Chapter One:

Charlie Swan, as the chief of police in Forks, he often had aspiring young enforcers of law invading the privacy of my home. OK, so I was seventeen, almost eighteen, and probably should have been appreciative that Charlie had put up with me, while I all but bummed around sort of avoiding hard work, though, school was still a hardship I was required to endure. But, thankfully, it was the summer holidays.

Today, Saturday, was one of those days when dad was discussing some sort of crime involved speech with a potential fighter of crime. His latest subject had a younger ring to his voice, yet it sounded extremely masculine. Absently I started pacing innocently outside the open door of his office, attempting to sneak glances at the mysterious figure. However I was severely disappointed when I learnt he sat with his back towards the door, so all I managed to see was that he was well built, his muscular arms flexed, and that he had a strange bronze colour tone of hair.

Seemingly, I had gotten the attention of my father as I was flitting outside in his side vision. He called out to me.

"Bells, come in here a minute," his lazy, gruff voice summoned me inside his office, where the mysterious man was seated.

"Yes daddy?" I asked innocently, fluttering my eyelids. I reached my father and inclined my head slightly to observe the unknown figure. He was hunched over a note pad, his head often swiveling to a stack of complicated documents as he scrawled notes in an elegant hand. He had long, thin fingers, just imaging the good use to which those could be was over empowering my right state of mind. His flexed arms ended, or rather started in broad shoulders, his grey polo shirt, with 'Forks Police Academy' printed to the of his left chest, clung tightly to his muscular torso, his eight pack well defined, and his pectorals were clearly visible. He had a long, strong neck, supporting the most stunning face I had ever seen! His hard square jaw, his penetrating emerald eyes, his long straight nose, the perfect white teeth biting the end of a pink tongue, protruding from perfect plush lips were flawless. His bronze hair swished over his furrowed brows with each movement. I estimated him to be approximately nineteen or twenty.

Oh my! I recognised him immediately. I wasn't quite sure of his name but I recalled he attended Forks High School, my high school, last year, graduating with the highest marks ever recorded in this almost lifeless town. I also remembered that every young girl wanted him, often embarrassing themselves as they openly presented their want for him. I was he type of girl more into studying rather then wasting my time on boys, but that didn't mean I hadn't fantasized as others had.

"Whats wrong Bells?" Charlie asked, bringing my limited attention back to reality.

"Nothing dad." I replied slightly confused, there was nothing to be upset about was there?

"What are you doing disturbing my hard working student and I?" He asked referring to the fact I had been walking outside his office for the past half hour.

"Oh, I just thought it was impolite of you not to introduce me to our guest." I recovered, hoping that answer would satiate my dad. As I ushered my response, the unnamed man's head shot up, his green eyes boring into my brown ones.

"Bella, this is Edward Cullen, Edward, Bella, now Bells we are a little busy, so why don't you run along and do what ever," dad, obviously impatient to continue progress, all but kicked me out of his study.

Edward left much to my dismay, and I found myself fantasizing again, my thoughts revolving around every tiny detail of Edward Cullen.

Sunday. I was bored out of my fragile skull. I had completed all my homework on Friday, having been bored that day too. Dad had left me to go fishing with Billy, so annoying him was ruled out.

I decided on a summer dip in the massive pool my dad had recently acquired. Dressing in my white bikinis, I exited through the back screen door, snatching a towel from the linen closet on the way down. Slinging he towel over the pool fence, I dove straight into the piercing cold water.

The water was beyond freezing and I quickly got out, deciding I didn't want a cold during summer. Wrapping myself tightly in the towel, I watched the effects of a cool breeze swaying around a dripping wet form had on me, my nipples becoming pert and easy to see through the thin, almost transparent swimsuit.

I heard the chime of my door bell ring solidarity through the echoing house.

Silently, I hung my towel up, deciding a ninja turtle towel was more embarrassing then seeing me half naked. I pattered through he hose, a trail of wet foot shaped puddles following me, and various droplets that were still rolling down my thin frame and plump breasts, splattered along side them.

The front door opened, creaking in protest, to the view of none other then Edward Cullen. His mouth was agape as he took in my presentation, my breasts barely covered, my entire body rid of clothes, aside from the two places I desperately wanted freedom for. He gulped, swallowing his built up saliva, blushing fiercely, putting sun ripened tomatoes to shame.

He stuttered as he spoke, "I-er-I have some documents your father waned me to drop of to him," he gave me the reason he was here.

"Oh, come in, I'll see if his home," I knew he wasn't but I wanted this man, correction, I needed him. After a few moments of aimless wondering I returned to Edward.

"His not home," I informed him.

"Oh, well can you give these to him when he returns?" He asked me.

"Sure." I answered. He gave me the documents, when I received them, I flung them to the side, not bothering to see where they landed, I grabbed Edwards broad shoulders roughly, pushing him onto the green sofa.

I climbed on top of him, straddling his waist, his excitement clearly evident, as I felt his obvious hard on.

"Bella, I have dreamed of this since I first laid eyes on you," Edward whispered sexily in my ear, as I lowered my face to his, going for a heated kiss.

His mouth crushed mine as he desperately sucked and nibbled on my swelling lips. Edwards hot wet tongue darted along my lips, I sighed and he took the opportunity to slip his experienced tongue in my mouth. He was exploring the depths of my mouth, his tongue entwining with mine. Firmly, I pressed my chest against his, rubbing my hardened tits along his clothed torso. He moaned into my mouth, the vibrations tickling my throat. I slid my hands over his clothed chest, slipping the clear plastic buttons out of their slots on the standard blue police shirt he was wearing. I removed the shirt, exposing his flesh to my greedy hands and mouth. I kissed up and down his torso, licking his firm muscles. My hands made it to his gun holster I attempted to remove this but he swatted my hands away, sitting up and braking the kiss to choke out a solitary command, "bedroom."

Gripping my ass, he carried me up the stairs, using the process of elimination to find my room. Edward gently laid me on my queen-sized be, climbing on top of me. He removed my bikini top with a quick swipe releasing my plump breasts. Edward's left hand caressed my right breast, his light fondles gently evolving into eager gropes. He lowered his lips to my neglected nipple, kissing the tip before taking it into his mouth, expertly swirling, sucking and rolling it between his teeth, earning him ego boosting moans.

Hooking two fingers under my skimpy bikinis, Edward slid them down my legs, discarding them onto the floor of my room. He used a firm yet caressing touch to coax my legs to spread, of course I complied. Kissing the lips to my core, he slid his tongue between my hot, wet folds, swirling my clitoris and flicking it with his tongue.

Impatient, I removed his holster, cracking it onto the bed. He broke the contact with my heat, eying the holster cheekily. He detached the hand cuffs from the holster, locking one around my left wrists, weaving the other around a metal post on the bed head above me, before locking the other around my right wrist. I gave him what I hoped was innocent look of wanting.

He ripped his pants and boxers off in one swipe, kicking off his socks and shoes afterwards.

Teasing me, he placed the head of his well endowed cock before my entrance. I bucked my hips in attempts to get what I craved. He just backed further away, chuckling to himself.

"Bella, if you don't be good, I'll have to punish you," he said with the sexiest voice ever. I whimpered, needing him.

Slowly, he pushed the tip inside, but puled out before getting further. I almost cried, but I remembered I had to behave. He pushed in again, going slightly further before pulling out. He looked at the strain in my face before he chuckled.

Unexpectedly, he thrust in as far as possible, in one hard push. He remained stationary, allowing me to adjust to his size.

"Fuck, you're so tight!" Edward exclaimed, causing me to moan. He smiled.

"Move, hard and fast," I ordered him, enthusiastically, he complied. He pulled out slowly before thrusting back in, hard and fast, receiving an audible moan from me. He continue his rough pace, each thrust causing my breasts to jump. Edward moved a hand from my hips to massage one of my breasts. With each thrust and squeeze bringing me closer to a toe curling orgasm. He swapped his hand from my breast to my swollen clitoris, rubbing it roughly, pinching it and rolling it between well practiced fingers. I felt my peak rising stronger.

"Come for me, Bella, come for me!" Edward yelled to me. I felt my body ripple with the orgasm Edward summoned, my back arched and my toes curled. The muscles in my legs tightened as I wrapped my legs around Edward's waist. After my orgasm I felt Edward's seed spill inside me. He huffed, rolling off of me.

He stood up, replacing his pants. Then the holster. Next came the socks, then the polished shoes. He stood back admiring my body.

"Can you get the cuffs off now?" I asked him. A devilish grin formed on his face.

"They look good on you," he told me, but came over unlocking them, whispering in my ear, "tomorrow, your dads on night shift, and I'm on day, I'll be here at six p.m," with that said, he exited. A minute later I heard the front door open and close.

I fell back onto my bed, exhausted.

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