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I'm sorry there has been such a delay in getting the next story out. Part of it is good news in that I managed to get a publisher for my novel. In fact, they bought the whole series. I'm stunned and thrilled at the same time. Unfortunately that means less time to work on fanfiction.

I do have one story that was mostly complete before I had to switch gears and work on Book 2 of the series. As soon as I feel I have a handle on the manuscript I will shore up the missing sections of the fanfiction story and start posting it, probably within the next few weeks.

In the mean time I'll wet your whistles with an excerpt and hopefully that will hold you till I can juggle everything in a timely manner. Hopefully if you like my writing style in fanfiction, you'll also be interested in my other independent work. The blog for my novel is on my Author's Homepage. Please feel free to take a look. It's due out in November.

Excerpt from "Collapse"

By Susan Zell

Coming soon to

Cracks appeared above them running along the ceiling. They knew they weren't going to make it. Padmé ran ahead of the Jedi; she kept her fear under control as well as any soldier. Obi-wan admired that. He hated that she would pay the price along with himself and Anakin. Dust filled the air in the room, chocking and blinding them. The dim glow of an exit glinted less than fifty yards away when the Force screamed in their veins. Time had run out.

"We're not going to make it!" Anakin yelled.

A tremendous roar and agonizing groan filled their ears. An intense pressure filled their heads as the whole mountain collapsed. Obi-wan stopped running and looked up, gathering the very essence of the Force around him, filling him to capacity and beyond. It sang in him and he let it. His whole body was reinforced by the influx of energy, skin tingling with the rush of it. He would need everything at his disposal. His hands extended above him.

"Anakin! Stop!" he shouted to his friend, who immediately obeyed and grabbed Padmé by the arm and yanked her roughly toward Obi-wan. She fell at his feet.

Anakin stood next to his Master and lent his own considerable power, their arms lifting to brace a mountain.