Gifts Galore

Chapter 1

Li Syaoran finished the rest of his chocolate sundae as Sakura Kinomoto animatedly narrated to her best friend Tomoyo Daidouji her plans for her eleventh birthday.

"Since my birthday will fall on Easter,I will have an egg hunt in my own garden!"she explained.

"I'm so excited,Sakura!I'm sure we'll have lots of fun on your birthday!"replied the purple-eyed lass.

"You're coming to my party,aren't you?"asked Sakura,turning to Li.

"Uh,sure."stuttered the boy.

Tomoyo winked."He wouldn't miss your party for anything and anyone in this world.Even for Clow Reed."

He glared at the girl before turning to the suddenly silenced girl."What's wrong"

"Clow Reed.."She forced a weak smile."It's nothing!"

He said nothing but all throughout the day he kept an eye on her.


Sakura turned around and saw Li looking at her."H-Huh?"

He nervously looked around the empty classroom "C-Can I walk home with you?"

She got confused."Walk home with me?But I still have a cheering practice!"

Li scuffled his shoes."I-I'll wait for you."

She smiled."Ok."

"Tomoeda go!Tomoeda fight!Tomoeda win,win,WIN!!"

Li watched Sakura and the rest of the cheerleaders perform their routine.He leaned on the bark of the tree where he was sitting.

Sakura caught him watching her.She threw him a quick grin before turning her attention back to her routine.

Li's heart skipped a beat."W-Why do I feel strange?Why does her mere smile make me feel so happy?"he wondered as he once again noticed how lovely,er,lively her emerald eyes were.

"Happy Birthday to you.."someone sang.Li looked up and saw Eriol sitting on one of the branches of the tree.Eriol smiled down at him."Good afternoon,Li Syaoran."

"Beat it,Hiragizawa.I'm not celebrating my birthday yet."Syaoran snapped.

"I never said you were.I'm talking about Sakura."he explained,all his seventeen facial muscles still stretched.

"So you're already on first-name basis,huh?"Li said in a nonchalant voice.

The blue-eyed boy nodded but his eyes were smiling mischievously."Oh yes.We became very close friends overnight.We felt we've known each other since-never mind.And I'm sure you're not interested with someone as uninteresting as Sakura.

Syaoran counted to ten,restraining himself from punching Eriol's debonair face and making his cute little nose bleed."Of course.Sakura Kinomoto is not my business."Inside,he flinched.This was one of the biggest lies he ever said in his entire life.

Eriol smiled."i think Sakura invited you to her party."

"Yes.Do you have any problem with that?"He shouted.The heads of the cheerleaders turned to him.He gave them a quick apologetic smile before turning back to the boy with a glare.

Eriol was still all smiles."No.But it's you that has a problem.I presume you haven't bought her a gift yet."

"A gift?"Syaoran mentally slapped his head.Of course!He can't come to Sakura's party without one!

"Have you decided already what to give to our dear birthday girl?"asked the boy.

"N-No."Li admitted grudgingly.

Eriol jumped down,startling the brown-haired boy."Better start thinking now.Her birthday is just a few days away."Eriol advised before walking away.

"Aargh!"groaned Syuaoran."I don't even have the money yet!"

"Tomoeda go, fight and win!"

Sakura swallowed big gulps of orange juice as she and Syaoran walked home together.

She sighed."I can't believe we're having five pages of Math homework!I still have to sew my ripped uniform in cheerleading!"

He looked at her sideways."Can I see it?"

She showed him the large tear on the sleeve of her uniform.

"This is a piece of cake!Give it to me and I'll sew it for you."he said.


"Do as I say.Do your schoolwork and get a good night's sleep.I'll take care of this."he told her,taking her uniform.

She nodded."If you say so,Li."

Syaoran suddenly remembered what Eriol said awhile qago about him and SAkura being very close friends that they call each other by first names already.He winced.

"Li,I want to ask you something."

"Sure,fire away."

"What do you think of Eriol?"

An eccentic extraterrestrial!A poor excuse for a human being!A walking,smilng and talking human garbage!Li wanted to say,but instead he said,"He's strange."

Sakura sighed."There is something about him that I can't place,but he seems really nice."

Syaoran shrugged then he turned serious."You were talking about Clow Reed this morning."

Sakura shook her head."It's nothing.""

Yawning,Li checked the clock.It was way past his bedtime but he had not finished mending SAkura's uniform yet.Anyway,he wouldn't be able to sleep because he was too busy thinking of ways to raise money to buy SAkura's gift.

"Maybe I should take a tip from Touya and find myself a job."he thought."But who would let a fifth-grader work?Things I'd do for Saku-"

Suddenly he pricked himself with the needle.A loud scream of pain and agony echoed throughout the whole house.

"Here."Li tossed a plastic bag to Sakura's desk the next morning as he sat down behind her.

Sakura saw her newly-laundered fixed uniform inside the plastic."Thank you very much!"She then noticed his bandaged thumb."What happened to that?"

He blushed."U-Umm I.."His face grew hotter when she suddenly held his thumb."It looks like you didn't wear a thimble last night."she commented.

He moved away from her."I was just careless,that's all."

She shrugged."If you say so."

"Good morning,Sakura!"Tomoyo greeted her friend.

"Good morning,Tomoyo!"Sakura turned her back on him and proceeded to chat with her friend.

Li let out a sigh of relief.His secret is safe..for now.She must NoT know that he's starting to feel something for her that's more intense than what he felt for Yukito.He then looked at the thumb Sakura held for eight seconds or so.He rubbed it absent-mindedly while deciding not to was his hands for the day.


"Aren't you going to eat?"asked Eriol.

Li glared at him."Go away!Can't you see I'm busy?"he pointed to the newspaper he was reading.

"Are you reading the obituary?"the boy wanted to know.

"No!What would I do with a bunch of dead people?"Syaoran shot back.

Eriol smiled sweetly."You might want to reincarnate them."

"Why don't you do me a favor and get a life?"The brown-haired boy snarled.He turned his attention back to reading the Classified Ads.So far,the only job he could apply for is a party clown or a trapeze flyer.He sighed.No one said job hunting is easy.

The blue eyes of the boy ran across the page Li was reading."So you're looking for a job huh?"

Before Li could reply,Sakura and Tomoyo apeared beside his desk."Hi Li!Have you finished your lunch already?"

"I haven't even begun yet."he replied sourly.

Sakura took a large cookie out of her snack bag and broke it into two.She gave the bigger piece to Syaoran."Take your lunch.This isn't much,but it can sustain you for a while."

"T-Thanks."he squeaked.

"Why are you looking for a job anyway?"Tomoyo wanted to know.

"I..I'm intending to buy something."he replied.

"Is what you're going to buy expensive?What is it anyway?"asked Sakura.

"Just stuff."he told her.