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Ch.6 Normal already?!

Gatomon was taking a bath, even thought it's not her favorite thing, she was actually hoping agumon would enter and she would be in her human form. "Sigh, great I took a bath for nothing. Shoot, I hate taking baths." she mumbled. She took a towel and began to dry herself off.

She was alone while everybody else were gone. School girls for gym were still there and she was getting bored just staying there all by herself. "Hhhm I think I've grown tired of being human. But before I go back to my normal state, I think I will have a little fun." she said. ~Girl Convert Human Pure~ "Alteration jutsu!" The light surrounded her and she turned human, forgetting her clothes.

"Whoops, fogot the clothes." she said, taking a look at herself. She quickly put on her clothes and went off to the school. She found the girls and then she got them. They thought she was coming to join them for gym but gatomon then told them who she really was. "You're actually gatomon? That's hard to believe when you're human." the first girl said. "I know so that's why I wanted to show you it's true like this." Gatomon's body lighted up and was back to her cat form. The girls were stunned. "So the one with nice breasts was you?" the second girl asked. "Yep, I just wanted to see how people would treat me if I was human." she told them.

"Well it wouldn't matter besides you're still our friend, with cute breasts." the first girl said. "Good. I'm gonna go have fun but tell my Humor fans, Mira and cristina. I think her name is." gatomon told them as she altered back. So she left before they got envious again and she decided to meet Tk. Once she got there he let her in, he was quite surprised to see her and she went inside his room. "So.....where's patamon?" gatomon asked."

"He's out and Matt left go help gabumon train a little bit." Tk responded. She smiled and closed the door and locked it and slithered around Tk. "Oh Tk, you're such a sweet boy. I wish I could have you but kari already gots you. Except doesn't mean you can't have a little something......." gatomon smiled.

Tk was confused but he was surprised when gatomon took off her shirt, proclaiming her chest. Don't worry, she had on her pink bra so she's not naked!^^; "Hey-!" Tk spoke. "Don't worry, Tk. I just want you to be relaxed. That's all, nothing more." she said. She quickly grabbed him and pulled him towards her neck. "So sweet and polite. I can't help but baby you a little bit. Or I should say, "pacify" you a little bit." Gatomon's eyes began to glitter and Tk felt sleepy. "So sleepy..............what's going............." he said. A minute later he fell asleep and he slipped down to gatomon's breasts.

She smiled and rubbed his head. "Go ahead and take a nap, Tk. You should be sleepy, thanks to my cat's eye hypnotism. Well go ahead and sleep little Tk." gatomon said. She noticed he slept more than she thought. He cuddled on to her breasts and that made her more content so she picked him and put him on her back and carried him to her house.

When she got home, she placed him on the couch and removed her shirt again. And pulled Tk close. "So cute, I can't believe that kari didn't do this. Well kari isn't Tk's mother. Great I think I'veturned to a mother. I think I would do great as a mom." gatomon thought. Then she heard a knock. "Gatomon, it's me kari!" kari called. "Coming!" gatomon said. Then she heard moaning, Tk was waking up. Gatomon gave him a quick kiss and got undressed. And then kari called again, gatomon was putting up the shoes and socks, only things that she would use when she is human.

She did the jutsu and returned back to her cat form and the light flashed, grabbing Tk's attention. She then went to open the door, seeing kari and yolie, sora, and patamon. "What's the matter, Tk?" kari asked. She took a seat by him and everyone else came in. "It's just weird, I was at home, talking to crista and then I fell asleep and now I'm here." kari began to grow curious. "Is that all you can remember?" "Well crista came by and she seemed to adore me. She then took off her shirt and then I got sleepy. And I fell asleep and I ended up here, that's it." he told.

"Who's crista?" sora asked. "She's a new girl that arrived at our school with such a cute chest. None of the girls and boys can't keep thei eyes off of her." yolie explained. Kari looked at gatomon, who was sweating a little bit. "And there was like a light in your room kari. Like a angel appeared." he reminsced. Now kari was glaring at gatomon, she began to sweat more. "Hey gatomon, can I talk to you about something?" kari asked.

"Sure, let me just turn on the Tv so I could catch my show when I get back." gatomon said. SO she did that and they went into kari's room. Patamon was the only one to hear inside a little, he wasn't really paying attention on the tv."What the hell?! What did you do to him? Did you put him to sleep?!" "Well yeah, I just wanted to pacify him a little! Please don't be mad at me, kari! I'm sorry!" "I'm not mad I'm just surprised that's all. ANd what do you mean by "pacify" him?! You didn't let him get milk did you?!" "No I just made him go to sleep with my CEH and I let him sleep on my breasts! Just wanted him to feel relaxed!" ".......................you're awfully crazy, you know that?"

So 2 girls came out and patamon seemed to sweat drop. "Uuuum is everything okay? I thought I heard yelling." patamon told them. The 2 girls glanced at each other and just simply said:"Yep! Everything is fine!" So after a while the others left and gatomon noticed that she never did change mom back to her normal self.

"Hhhhm perhaps I should turn mom back to her normal self. It's been 4 days and the effect hasn't wore off yet." Gatomon begin to think and once morning came she was in the closet, looking for the youth toy. Mom, tai, and kari left so it was her and agumon alone. Mom was still a teen but she wanted to go out with her kids so it was gatomon and agumon, home alone.

"Hey whatcha doin, sis?" agumon said, entering the room. Gatomon stood straight and welcomed agumon with a simple good morning and told him what she was up too. "I'm trying to look for that gun that can change mom back to her normal self. Huh, what's this?" gatomon told him. "Well perhaps we could let her be a teenager for a little while longer." agumon suggested.

Gatomon was still trying to see what was still in the closet. "I don't know why those 2 always mess up their closet, they need to at least keep it clean." Then she tried to reach for something and agumon wasn't far. She strained get it, and she did but a small mishap happned in the process.

"BRRRRRRRRUUUMPFFRRRRT! "Whoops excuse me, agumon!" she giggled, blushing. "How many times are you gonna fart in my face for this story?!!" he growled. "Well that was the last one. Or I could get filled up with omelets and then make it the last one!" she smiled. Agumon's eyes was twitching. "That was the last one, don't worry! Besides it was just wind." gatomon said.

"Well at least their not eggy farts." agumon sighed. "Oh I found the gun!" gatomon mentioned. Gatomon pulled out the gun and she placed on kari's drawer. "Okay now we just got to wait for-Slam! "I'm home!" they heard. Mom entered and looked as is she was tired. "Mom are you okay? You don't look so good." "I'm fine except they were treating me like a kid saying 'if my parents know that I'm using a credit card?' and 'you're kinda young to be using a check aren't ya?' and I guess I'm getting bored of being in my teen years." mom said.

"So do you want to go to the adult stage again?" gatomon asked. "I guess since there's nothing much to do." "Got it!" gatomon said, firing the gun. ZAAAAAAARRRP! "Ahhh!" mom exclaimed. The light disappeared and mom was back to her normal self. "Well there you go mom! Now I guess I'm going to finish and tell the guys at school who really am, tomorrow!" gatomon declared. The phone suddenly rang and gatomon went to get it. "Hello? Oh kululu, how are you? Really, are you sure? Well okay then bye." gatomon hung up the phone with a grin. "Kululu said that I can keep the gun, there's no need for 2 age converting guns!" gatomon said.

"Well then that leaves you with me all day!" agumon smiled. He began to tickle her and he was able to scoop her up and tickled her on the sofa. Agumon had a splendid time of tickling his sister but soon gatomon used her alteration jutsu and found the gang walking. "Hey kari, have you seen crista anytime today?" davis asked. "Uuhh I think she said she was having a late-night party last night and I guess she overslept." kari lied.

"Hello, davis! How about another game of basketball?" they heard beside them They looked to where the voice came from and it was Crista staying under a cool shady tree.^^) "Crista! There you are, had a great time at the party?" kari asked. "Hmm? What party?" crista asked. Kari began to slither around her. "You remember that, party that you told that me about?" kari said, cocking an eyebrow. "Oh that party. It was quite fun, we stayed up after bed time!" crista followed. "So davis how about me and you have another round of basketball?" crista asked.

Davis accepted. 2 minutes later......."What kind of girl are you?!" davis cried. "I'm just a good player that's all." crista giggled. "How could she beat me twice?! Does she have some strategy or something?! I didn't even try on going easy." davis thought. "Uuum guys I got to tell you something. I'm not who you think I am, I'm actually someone else." crista told them. "What you live under a false identity or something?" Tk asked.

"Well sort of but just watch and then you'll really understand." crista said. Crista made the convert hand sign and a light surrounded her. Everyone eyes enlarged except kari's, little gatomon stood in front of them. "Crista is.............gatomon?!" davis blurted. "Yeah, I can turn into a human. With my trusty special jutsu! It was a small little experiment." gatomon told them. "And what experiment was that?" yolie asked.

"I wanted to know how would people would treat me if I was human and it appears they would." gatomon explained, blushing. "So that meant the one with the cute boobs....." "One who beated me in basketball........" "Was gatomon?!" yolie and davis chimed. "Mmmhhhm! It was all me! Don't worry about that night, Tk by the way." gatomon mentioned.

"Uuuum okay then." Tk mumbled. "What happened last night?" davis asked. "Nothing that you need to know about!! Nothing serious!" gatomon said, turing red. The gang was curious and they wanted to know but we just may see that in the next story.^'P For the school gatomon had to show the principal and assistant principal, and the assitant principal hated gatomon but she lost. The principal loved her so she let her stay and come anytime gatomon wished. And gatomon still liked coming so kari brought her many times.

"I can't believe, he left again. And he's letting her stay..........." the assistant principal mumbled. "Hi, principal! I got you a soda, just a small celebration." gatomon said, giving her a grape soda. The assistant principal thanked her and was about to open it. "Careful, it may be-!" gatomon warned but too late.


The soda exploded in her face, making the top of her body wet:Head and hair. "Fizzy. I tried to get it you fast. I was running, sorry. Have a nice weekend anyways!" gatomon said, running back to kari fast as she could. The assistant principal stood there, wet. "Is there a time I ever have a good day?"


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