Hey guys it's me cuteveemon! Another story has arrived here on fanfiction that is another comedy. I gotta soon make some romance, but craziness never stops! Enjoy!

Ch.1Human and youth

Agumon was playing the PS3, warhawk. "Hah! Take that you stupid sucker! You fools cannot stop-" "Uggh!" He got killed by a red one. "Oh shoot. That's it, I think I'll take a break." he sighed. Gatomon moaned as she was watching tv, she held on to her stomach.

"Jeez my tummy has been killing me ever since I ate breakfast." she whined. "Hey what's wrong with ya, gatomon? You don't seem so nice." he asked. "My tummy has been killing me! I think because of a tummy ache." she moaned. Agumon shrugged and took a seat on the couch. "So what are we-" something was on his lap. "Rub my stomach for me, agumon." gatomon said, on his lap. "No way. You can lie on me but I won't do it." he said. Gatomon frowned and turned on her stomach and made her self comfortable. "So what will you be doing today?" agumon asked. "Well I think I'm gonna try to let this pain pass or go get some fresh air. What about you?" she asked. "Eh I think I'm gonna watch Tv and get outside too." he smiled.

Gatomon began to feel a little better thinking the pain was going away but then she relised the pain was.............


Gatomon passed gas right to agumon's face. "Oh it's just gas!" she chuckled. "I thought it was something I ate that made my stomach hurt." "Apparently, it is something that you ate." agumon said, fanning away the smell. "Oh! I'm sorry about that agumon! Hey I got a question to ask you. Do you think uuuum-" she hesitated. "Oh I remember!" she said. She was about to say but she got that feeling again and it came quick, making an eruption. Brrroooomp! "Whoops sorry!" she pardoned. "Whew! Jeez, what did you eat, girl?! Really tell me so I can be aware!" agumon said, pinching his nose.

"I had boiled eggs! And with some bacon and cereal." she told him. "Phew! So that's why your farts smell eggy." he specified, resuming to fan. "Oh come on it doesn't smell that bad! I'm pretty sure that you let off some egg bombs too." she smiled. "I have but nothing stinky as this!" "Uuum I'm sorry I'm not doing this intentionally! Can I do anything to help?" she asked, sweat-dropping. "Yes please turn on your back." he said. So she fliped on the other side and she made herself comfortable.

"Agumon, if we were humans you think there would be a difference?" Pffffffrrrrrrt. Gatomon began to blush now. "Heh heh heh sorry." "Ehhh don't worry about it. At least it was a full blast. How many eggs do you what anyway?" "Just 5 sliced in half." "Oh well anyways I don't think so. Except there would be no such thing as a digimon." Another fart escaped as gatomon just thought about it. She sighed and fanned the scent away. "Well I guess there wouldn't be a difference." Bruuuoommfffffffft. "Hey, that was you!" gatomon said. Agumon just smiled and chuckled. "Well I guess I didn't want to be left out." Gatomon giggled. "Oh agumon. You goofy boy!" she said. They had a small laugh then mom came in.

She looked up at them. "Are tai and kari stil in school?" she asked. The siblings nodded and mom sighed. "Mom, is something wrong?" gatomon asked. "Nah, I just miss my younger years. So cool to be at school at my age. I wish I could do it all again." she sighed. Gatomon grabbed his brother's hand and went into "their" room. "Mom seems depressd. I wish I could do something. I like to go to school like a human like she did." "Then why don't you use that jutsu?" "Oh right, except it naked girl jutsu. But I think I can become human. The problem is I just have to find someone that can turn mom into her teen years."

Agumon gazed at his sister and walked to the PS3. "Well if you can find someone in this town that can do it." he said, turning on the PS3. Gatomon got tired of staying inside and she jumped outside and went to the beach. "Hhhhhmmmm that's impossible. How can I turn mom back to a teen?And for me it's simple. But not for her." she said. She began to think and then a light bulb appeared over her head. "Kululu! I know he can do it! I just have to go find him, there's no way he not real!" she said. She was heading to the town but then hesitated. "Hhhhhmmmm it will probably be difficult to come as a talking cat. Perhaps as just a cat, I better do that jutsu and then-nah I'll do it when I get there. It will take all day just to get there as a human." She ran to her house and got some clothes on and headed for the town where the 5 frogs live.

And another story made. Once again, gatomon is gone for something. I hope you enjoy this one, although it may contain a little sexual stuff but it's not too bad! See ya!