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Chapter 6

The relative

After the indecent at restaurant, Yoruichi's and Soi Fon's relation became much friendlier than they were at first. It seemed that they both needed to let their anger go somewhere and now they were able to start from a new white sheet. After that night Yoruichi tried to talk to the girl, trying to explain how she feels and surprisingly her bodyguard seemed to understand her slightly. Of course Soi Fon still kept a good eye on Yoruichi making sure that the woman would do her work properly even though Yoruichi still hated it. But now she allowed woman a bit more rest, seeing that Yoruichi really was trying to improve their relationship. Yoruichi had no wish to make Chinese girl angry anymore, one time was fully enough and seeing that girl had finally started to cooperate, she decided not to try any escapes anymore.

Yoruichi still had to clean her room but Soi decided not to throw her magazines around anymore, although they still were being destroyed if the dark skinned woman refused to clean. It surprised Chinese girl a lot, to see so much mess in one day. Yoruich was able to clean and next minute make the same mess again while looking through clothes or some other random stuff. Seeing that cleaning everyday is useless, Soi Fon had softened her graphic towards Yoruichi and now the room had to be cleaned every two days even though it still made goose bumps run down her spine every time she entered woman's room. But she didn't plan to give up, one day she would make Yoruichi to keep the cleanness in the room.

Even though their relation had improved, Soi still didn't allow her to go to any dates and parties. At first Yoruichi was about to argue and try to sneak out, but seeing that she was finally getting in good touch with her bodyguard, she decided not to. She was sure that if she will be a bit more patient, the girl will finally give in. It seemed that she wasn't as cold hearted as she seemed at first.

After the encounter at restaurant Yoruichi hasn't seen Yusuke even once and she didn't really regret it. The guy was too scared of a small Chinese female to even sue her and for Yoruichi it wasn't the first time when she needed a boyfriend. She changed them as gloves.

Today she was spending the most part of the day at work as always with Soi by her side. Thankfully for Yoruichi she was allowed to end the work sooner than usual and about 5 o'clock in the evening she headed back home. It was really boring there but thankfully she usually was visited by Kisuke or Kukaku who would keep her company and not let her die from boredom. When Yoruichi arrived back home, Kukaku was already there, in her room enjoying the bottle of sake.

"Where in the world did you get it?" Yoruichi asked and threw her bag at the bed before falling on it herself.

Soi was close behind, closing the door. Her favorite chair was taken by Yoruichi's alcoholic friend so she decided to stand by the wall, not far from the girls and keep an eye on them.

"In the shop" replied grinning Kukaku "Want to take a drink?"

"I'm too tired" Yoruichi sighed.

"Has little missy turned you into her slave?" she grinned and glanced at the small Chinese girl who obviously wasn't happy with her choice of words.

"Don't be ridiculous, no one will ever turn me into their slave"

"Whatever you say" she took another sip "So what about a drink?" she shook the bottle in the air while still grinning at her friend.

"Fine!" Yoruichi had sat beside her annoying friend.

"Excellent! Hey little missy, could you bring us some more bottles from the kitchen?" she had addressed Soi Fon who was starting to shake from anger.

"It seems that she doesn't like her new nickname" Yoruichi grinned "Little missy, hmmm… seems to be quiet fitting" one of her shoes was sent into her direction but she was able to avoid it "Hey easy there, you could have damaged my beautiful face" she protested but Soi Fon wasn't calming down even a bit. Actually she was getting only angrier.

"Someone seems to be having anger management problems" pointed out Kukaku and the next thing she knew, the bottle was missing from her hands "What?!" her eyes had grown in size and now reminded of a two tennis balls "Hey! Give it back!" she jumped of the bed and rushed towards the girl who was widely grinning and shaking bottle in her hand.

Soi Fon had swiftly avoided the attack and using the moment had rushed towards the open window, this time even Yoruichi's eyes had grown in size.

"Are you seriously…?" started Yoruichi, pointing at the extended hand which was holding bottle out of the window.

Soi Fon's grin had turned into a big, demonic smile with her eyes narrowing each time the grin became bigger. Her victorious eyes were shining in the light of sun making her look like a real creation of evil, soon her mouth had opened slightly revealing a set of small, white teeth.

"Don't you even dare…!" warned Kukaku but with no luck.

The Chinese girl had titled her head a bit to the side and her evil grin and glare were replaced by a calm look with small smile still plastered to her face, the expression she was giving was a teasing one. Soi fon had turned the bottle in her hand, making the soft drink to pour down on the ground below.

"NO!" Kukaku had swiftly run towards the window, trying to stop the act of vandalism and save the poor, soft drink, which was done in heavens, from the demon terrorist who didn't understand the whole beauty behind it.

Being fast as always, Soi Fon once again had moved out of the way and had placed the bottle on the night stand table by Yoruichi's bed. Still smiling to herself, she sat into the big chair and with smug look continued to stare at the mad woman whose eyes stared to water.

"Eeehhh, Kukaku?" started Yoruichi who was completely taken aback by the sight of her friend 'Kukaku can actually cry?!' "Don't worry! I'm sure there are some more bottles downstairs!" she tried to cheer her friend while sending warning side glances towards her bodyguard who didn't seem to be bothered one bit. Sighing, Yoruichi stood up and moved towards her heart broken friend. She definitely wasn't the best comforter but she simply couldn't look at her friend like that. Just when she was about to touch Kukaku's shoulder in comforting manner, the woman before her had snapped.

"THAT'S IT YOU FUCKING MIDGET! ANY LAST WORDS BEFORE I'LL SENT YOU TO THE DWARF WORLD?!" the whole sadness had been washed away like it has never been there 'Maybe I was imagining things?', and was replaced by a pure rage. The state in which Kukaku was right now, was sending chills down Yoruichi's spine who had slightly backed away.

"Come on Kukaku, it's not the end of the world yet" she tried to reason her friend, trying to calm her down. Yoruichi had seen Kukaku going barserk many times and each time it resulted in half destruction of the place they were in. And since this time they were in her room, seeing a mad Kukaku who was boiling from anger wasn't the greatest thing she wanted to see.

Suddenly another set of chills had passed through her body and this time it made her freeze on spot, slowly turning around she had seen her bodyguard in exact same state as Kukaku but in comparison to her friend who was sending a fiery wave and fury, her bodyguard was giving a quiet opposite one, a deadly cold wave of annoyance. It seems that being called a "midget" and "dwarf" at once by someone like Kukaku wasn't giving the best effect…

"Oh come on! It was just a bottle of sake!" Yoruichi started to shout, using everything in her power to save her precious room from major destruction "And there is nothing you can do about your size! You are small and tiny!" she had addressed Soi Fon this time and suddenly the atmosphere in the room had thickened even more. Soi Fon's cold eyes had sent a blood frozing glare towards her making Yoruichi gulp "Oi! Did you hear it? I think I just heard my father, see you later!" and with that she quickly had rushed out of the room, having no intentions of getting between two firesome beasts.

Closing the doo behind her, she had silently sighed, relaxing her body and leaning against the nearby wall "I think I just have saved about sixty years of my life…" suddenly she heard something crack which was followed by several more noises 'Don't let it be my favourite lamp, please!' she begged inside her head when all of a sudden it became quiet. Slowly she had opened one of her tightly shut eyes and glanced at the door. Nothing had happened and it still was quiet 'Too quiet…' Yoruichi noted to herself before taking sevearl steps towards the door. Gradually she had reached for the handle and had pushed the door open. The first thing that she looked at was her lamp 'Phew, it's save' and then slowly moved her gaze to the side. The view she got made her sweatdrop.

Kukaku was lying flat on her face with proudly grinning Soi Fon on top of her who was holding Kukau's hands behind her back in order to keep her on place. Hearing the crack of the door, two pair of eyes had met Yoruichi's. Yoruichi had tried all her best not to crack up and laugh at her friend who was holding a sock in her mouth.

"Come on Soi Fon, let her go. Kukaku will be a good girl from now on, right?" she grinned at her friend whose face became twice redder from anger than before.

Swiftly SoiFon had jumped of the woman below and had rushed towards Yoruchi's side. Without hesitation, Kukaku had immediately grabbed the sock and pulled it out of her mouth.

"You are so dead midget! And damn it Yoruichi! Have you ever heard about washing clothes?! My mouth! I will puke!" Kukaku had grabbed her face, trying not to vomit.

"Oh no you don't! My room already is in a huge mess!" pointed Yoruichi while looking around and finally noticing what exactly had been destroyed. Near the arm chair she had noticed a destroyed table which had bunch of magazines on it before, now they were all lying on the floor "You sure love to destroy things" said dark skinned woman whilst observing the damage done to the table. With the way it was destroyed, there was no doubt that Kukaku was the one who had punched it.

"That damn brat must be thanking heaven's that it wasn't her head!" Kukaku snarled and stood up by Yoruichi's other side, observing the damage.

"So are you ready for another shot of sake?"

"Another shot? Heck, I'll drink everything that you have!"

"I'm afraid you won't be able to pay me back then" Yoruichi laughed and was about to leave the room when someone grabbed her by the hand. Turning around she had noticed her bodyguard who was scolding at her "Now now there, Soi Fon. You made Kukaku suffer enough already"

"What? Just let me get her and you'll see who will suffer then!" Kukaku had pulled the sleeve of her shirt up and was about to punch the girl but Yoruichi had stopped her "Oh come one you two! It was just a bottle of sake which can be easily replaced. There is no need to start a fight because of it!"

"The problem is not in sake but in honor!" protested Kukaku and Soi Fon noded in agreement.

"Oh, look! You finally are agreeing!"

Both female eyes had widened before they had faced each other, glaring "Hell no!" shouted Kukaku.

"Why do I have a Déjà vu feeling?" wondered Yoruichi aloud.

Silently Soi Fon took a deep breth and relaxed, her body had straightened and her look became emotionless. Without another word she had opened the door and motioned for Yoruichi and Kukaku to move.

"What's that suppoused to mean?" wondered a black haired woman.

"Finally someone has enough brains to stop the fight!" cheered Yoruichi.

"I'm not stupid!"

"I never said that you are"

"But you were implying it!"

"Kukaku, please!" begged the goddess.

"Fine! As long as I get free sake, I'll let it slip" answered Kukaku and without another word went out of the door but not without pushing the girl. Gritting her teeth, Soi Fon ignored the woman.

"Don't worry, as soon as she'll get the bottle she'll forget about it" said Yoruichi by the door "But I really don't recommend you to steal her sake again. She is a very dangerouse woman when she wants it" pointed out Yoruichi and went out of the room with Soi Fon close behind "I hope you won't mind if I'll ask the servants to take care of the room. With the mess you two have done I really doubt that I will be to clean it, so is it fine by you? Because I'm really not in the mood to fight with you too today" after giving it a thought, Soi Fon noded in agreement "Great! We finally are making progress!" Yoruichi smiled brightly making Chinese girl role her eyes.

Kukaku was nowhere to be seen, it seemed like she was already at the kitchen drinking her anger away. Yoruichi was a bit surprised that the argument had passed that easily. Usually it would take much more effort to calm down her friend and experience in the restaurant was a good example to show that Soi Fon's anger also is a brutal thing which needs time before it will pass. Although if Soi Fon didn't calm down first, their fight still would be in the middle of the progress. It seems that the girl was more mature after all 'Well she is my bodyguard so she needs to be more collected' thought Yoruichi when she had finally reached the lower floor.

"Yoruich-sama" she heard the voice and turned around to be met with one of her servants.

"Yeh, what is it?"

"Your father asks for your audience in his office"

"Do I really have to go?" she asked with a pout.


"Damn!" she cursed under her breath and looked at her bodyguard who was motioning for her to go "Fine fine!" she raised her hands in defeat "I'm going, but Gilbert… could you please arrange someone to clean my room and repair the table? Also please inforn Kukaku who is in the kitchen that I'll be there soon"

"Hai, but is it fine for us to clean your room, Yoruichi-sama?" asked the servant and looked at Soi Fon from the corner of his eyes. Each time the servants tried to clean it, Soi Fon would through them out of the door.

"Yeh that's fine, right Soi Fon?" the girl nodded in agreement.

"It will be done before your return" the servant bowed and departured.

"Now that I think about it…" Yoruichi rubbed her chin "It is your fault that it is messy in my room, so why aren't you cleaning it?"

Swiftly Soi Fon took out the note book and a pen and wrote small text 'I'm not paid for that'.

"Eh?! Don't tell me that you are paid for destroying my room and turning my life into nightmare!" Yoruich protested on what Soi Fon simply shrugged and continued to walk "Stop shrugging me off all the time!" Yoruichi ran right behind her, Soi still continued to shrug making Yoruichi's eyebrows twitch.

Thankfully her father's office wasn't that far away and they had reached it faster than Yoruichi would lose her temper. Sighing she knocked on the door, after receiving a positive answer she swung it open.

"I heard you wanted to se me… Gin? What are you doing here?" Yoruichi's eyes widened the moment she had noticed a man, with fox like face, sitting before her father's table.

"Ara, ain't ya happy to see me, Yoru-chan? You are hurt'n my feelings" Gin sobbed a bit, making a dissapointed face.

"Don't call me that" she crossed her hands.

"Whatev'r you say Yoru-chan" he smiled happily making Yoruichi's teeth twitch, she hated that man… if only heaven's knew how much she hated him.

"Ichimaru-san came here to talk about some business matters…" began Yoruichi's father.

"Can't you disscus them without my presence here?" she crossed her arms, Soi Fon was standing right beside Yoruichi, her eyes didn't leave Ichimaru's form out of sight even for the moment, the man didn't gain her trust either.

"We actually did, you didn't let me finish"


Mister Keigo cleared his throat "Scientific exhibition is coming up in two days, Ichimaru-san was kind enough to get you a ticket"

"That wasn't neccesarry, Kisuke is taking part in it so I already have the tickets. I hope you weren't planning for us to go together, were you Gin?" she grinned at the man before her.

"Ya caught me" he raised his hands "And here I was hopi'n for a date with ya" he sobbed "And Rangiku-chan isn't around either" he sobbed some more.

"What? Your girlfriend has left you?" Yoruichi mocked him some more.

"She left with that Hitsugaya boy to the mountains, said something about snowbording competitions"

"Haha you got ditched for a kid" Yoruichi laughed loud.

"Yoruichi" her father warned her.

"That's alright Keigo-san, after all she is right" Gin sniffed "I wonder who should I ask…"

"How about Soi?" Yoruichi suggested and pulled on the girl's hand "She'll be happy to escort you" Soi Fon looked at her wide eyed.

"Really?" Gin quickly got up and ran to grab Soi Fon's hand "Will ya go out with me, Soi-chan?" he asked innocently while slowly caressing her hand with his.

It took Soi Fon all her self control not to slam the guy into opposite wall. If Gin wasn't part of leaders in Shihouin's organization, he so would be collecting his teeth right now. She almost didn't know him, only from the information she was given, but the same way as Yoruichi… she hated him, something about Gin made her shiver and she didn't like that feeling at all. Before poor girl could respond in any way, Keigo interrupted.

"I'm sorry to say that Ichimaru-san, but that's impossible. After all Soi Fon-san is my daughter's bodyguards and she has to be by her side all the time"

"You are killing me" pouted Gin and let go of Soi Fon's hand who gladly took it back "and here I already started to make plans" he straightened up.

"Sorry" Keigo laughed a bit "but maybe Yoruichi's cousin will make you a company?"

That statement made both Gin and Yoruichi look at him surprised, Soi Fon curriously bent her head to the side. She did read about Yoruichi's cousin too, but to meet her in person was a different thing. By the reaction Yoruichi gave, it seemed her cousin visits were really rare but what surprised her even more was Gin's reaction. His pouting face had immediately changed to curiouse and seriouse one but was immediately replaced by his usual carefree attitude.

"Ara, did I miss someth'n?" he asked.

"Yeh, same here" Yoruichi crossed her hands.

"Right, I forgot to tell you Yoruichi. Your cousin plans to come tomorow morning and it seems that she also plans to visit scientific exhibition"

"Aaaawwww, I so have missed her" Gin said with dreamy look "Maybe she'll help me to forget Rangiku-chan for time being"

"Pervert" answered Yoruichi.

"Am not" protested Gin but then had faced Keigo once again "Well, I must go now. Tell my "hi" to yah beloved cousin, Yoru-chan" bowing he had left the office but not without glancing at Soi Fon one more time. Her body had stiffened and she sweared that she saw him open his eyes, the feeling was horrible and she detested it and the man, especially the man for making someone as strong as her to feel that way.

"Is she really planning to go to exhibition?" wondered Yoruichi.

"That's what she said"

"I see…"

"Just please try not to start a fight with her" pleaded Keigo.

"Please, how can you start a fight with someone as emotionless as her? Unless you were thinking about her loyal servents…"


"Don't worry, none of that will happen" she waved it off.

"Hope so, she visits really rare and I'm sure mother would be really dissapointed to not see you communicating with each other"

"It is her who doesn't talk, not me" Yoruichi answered shortly "Well if there is nothing else, I'll be going or Kukaku will finish all our sake"


Without waiting for anything else, Yoruichi had left. Slightly bowing before Keigo-san, Soi Fon quickly went after her target. On the way back Yoruichi was quiet without even glancing in Soi Fon's direction, soon she was already at the kitchen. Kukaku was siting by the table with one empty bottle by her side.

"Pour me some too" said Yoruichi and sat next to her friend.

"Finally! I already eeek thought that you had eeek forgotten about me" said Kukaku who was already obviously drunk.

Soi Fon had no urge to see her companion to get drunk and usually she would stop her but this time she decided to let it be. Silently she sat not too far behind, observing and listening to two females before her.

"My cousin is coming tomorrow"

"Really? Her noisy servents too?"

"Yep" Yoruichi took a drink "Have no idea for how long, hope not too long. They are way too noisy"

"Yeh… eeek, can't believe that someone as silent as her has such loud servents" Kukaku drank another glass of sake "But then again someone as noisy as you has the most silent servant and bodyguard" Kukaku looked over the shoukder "Ironic, isn't it?"

"Hey! I'm not that noisy!"

"Whetever yooouuu say!" Kukaku looked at her friend and poured some more.

Yoruichi and Kukaku were drinking till the late hour and had finished about six bottles. They were so into their little conversation and drinking that they had fallen asleep right there at the table. Taking Yoruichi by the hand and torso, Soi Fon had led half sleepy woman back to her room who was bubbling some nonsence under her breath. Kukaku was taken to the guest room by servants. When both alcoholics were taken away, the kitchen was immediately cleaned up.

In the bedroom Soi Fon had laid down Yoruichi on her bed and carefully took off her clothes, leaving Yoruichi only in her underwear. Maikng sure not to wake her up, Soi Fon slowely put blankets over dark beauty. After making sure that everthing was quiet, Soi sat back into her chair and had fallen asleep as well.

The next morning Yoruichi was forced out of her bed by her loyal bodyguard. Yoruichi tried to complain, saying that her head was hurting but Soi didn't listen. She forcefully pushed Yoruichi off the bed and afterwards sent her to the shower. Yoruichi's cousin was supoused to arrive soon and Yoruichi had an obligation to meet her.

After long complaints and torture, the girl was finally ready. Yawing, Yoruichi slowly went downstairs with Soi Fon close behind. Her father was already there with several servants and guards, ready to meet the guest. The dark skinned woman looked around but haven't seen her friend anywhere, she probably was still asleep and knowing how noisy she is after drinking, it was obviouse that no one wanted her here right now. After another yawn Yoruichi went to her father's side and after short wait a large limusin had arrived. The doors swung open and three females had jumped outside:

"Out of the way" barked a blue haired female.

"It is you who needs to move" answered a dark skinned female.

Two of them were pushing each other in order to get to the main car door first but with the way things went, it was doubtful that any of them wuld reach it. Thankfully the third female, was smarter than those two and silently had passed them by.

"You two are ambressing" she commented while covering her face with one hand and opening the door with another.

"Damn you Sun-sun! I was suppoused to open it!" protested the blue haired girl.

"Not you, but me!" answered the dark skinned and another argument had started.

Soi Fon was observing the scene with sweat droping down her face. She slowly glanced at Yoruichi who continued to yawn. It was no wonder that she wasn't happy about this arrival.

Finally the person sitting in the car had appeared out of it. The moment owner of the car had come into view, the argument had immediately stopped. With big curiousity Soi Fon had looked at Yoruichi's cousin. It was a tall dark skinned woman, with long blonde hair. Some of the hair was held by silver armlets. Her face was fully covered by scarf despite the warm weather. But what caught Soi Fon's attention the most were her eyes. Deep, green eyes which seemed to be completely emotionless. Without glancing at her servants, she moved forward.

"Ah, welcome! How was your trip?" asked mister Keigo with smiling face.

"Good, thanks" was the short answer, then her eyes had slowly moved towards Yoruichi who had smiled at her.

"Why hello there Halibel, my dear cousin"

Mini Feed:

Yoruichi: Huh? Me and Halibel are cousins?

Bad One: Yep, after all you look so alike from outside. Are you against it?

Yoruichi: Not at all, what about you Halibel?

Halibel: …

Bad One: I guess she is fine too. Finally no one is going to kill me!

Apache: I had to open the door!

Mila Rose: No, it was suppoused to be me!

Apache: No!

Mila Rose: Yes!

Apache: No!

Mila Rose: Yes!

Apache: No!

Mila Rose: Yes!

Bad One: Hey guys, aren't you too noisy?

Apache & Mila Rose: Shut up! –fires cero-

Bad One: Why does it always happen with me?! –dodges-

Well here you have it. I though that Halibel as Yoruichi's cousin will work very well, hope no one minds it.