot even. Samuel Scott Winchester is twenty-four years old. Sam has shaggy brown hair, he is six foot four, and he has green eyes just like Dean. Aiden Riley Winchester is twenty-one years old. He has dark blond hair going every which way. He has hazel-green eyes and is six foot two.

John Winchester, my father was the one primarily responsible for my brothers and I living the most unlikely of lives. What happened on my six-month birthday set a course for the rest of the family for it was on my six-month birthday that my mother, Mary, met her untimely demise. Officials said it was a short in the ceiling that killed my mother but my father knew better. Something had been in our house and it was the same thing that was responsible for our mother's death. It wasn't a person either it was something a lot more paranormal than that. Now, don't look at me like that. I'm not crazy and missing my straight jacket, I understand why you can't possibly understand all of this. Hell, you think I like knowing the fact that most things that go bump in the night, the very fabric of nightmares are real? But, I digress, my father, on a search for vengeance went straight to Daniel Elkins. Elkins taught Dad all he knew on the supernatural and then when we were old enough Dad taught us.

Because Dad was so consumed with vengeance, the chore of raising three children fell to Dean. It was often that I felt bad for Dean. He never got the childhood he deserved but he never complained. In fact, he took everything in stride. He made sure that we had clothes, food to eat, and that we stayed on top of any homework. We frequently stayed at motels in town or in the rare form in apartments. It seemed as though the older we got the more we moved. Sam didn't take to well to the constant moving and fought with Dad nearly every single day of his adolescence. It created quite a tense environment before he finally left when he was eighteen proclaiming that he had gotten a full ride to Stanford University, you know, the Ivy League one. Instead of reacting positively, Dad shit a brick, which immediately led to the biggest fight Sam and John Winchester ever had. The end result was Sam being slapped across the face with a firm order of, "If you're going than you stay gone."

All of us were stunned by that turn of events especially since it was that very man who said that we all needed to stay together. I think that was the reason why dad was so afraid to let Sam go, because he'd be all by himself, with no one there to watch his back. My thoughts were confirmed when, three years later, Aiden had the same exact fight with Dad. He too got a full ride to Stanford and had already called Sam. Dad had the same response but once we were on the road again this time minus both Sam and Aiden I could tell that he was slightly more relieved. He was still hurt but at least Sam and Aiden could watch out for each other.

Dean, Sam, Aiden, and I were close. Growing up the way we had the only stable relationships we had were the ones with each other. That kind of isolation creates a completely different kind of sibling relationship. We knew everything about each other. We knew how each reacted under any situation. Sometimes it was annoying having people who knew you better than you knew yourself but more often than not it was helpful, unconditional love and all that jazz. Despite that closeness, we were all different. For whatever reason Dean and I were more passionate about hunting, believing that it was in our blood, what we were meant to do. Sam and Aiden felt that we were forced into this life, that they had to do something else. That was why they left or at least that's what I assumed.

Even though, Sam and Aiden left to find the life they wanted they still felt guilty. I mean they did ditch the family. It wasn't fully their fault, my father was a stubborn bastard and thought he knew what was better for us. He didn't understand that some people weren't meant to do this. Aiden and Sam could hunt well, as well and even better then the rest of us but they didn't enjoy it, the rush. The feeling that we were making a difference, actually living while most people just trudged along until the day they died. Sometimes this life was hard. We didn't have a stable home; we were constantly on the run trying to find the thing that killed our mother meanwhile killing every evil thing we came across. Hunting wasn't without its consequences. It was very easy to get hurt and other people just vanished into the night. It was a dangerous world that we had entered and the only way out was in a body bag.

Everything hurt from my toenails all the way to my eyeballs, every single nerve ending I had was screaming in pain. Tears leaked from my eyes as I fought my bindings, trying to do anything I could to get away from the pain. I was bound completely tied to a chair with my feet tied together while my hands were behind my back, the handcuffs digging into the fragile skin around my wrist. Blood coated every surface of my skin, sticking my clothes to my body, matting my hair, stinging my eyes and making me lightheaded.

"What do you want?" I groaned.

"This is a warning," A man growled. "You stay out of our way and maybe I'll let your brothers live. You on the other hand won't be so lucky."

The man had black eyes and was relishing the fact that it was me not him tied up. He was possessed I could tell from the inky blackness that covered both his eyes masking both his natural eye color and the white of the eye. From what I gathered he was the one who had taken me from the motel room I was sharing with Dean. But who knows how long ago that was. Time was a confusing thing to process when you were disoriented and bleeding profusely. The only thing I knew was it had been days since I had disappeared. Dean must be losing his mind.

"Fuck you," I hissed.

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" The man demanded backhanding me across the jaw so hard that I was surprised it wasn't dislocated. "Oh, right, I forgot, you don't."

"How about I smack that smartass right outta your mouth?" I growled.

"Now, that would be a trick," The man laughed. "How about that? Little innocent Hailey Winchester wants to hurt little old me?"

"First chance I get," I promised.

"You're certainly cocky for someone who is all alone," The man scoffed. "What do you expect big brother to burst in and save the day? Well, I got a newsflash for you kiddo. You're four states away from that motel room."

"It doesn't matter." I scoffed baring my bloody teeth in a sinister smile. "He'll find me. He always does."

"No, he'll find your body," The man corrected. "Now, what I want to know is what your brothers would think if they knew what you are. But I guess you're going to die with that secret."

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas," I whispered.

"You stupid slut!" The man shouted punching me in the stomach before slapping me across the face. "An exorcism? Are you kidding me? You really are a stupid little slut!"

I moaned at the unwelcome flash of pain. I watched as the man came back with a knife getting closer to me with an evil smile on his face. Bastard, there was no way I could fend myself off from a knife when I was bound completely. I squashed an involuntary whimper as I squeezed my eyes shut, jumping when I heard a body slam against the opposite wall. I cautiously opened one eye and saw that the man was pinned against the wall. The man struggled trying to free himself but he couldn't I spat a mouthful of blood and grinned. I didn't know how exactly the man was pinned to the wall but I didn't really care. Without knowing how long he would be pinned I quickly began to rattle off the rest if the exorcism rite, "Omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio, et secta diabolica. Perditionis venenum propinare. Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis. Humiliare sub potenti manu dei, contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine, quem inferi tremunt."

The man was grunting with the effort the demon was taking to remain in the body.

"Tainted little human," The man hissed. "You think you're better than us? You're one of us."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" I snarled. "I'm not like you and I never will be."

"You just keep lying to yourself, baby," The man laughed. "Sooner or later you'll realize the truth."

"Ab insidiis diaboli nos, domine. Ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos. Te rogamus audi dominicos sanctae ecclesiae. Terogamus audi nos!" I yelled ignoring the demon's statement.

The man fell from the wall to his knees as black smoke poured out of his mouth. The black smoke, which was the form a lower level demon took when it wasn't possessing someone, vanished. I watched the man cautiously just because I didn't know exactly who he was or what he was capable of when in control of his own body. I grimaced for the man I didn't know because when possessed a demon took full control of one's body turning someone into a puppet for anything the demon could come up with.

I slumped forward in the chair, moaning in pain. I didn't know where I was but I did know that I needed medical attention and fast. I was pushing my own levels of what I could take as I struggled to keep conscious and coherent instead of letting my body finally get some sleep. I was just about to give into the temptation of just sleeping, only for a few minutes when the doors to the warehouse burst open. I fought against my bindings cursing the demon for doing such a good job at restraining me, thereby leaving me defenseless for whoever else decided to join the fucking party.

"Hails?" A familiar voice shouted.

"Aiden?" I gasped. Whether it was a gasp from confusion, relief, or a mixture of the two, I couldn't be sure. Maybe I was hallucinating, Aiden was at school but I felt his presence all the same. Was this what dying felt like?

"Hailey!" Aiden shouted coming into view. He ran straight towards me attempting to see what he could do. He seemed at a loss and instead began shouting, "Dean! Sam! I found her!"

"About time you guys showed up," I whispered, realizing that Aiden was actually standing right in front of me.

"Just take it easy, Hails, everything's going to be okay," Aiden promised.

I was vaguely aware of the cuffs coming away from my wrist and the ropes being cut. Thankfully, Aiden had quick reflexes because he caught me as my body went limp as everything went black. Hunting and nearly everything else Dad, my brothers and I did for a living carried some amount of risk. Spirits, poltergeists, and random things and people that just wanted you dead made for a pretty dangerous situation and the only health insurance we had was fake. We avoided hospitals as much as we could. Not only were they expensive but also it was just too risky using fake information. We helped stitch each other up, cleaned out infections, took out bullets, and reset countless dislocated bones. But every so often, there was something that we just couldn't treat and that was where the hospital came in. That was when the risks were outweighed. Our health trumped any risk and that was what was important.

When I woke up next I was in a bright, white, obnoxiously clean room, attached to all sorts of wires. Even though I vaguely remembered thinking to myself that, I needed a hospital it didn't make it any easier to take. To say that I was freaked would be an understatement. I was only eighteen and had only been actively hunting with my brother for a couple of years, three tops. Within that time span, I had only been hospitalized twice before, which meant that this was bad, like really, really bad. What made it worse was the fact that Sam and Aiden were on either side of my bed. Normally having nearly all my brothers here would be an average day but not when those aforementioned brothers and I have been incommunicado for the past two years.

"Aiden?" I whispered. "Sammy?"

"Hails!" Aiden smiled.

Before I could react, Aiden launched himself at me crushing me against his chest. I groaned and coughed. I wasn't aware of the pain moments before but it all came rushing back leaving me gasping for air.

"Hailey?" Sam asked catching the hitch in my breathing. "God, Aiden, take it easy with her."

"What's going on?" I asked. "What are you both doing here? Where's Dean?"

"Dean's talking to your doctor," Aiden replied. "We're here because you're in the hospital."

"So?" I asked. "I've been hospitalized before this year and so has Dean and neither of you have came running."

"Hailey, you've been in a coma for a month," Sam replied. "And it took us three weeks to find you."

"What?" I whispered.

Sam tried to explain more but I waved my hand effectively cutting him off mid-explanation. I didn't want a play-by-play of what happened and what led me to be hospitalized. I was more concerned about how Sam and Aiden had gotten there and why they were by my bedside and Dean wasn't. Not that Sam and Aiden didn't care about me or I wasn't happy to see them. But it had been two years since I had seen them last and I was a little unclear on the facts that brought them back. After all, I had no facts to back it up; hell, I also had apparently missed the last month entirely.

Dean's Point of View

Maybe it was my fault. I had been giving Hailey more and more space since she had made her first kill a little less than a year ago. Sure, she salted and burned spirits remains, helped with research, and all that but she was the one who actually killed the shape shifter. Hailey might just be eighteen years old but she was a fucking natural. So, maybe that clouded my judgment a little. We had just finished a hunt when Hailey vanished from the motel room. When I woke up, she was just gone, leaving all of her stuff, her wallet, and her phone.

I wasn't really sure why I immediately started driving to California. Sure, Aiden and Sammy were still my brothers but it had been two years since I had seen them last. The last time that I saw Sam and Aiden was tense to say the least. They had caught us during one of our trips to make sure they were okay. I understood that hunting was not for everyone but they had grown up in the field same as we had and yet it was only Hailey and I who were stayed with it. I wasn't mad at Aiden and Sam for finding their own path but there were no calls no anything for two whole years. You just don't abandon your family because you want to go to college. It was a bad place. Dad never mentioned it and Hailey got really bitchy whenever Sam or Aiden came up in conversation. Even with all of that in mind, I needed their help. Hailey just vanishing changed everything.

I didn't even know how I was going to convince them and part of me almost didn't want to but I had no choice Hailey was counting on me. She wouldn't just run away; she knew better than that. Aiden and Sam had gotten an apartment two blocks away from the University, which made it easier to get to them because I didn't have to outsmart security. I scaled up the back of the building using the drainpipe before climbing through the window. I was walking around getting my senses back when a punch was thrown right at my face. I deflected the blow kicking one of my brothers' back. He came back at me before I swept his legs out and pinned him to the ground.

"Easy there, tiger," I smirked. I knew it was Sam as soon as he threw the first punch. The figure under me was tall but he was more filled out than Aiden was.

"Dean?" Sam gasped. "You scared the crap out of me."

"That's because you're out of practice," I scolded. I suddenly found myself kicked off of Sam as he pinned me to the ground. "Or not. Get off me."

"Dean?" Aiden asked as the light suddenly turned on.

"Hey, junior," I smirked as Sam helped me off the floor.

"What's going on?" Aiden asked. "Where's Hailey?"

"That's why I'm here, she's just gone," I stated. "Vanished in the middle of the night without a trace."

"What?" Sam gasped.

"I don't know," I answered honestly. "We had just finished a hunt. We were taking off to meet Dad the next day."

"You weren't with Dad?" Aiden asked.

"No, Hailey and I work our own gigs, we meet up with Dad every few weeks," I sighed. "But, Dad missed a check-in as I was driving up. He's not answering his phone either."

"Dean?" Sam asked.

"I didn't think anything of it until I got a voicemail," I continued. "It was covered in static but it warned me. It was almost as if he knew I was coming to you guys. He told me we all had to be careful we're all in danger."

"Where are you going with this?" Sam asked.

"I need your help."

"We can't," Aiden said. "Dean it's around finals."

"In two years I didn't bother you, never asked you for a thing," I hissed. "But right now you're baby sister is missing. She needs you guys are you really going to turn your back on her?"

"Dean," Sam sighed.

"She could die, Sammy," I whispered. "You really want your last memory of her to be of you two fighting?"

"That's not fair," Sam hissed. "What if she just ran off, Dean? And bring her back to you only for us to come back. Do you want to put her through that again?"

"And would you rather chance never seeing your sister again?" I retorted sharply. "Wow, Sam, you really are a selfish bastard."

I started to walk towards the front door, apparently having come all this way for nothing.

"Dean, wait!" Aiden called. "I'm coming with you."

I smirked Aiden was easy to guilt trip and now that Sam watched out for Aiden, wherever Aiden went so would Sam.

Hailey's Point of View

I knew that there was a lot that I had missed. A lot can happen in the month but my brothers weren't exactly being forthright with information. They were coddling me again, keeping things from me to try to protect me. It was obvious that I had missed something big and it was annoying that I was still out of the loop. I had been awake for a week and they still wouldn't tell me anything. Not why Sam and Aiden were suddenly here or what the demon did to me or even why I was in a coma for that long. Nope, nothing and any attempt to get those questions answered were dodged completely.

"Come on, Hails," Dean exclaimed. "You're free to go."

"They're letting me go?" I grinned.

"Yup," Dean responded throwing me some of my clothes.

I caught them and started changing anxious to get out of this hospital. Even though, hospital trips were rare they still made me uncomfortable and to know I was unconscious in one for an entire month just sent shivers down my spine. When we got outside Aiden and Sam were waiting by the impala. I shot a confused glance at Dean but he pointedly ignored me as he wheeled me to the back seat. Aiden opened the door and before I could move myself, Sam had scooped me up and placed me gently in the backseat. I huffed and crossed my arms I wasn't two, I could sit down in the impala without anyone's help.

The life of a hunter was far from routine; we traveled all over the continental United States. We had friends and allies all over the country. Daniel Elkins was in Manning, Colorado. Missouri, a psychic contact of Dad's was still in Lawrence, Kansas. Ellen and Jo Harvelle had a roadhouse in Nebraska, which was very hunter friendly. There was also one of Dad's best friends, Pastor Jim Murphy who runs a parish in Blue Moon, Minnesota. In addition to our friends, Dad had safe houses every couple states. They were far from where other people lived so if we ever had to vanish off the map we could.

"Dean, where are we going?" I asked.

"Harvelle's, Ellen called," Dean answered.

"What about Sam and Aiden?" I questioned. "Aren't they going back to school?"

"No," Aiden whispered.

"Why not?" I replied.

"It's not important," Sam sighed.

"Bullshit," I retorted.

"Hey," Dean warned. "Watch the mouth."

I rolled my eyes and leaned back into my seat. We had a little over a three hours drive until we got the roadhouse. Seeing as the conversation was apparently over before it even started I tried to get some sleep. It seemed as though Dean drove faster than usual to get us to the roadhouse. We all had rooms in the back that were reserved for us whenever we needed them. Ellen as well as Missouri stepped into the role of surrogate mother whenever we were stationary. It would be nice to actually get a home cooked meal for once.

"Come on, Hailey, we're here," Sam announced.

Aiden got out of the car and ran around to my side opening the door and attempting to help me out. I pushed him lightly backwards.

"I got it," I mumbled.

I heaved myself out of the car wincing as my ribs throbbed at the movement. I had just gotten out of the car when my legs betrayed me, giving out just as I closed the door. Aiden swooped and caught me from falling on my ass.

"You got it, huh?" Aiden teased maneuvering me so that he was carrying me bridal style.

"Just shut up," I muttered.

Aiden didn't say another word instead choosing to follow our brothers who had already grabbed all of the duffel bags from the trunk. They walked into the roadhouse and then Aiden did. I hid my face in Aiden's chest, blushing as I felt eyes land on me.

"Boys?" Ellen asked. I heard her come from around the bar and then I knew the exact moment she saw me. "Hailey? What the hell happened?"

"A demon kidnapped her," Dean answered. "She just got out of the hospital."

"Y'all need a place to stay?" Ellen now sounded even more concerned.

"Yeah," Sam answered. "Please."

"Aiden, please, put me down," I requested. "I think I'm okay."

"Don't push yourself, Hails," Aiden responded but placed me gently on my feet.

"Hi, Ellen," I grinned.

"Oh, baby," Ellen whispered.

If I had blinked, I would've missed Ellen quickly closing the distance between us and hugging me close. I had known Ellen since I was thirteen years old, when my father first met William Anthony Harvelle, Ellen's husband and Jo's father.

"I'm fine, Ellen," I sighed. "I promise."

Ellen nodded stiffly releasing me from her hold as she went over to Dean. I heard them talking furiously but the one thing I managed to understand was, "I told you she wasn't ready for this."

My stomach leapt into my throat as I fought down a wave of anger. It was no secret that Ellen wasn't a fan of hunting. It had taken her husband away from her and she fought tooth and nail to keep Jo and I out of it. However, it became obvious that the only person she actively had power over was Jo, which was why I was currently hunting while Jo sat on the sidelines. Despite Ellen not being my number one fan when it came to hunting, I thought she'd be a tad bit more supportive than that. I mean she had seen how hard I've worked for this. Training along side my brothers, learning Latin to the point where I could recite an exorcism rite from memory, being able to throw a knife further than my brothers. All of that took years of practice and I'd be damned to just sit around with my thumb up my ass.

My father had rules, of course. Dean's first kill was a werewolf when he was sixteen years old. Before then, he had only burned spirits remains or had done research. It was a rule that we weren't allowed to hunt until we were at least sixteen. But, being my father's only daughter carried some consequences. He was harder on me during training but fiercely protective of me, not wanting me to go on a hunt until I was one hundred percent ready. Hell, I learned how to fire a gun at least three years later than my brothers did, having learned when they were nine. I think that was the reason why I was so good with knives; they were the only things my father would let me carry. To say my family was wacked would be the understatement of the century.

"Hey, Ma, the new shipment is in," I heard the familiar voice of Jo Harvelle call.

"Okay, baby," Ellen replied.

"Hey, Jo," I smiled.

"Hailey," Jo smirked. "It's been a long time. Come on let's talk before this place picks back up."

"Yeah, I have a lot to tell you," I grinned.

"Looks like," Jo raised an eyebrow leading me towards the back bedrooms. "I hope the other guy looks worse off then you."

"Well, he's in hell so I guess I win," I laughed.

Jo blinked before smiling holding the door to her room open. I walked through it and made myself comfortable on her bed. Jo took her desk chair spinning it around so that she was straddling it. She looked at me critically before we began talking.

"You haven't missed much," Jo sighed. "Mom still won't let me hunt. Ash is being Ash, making some money on the side by putting hunting folders for people together. I made nearly five hundred dollars…"

"Hunters don't tip that well," I snorted.

"Yeah, well they can't play poker either." Jo grinned. "Anyways, spill. What are Aiden and Sam doing back? What happened to your face? Where's you Dad?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I snickered. "One question at a time. I don't know what Sam and Aiden are doing back, I'm assuming Dean went to get them at school when I went missing but they're still here, which is why I'm at a loss. Dad's currently MIA. And I've been in a coma for a month and no one is filling in the holes of what happened between then and now."

"A coma?" Jo gasped. "Shit, Hailey!"

"A demon kidnapped me," I shrugged. "It beat me and carved me up some. I exorcised it and the next thing I know I'm in the hospital and no one is telling me anything. Sometimes I really hate being the youngest."

"Yeah, I can imagine," Jo responded. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Me too," sighed. "I just wish I knew what was going on around here. Dean said that your Mom had something for us or she called or something?"

"No, she didn't," Jo answered. "At least I don't think so. We haven't gotten wind of anything and John hasn't been in at all."

"See?" I demanded. "That's what I mean. There is something big going down and once again you and I aren't being included and now they're lying to me!"