Good ideas

Thundercracker rubbed at his helm, the processor ache that's been developing the whole cycle now booming against his poor CPU. He opened his optics, an exasperated gaze settling on the forms of his trinemates.

"Okay, let me get this straight. Starscream – you decided it was a good idea to go against orders and work on that acid based on Terranius Vines slime I believe you told me you didn't have, which you completed successfully, yes?"

A sheepish nod.

"Skywarp – you underestimated the strength of said acid, and stole a sample, because you thought it'd be a great prank to pour it over the floor in the throne room, and it ate all the way to the lower hull?"

A hesitant nod.

TC sighed, sitting down on his berth heavily, and stared tiredly at the two. "Remind me again why I put up with you two?"

"You love us?"

TC snorted. "You're lucky Megs is on Cybertron right now." He sighed heavily, laying down. "I'm gonna think of a punishment for you two when I wake up."

"Umm..." Skywarp shifted on his peds.

"Are you mad?" Starscream asked softly.

Thundercracker onlined one optic, staring at the two for a klik, then smiled, outstretching his arms towards them.

Two happy chirps later, he had two relieved trinemates pressed against him, nuzzling him before settling down for some recharge as well.

TC smiled, pressing a soft kiss to each helm. Yeah, he loved them alright.


Katsuko's AU again.