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Chapter 1


It was already dark and bright, full moon was shining upon noisy Tokyo city. Even during the nights this city never slept. A cool wind was blowing making a dark skinned girl to close her coat while walking towards her sport car. The girl was pretty tall with purple hair and dressed up in a long, black coat which fitted her figure extremly well. She had a nice body which made every girl jealouse but every guy drool over it but it wasn't her figure that got the most attention... it were her bright, yellow eyes which showened in the moonlight!

Shihouin Yoruichi was a daughter of a famouse Yuuichi Shihouin, the richest man in Japan who owned a big Shihouin corporetion. Yoruichi as his only child and was supposed to take his post soon, but till then she had to come to job in order to do some work and substitute him from time to time 'What a pain...' she thought while heading towards her car. She hated this work and never wanted to take over the corporation. She did everything in order to skip the it even though later she would have to listen to a very long lecture from her father. Besides... she really hated to get up early. Sometimes it took about five servants to take her out of bed. But thankfully Urahar, her best friend, had come with better idea. Now every morning a tasty food was delivered to her room and the deliciouse smell would always wake her up... or maybe not... since sometimes it looked like if she was eating in her sleep. She has a very big appetite and every woman could be only jealouse about the fact that no matter how much she ate, she would never get fat.

Pressing the button on her keys, the alarm on her car went down and she slowly opened the front door. In one swift movement she had started the car and left the parking. Sighing in relieve, being all happy about ending the work for today, she took out the phone and dialed her best friend's number. After several seconds it was finally answered.

"Hello there Yoruichi-san!" was heard Urahar's chearful voise.

"Hey there Kisuke, how is it ging?"

"As usual, as usual... making some research and staff... How did your day pass?"

"Don't remind me" her face furrowed "Today was this damn meeting which my father asked me to attend... Damn! If I will have to spend the rest of my life by meeting these old geezers, I'm gona kill myself! I swear!"

"Yare Yare" Kisuke laughed.

"That's not funny!"

"Gomen Yoruichi-san!" he laughed some more "So what are you going to do now?"

"I'm too tired to do anything so I'm going home"

"And what about tomorrow's meetig?"

"I don't care about what my father will say, but I'm not going there. I have better things to do than listen to some old men's crap"

"Better things?" Urahara grinned to himself "Like what?"

"Well..." but before she could finish, a car started to push her from the side "What the hell are you doing?!" Yoruichi yelled lowering the phone.

"Yoruichi-san what's wrong?" was heard Kisuke's worried voice.

"Some idiot is pushing me off the road!" she yelled while trying to push the attacking car backwards.

"Where are you?"

"Near the big post office! Damn! What's your problem?!" she yelled and let the phone fall in order to get a better grip on the wheel.

Kisuke's worried voice was heard from the phone, but Yoruichi didn't pay attention. Right now she had to make sure to stay on the road 'Is he cray or drunk?!' she wondered while clenching her teeth 'Should I speed up? No, then his car will hit the lower part of mine and will make me to swirl... then I gues...' she grinned and pressed the breaks making the car who was hitting her to go off the road and struck the small corner shop.

Yoruichi quickly jumped out of the car and ran towards the shop in order to find out who was it. But before she could reach it, the car exploded and a big wave sent her flying backwards.

"Just what the..." she breathed out, trying to sit up. Her whole body was acing from hard impact with the road. Then she saw a dark figure walking out of flames and heading towards her "Who are you?!" she yelled but no answer came. Instead the police cars were heard and the dark person quickly ran away 'Just what is going on in here?!'

"What a nice bruises you have there, Yoruichi-san" was heard a cheerful voice which was followed by a figure who had entered the doctor's room.

It was Urahars, a blonde guy who was always dressed in his green cloack and had white-green stripped hat which always cowered his eyes.

Staright after indicent, Yoruichi was immediately taken to the hospital even though she was against it, saying that she was fine but her bruises told a different story. Giving up, Yoruichi agreed to come but before that she had called Kisuke again in order to say that she was fine and was taken to the hospital. Not wasting a minute, he headed out as well. Knowing that Yoruichi was fine and knowing that she hated when people got worried over her, he tried to be as cherful as usually.

"They sure are" Yoruichi laughed while waiting for nurse to end bandaging.

"How are you feeling?" he sat on the chair observing his friend who was sitting on the bed.

"If not include the fact that my beautiful car was destroyed, pretty well"

"Cheerful as always" he smiled.

"Aren't you the same?" she smiled back.

"I gues we are" he laughed.

"I'm finished" said the nurse an stood up "You may go now" she bowed before exiting the room.

"Finally!" Yoruichi jumped off the bed "Let's go Kisuke" and headed out.

"Hai hai" answered her friend and followed straight after her.

After saying her thanks to the doctors, they found themselves near a green truck "Why all your thing are green?" Yoruichi raised an eyebrow.

"Because it is a beautiful colour!" answered he and took out his favourite fan.

"I'm surprised that your fan isn't green as well" she laughed and got into the car.

"Sadly there was none at the shop" he sighed and got in too. Turning on the engine, they headed towards her house "So what happened?" his voice became seriouse.

"I don't know" Yoruichi's cheerful demeanor also dissapeared "I've stopped the car and he got off the road. Before I was able to reach him/her, the car exploded and sent me flying backwards"

"And the driver?" he glanced at her.

"The driver was alive. Before police had arrived, I saw a dark figure coming out of the flames, but as soon as police cars were heard, he/she ran away"

"I see... any ideas of who it could be?"


Kisuke lowered his head before sudenlly smiling brightly "Well you are fine and that is the most important thing!"

"Yep" Yoruichi smiled lightly as well.

Soon they have reached her house. It was a big mansion which could be found a little bit away from the city. It was surrounded by high walls and cameras' were placed along them. The front gates were open so they were able to drive in. Near the entrance door were seen several police cars and some officers were walking around the teritory.

"I gues your father already knows"

"That was expected" and the car stopped allowing Yoruichi to get out of it with Kisuke behind her.

As soon as she had opened the door, a bunch of servants had surrounded her.

"Hello Yoruichi-sama!"

"Are you alright Yoruichi-sama?"

"We were so worried about you Yoruichi-sama!"

"Hai hai!" answered Yoruichi and pushed herself through the worried crowd.

"Yoruichi!" was heard lowd voice. Raising her head, she saw her father at the stairs. He was a tall man, with short black hair, pale skin and with half-moon glasses on his small nose. Yes, her father was white what means she got her skin colour from mother who was American "Are you alright daughter?" he asked concerly and got down before wrapping his hands around her.

"Yeh, I'm fine"

"Good, there are police officers who would like to talk to you"

"I'm too tired" she yawned stretching her hands "Kisuke can tell them everything in my place, he already knows the details"

Taking his hat off, Kisuke bowed "It's nice to see you sir"

"Ah! Kisuke! Alright, I gues it will be enough of information for today" Yoruichi was already heading upstairs "But there is one thing I need to tell you" her father's voice became seriouse "The police was able to make small investigation already and they have found out something"

"Like what?" Yoruichi looked over her shoulder.

"The car didn't explode on it's own, it was exploded"

"What?" Yoruichi turned around and Kisuke raised his head making his eyes visible.

"With that said... from now on you will have a personal bodyguard"

The idea about having a bodyguard who would follow you everywhere didn't sound appealing at all. And during two weeks Yoruichi had managed to get rid of five of them. Mostly she simply ran away from them and because of that they had to be fired. How can you protect someone if you can't catch them? were Yoruichi's words each time. Finally they were able to find someone who was able to keep up with her at some point, but sadly he had to be removed as well. He always got too distracted around her especially since she loved to walk half naked around the house.

Today was a sunny day but sadly it wasn't so cheerful for everyone. Poor Yuuichi Shunsui was sitting in his office together with his several advisors, trying to find the suitable bodyguard for his daughter.

"No, no, no" were his answers as he looked through portfolios "Too slow, too unexperienced... geez! Is there anyone suitable for her?!" he grabbed his hair.

"I think I have a suggestion" said a new voice.

Raising his head, Yuuichi was met with Urahara's smiling face which was soon cowered by his fan.

"Kisuke?" he asked surprised.

"Sorry for intruding like this"

"No worries, come in. So what kind of proposition do you have?"

"I know Yoruichi-san will kill me if she finds out that I'm helping you. But since I care about her a lot..."

"Come on Kisuke!" he pleaded.

"Alright!" he lowered his fan "As we know men always get distracted around her..."

"Yes" everyone said in impatience.

"So how about we employ a woman!" he exclaimed happily.

A deep silence fell in the room, being oly distrubed by blowing wind outside. After a moment of silence, Yuuichi cleared his throat "A woman?"

"Hai!" Kisuke answered in the same sing sang voice not noticing the whole tension in the room.

"But women are weak!" exclaimed one of the men.

"I think Yoruichi-san is a good example who proves it wrong" his smile widened "Besides than you won't have to worry about them getting distracted by Yoruichi-sans beauty"

"And... have you found a suitable person?" Yuuichi asked unsurely.

"Yep!" still smiling he took out a file from his cloack "I have found a perfect person! She is very young but her age doesn't really matter"

"How young?"


"What? Younger than my daughter?!" Yuuichi exclaimed in surprise.

"Don't let her age deceive you" Urahara's smile had turned into grin "She was Imperator's Yamamoto's personal bodyguard at age 14"

"For real?" everyone looked very suprised and a little conversation had started among them "Then why did she drop the job?"

"Sadly I don't know it. But she still is very appricated by him. And to top it all... she is mute"

"Mute?" everyone became even more suprised "Well... it is kinda a good thing" Yuuichi gave it a thought "After all she won't be able to talk to her... but what about the reports?"

"Don't worry! She makes an excellent paper work! Sometimes maybe even too perfect" he laughed.

"How did you find her" Shihouin asked suspiciously.

"I have my ways"

"I see... and what is her name?"

Smile immediately dissapeared from Kisuke's face and a seriouse expresion found it's way "Her name is Soi Fon"

Mini feed:

Soi Fon: Why in the world do I have to be mute?!

Bad One: Well with you being so unsocial, I don't think it makes big difference -sips tea-

Soi Fon: But I do talk with Yoruichi-sama! And I do have to shout at Omaeda from time to time!

Bad One: Who said that I will include Omaeda?

Soi Fon: Well...

Bad One: Besides I wouldn't call your mumbling around Yoruichi a conversation.

Soi Fon: I'm not mumbling! -all red from anger and embracement-

Yoruichi: Hey Soi Fon! What are you doing here? -comes from behind-

Soi Fon: Yoruichi-sama! -turns around all nerves- Well... you see... well... I... Yoruichi-sama....

Bad One: -sigh- and she says she doesn't mumble...

Soi Fon: Suzumebachi! Sting all enemies to death!

Bad One: Not here too! 0.0

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