Thundercracker paced the small cell, his thoughts swirling around their recent battle. He had told Megatron the canyon was a horrible place to battle, but did the slagger listen? Of course not! The Air Commander probably should have argued his point, maybe then his entire trine wouldn't have been captured. At this point it was all wishful thinking though.

He glanced at Skywarp, sulking in the cell next to his, and swept his gaze over his frame for the nth time this breem. There was no change in his status (nothing critical, no leaks, wings were relatively okay), and the reminder helped calm him down somewhat. There was still something else to worry about.

He looked to the side, and concentrated on the feel of his other trinemate. Still in stasis, thank Primus. He really hoped the infamous Hatchet would keep him under till he was patched up, he had no need to feel the pain of his damages, not to mention the anguish of missing one wing.

He growled, stalking from side to side as he envisioned two certain Lamborghinis he would soon get his servos on. Oh, yes – first, he'd rip the armor off both vain bastards, then cut off their limbs one human inch at a time, maybe slamming their chassises over any hard surface handy till they cracked. So many possibilities, so little of their bodies to play with.

He heard a chirp from his wingmate, and smirked at him – of course, Warp would want to join in as well. No fair hogging all the fun. His smirk widened when the other sent a few of his own ideas for the Twins through their bond - a fresh input was always welcomed, after all.

The brig doors slid open, and both seekers were immediately at the energy-bars, trying to spot their missing trinemate. He was there, rolling in on a gurney, still deep in stasis. Flanked by the CMO and Prime, of all mechs.

Slaggit, if they were gonna taunt them with their Littlest for information he was gonna seriously murder somebody!!

"Thundercracker, stand back." Prime ordered, blue optics oddly kind as they settled on him. "Up against the wall, and don't move."

The blue seeker contemplated his enemy for a moment, then did as told, pressing his back against the far wall. He twitched his wing as a sign for the other seeker to stay calm, then focused his entire attention on the Autodork leader.

"Good." Prime nodded at the guard, and the bars were deactivated. Thundercracker tensed, preparing to attack as soon as the fleshie-lover did something stupid like entering his cell, but instead he saw Ratchet rolling the gurney inside, gently gathering his wingmate into his arms and transfering him to the berth by the other wall.

"I don't exactly agree with this," Prime continued, gaze fixed on the Air Commander. "but Ratchet believes separation from his trine may interfere with his healing."

"I don't believe, Prime, I know." Ratchet grumbled, scanning the seeker one last time before moving out of the cell. "Notify me as soon as he wakes up." he told the guard and left.

Prime stayed behind, optics still on Thundercracker. "I hope this may show you we have no ill will towards the three of you." He looked like he wanted to add something else, probably along the lines of 'If we cooperate, we can end this war' yada yada yada, but instead just turned and left.

As soon as the doors closed, TC was by Starscream's side, checking him over carefully, running gentle hands across his wings and cooing soothingly. Skywarp was right on the other side of the bars, staring worriedly, hands itching to touch.

Satisfied that their Littlest was fine, just recharging, the two seekers sat down, sending silent thanks to Primus. They spent the next three breems watching over their recharging wingmate, content in the knowledge he was safe within their grasp.


Katsuko's AU. Can you tell I love it more than the normal 'verse? XD