Today, like most other days was monotonous and long. I spent the most part of my day reading a classic novel by Jane Austen on my duvet in front of the fire place, although it was summer, it was raining and cold outside, the thick, worn walls not protecting me completely from the cool weather.

Three steady knocks on the well used door broke the dim silence. My nerves tingling as I all but skipped to the visitor. My long wait had not been done n vain. Behind the wooden planks stood Edward looking slightly bored yet extremely sexy. He was still wearing his uniform, man I loved a man in uniform!

Seductively I grabbed hold of Edward's black tie, dragging him inside; eagerly he complied, following close behind me.

Once Edward was past the threshold, he spun round so I was pushed against the door. I merely wrapped my legs firmly around his waist, rubbing my clothed core against his covered length. A sigh escaped my lips at the sensation. Edward took the opportunity to glue his mouth to mine, slipping his warm tongue into my well explored depths.

Hastily, I removed Edward's shirt over his head, ridding him of the wretched tie simultaneously. My shirt was next. Edward ripped the blue blouse off her body, breaking several of the plastic buttons. He kicked off his glossy black shoes, along with the grey socks.

Latching his mouth on the flesh between my shoulder and neck. He kissed up and down, fluttering hot kisses lingered on my skin. He locked on the fleshy surface, sucking the soft king. He nibbled lightly, testing my reactions. A moan left my lips subconsciously.

My hands fiddled with his belt, taking several times to unclasp the buckle. Slowly his fingers left my hips, tracing the contours of my ribs. Gently his thumbs brushed over the curve of my breasts, my muscles rippling with desire beneath his touch. His hands found my shoulder; he stroked his hands down the length of my arms, twining our fingers together. His pale hands reached my translucent palms, he lifted my hands up, pinning them under one of his large hands above my head with actions so slow, and their secure hold surprised me.

"Edward," I breathed his name. His lips caught mine preventing any further conversation,

A bead of perspiration trickled down my temple, rolling slowly down my cheek. Edward leant down, planting a lingering kiss on my jaw, before sweeping the insignificant drizzle off with his tongue. His tongue found my ear, licking the rim affectingly. His lips parted and the soft flesh of my earring-less lobe entered his mouth. Carefully his teeth clasped onto it, he dragged his incisors down, tugging the soft flesh. A low groan sounded in the back of my throat I knew it was audible enough for Edward to hear.

I enjoyed the sensation of his tongue tracing the trails his hands had previously discovered. He traced imaginary patterns on my skin, leisurely making his way down to my breasts. He rolled my pert nipple between his teeth, dragging his incisors along the pink flesh. He licked slow and sensually, pressing my nipple firmly down with the surface of his tongue, lightly lapping the bumpy flesh, swirling it expertly. I moaned, and his purposeful strokes became eager flicks. His free hand came to my other breast, his fingertips lightly skimming over the plump flesh, my skin quivering. His whole hand cupped my breast, kneading and groping it, earning him more and more moans.

I rubbed my temporarily forgotten core against his manhood, causing a low growl to form in the back of his throat. I pulled back, biting my lips seductively. He knew what I wanted. He slid my black skirt down to my thighs, until my clasp around his waist prevented further progress. I untangled my legs and stepped out of the Godforsaken cloth. Sexily I led him to the living room where the white duvet laid, the book discarded to one side. Faintly muttered something about reading, as I tried not to break the mood.

I sat down, pulling Edward with me so he was on his knees between my spread legs. Gently, Edward lowered me onto my back, gracefully placing himself above me. My hands traced the hard muscles of his back, making their way down to his pants. I slid the silky pants down his hips, boxes and all, releasing his throbbing erection.

He slid my panties down, the thin skimpy material scratching at my hairless gentiles. Edward placed his penis directly in front of my entrance, glancing into my eyes for one last time, to see if I was comfortable. Without waiting for him to prepare, I thrust my hips upwards, engulfing his hard in a quick pleasurable sweep.

Edward pulled out, just to plunge in again at an incredible intensity and speed. A steady and satisfying rhythm developed, he slowed down to extend the bliss. My hands spread out on his thick pectorals, rubbing his rock-hard abs, slick with our sweat mingled together.

As I felt my orgasm approaching, I could sense Edward's also drawing near. His muscles clenched as he lent down to my ear so he could whisper, "come for me Bella," I did as I was instructed, every nerve in my body tingled with my climax. Soon after Edwards climax filled me.

Eventually Edward realized he had all his weight on me, so he rolled of, lying beside me. He pulled my worn out body up so I was using his firm chest as a pillow. His soft flesh was the perfect comfort. He stretched down to plant a kiss in my sweat thick hair.

"I love you," he whispered. Although the words were hushed, they seemed to ring out in the silence. They were unexpected; I don't think even Edward predated saying them.

I just snuggled into his chest, I knew I was blushing but I managed to murmur, "I love you too."

Did I love him? I thought I did. I thought of him every minute of every day. I couldn't help but feel a need to be with him, an unsatisfying need to spend every moment with him. If that's what love is, then I am unconditionally, irrationally and absolutely in love with Edward Cullen.