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20 years ago

The sun calmly shined over the metallic surface of the drop pod. It was the only pod left on the spire and this event caused the entire spire population, lower and upper class to come and say farewell to the brave adventurers.

"Ladies', Gentlemen's, Regents and Kings! Today we are saying farewell to the expeditionary force. As you all know…" The man continued talking to the crowd while a small group of men in black armor and capes walked towards the pod.

One of them turned around and made a small sprint to a woman that followed him. "Be sure to take care of him. And don't worry, I talked to one of the regents and she made arrangements for us to live in one of her homes with all the luxuries that we need. Or shall I say, that 'you' need for the time being." The man had removed his helmet and was grinning like a teenager that though up something dirty.

"Just get going my love. I'll be fine." The woman nodded and made a quick hand gesture that the man should get a move on. He didn't waste his time and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before jumping headfirst into the pod.

"Jack for crying out loud, quit playing games! You know that everybody is counting on us to do our jobs right. So we can't go playing games or act like idiots in front of them." The person who said this was carrying the same armor as them but with golden trims. In the order this was the rank of Bloodguard the highest rank a knight of their order could have. The person itself was of a normal build but due to the tightness of the clothing between the armor plates one could clearly see his muscles.

Jack sat down and grunted a bit. He never liked to make himself appear like somebody who followed the rules like it was of life importance. Actually his crazy attitude was the reason why he was selected for this.

A few minutes later the crowd clapped once more and the door was closed by a person on the outside. The knight's pulled the safety cover over their body like they where instructed by the person who found the schematics of the pod. Jack couldn't help to joke around again. "I hated when he said that we couldn't move our hands. I'm stressed out and know just the way to get rid of it. But this doesn't give me the opportunity."

The other knights laughed a bit. They noticed the light dimmed and looked at each other for another time as this might be the last time.

The Bloodguard spoke once again. "Well gentleman it was an honor to serve with you people and if we survive this I will buy you all enough mead to kill yourself.

The other knights laughed but knew that their chances of surviving where low.

Suddenly all of them felt the shock of the pod being released and all screamed as they plummeted down the sky.

Even though hey had the feeling they died all of them exited the pod and looked at the area they had landed. It was an open area in what appeared to be a large area filled with nothing but trees. For a moment they felt like they had discovered heaven. However they would soon notice that this heaven would be equal to hell for them, as the shadows crept closer to them, even thought the sun was still at the same place.