theme - once upon a time

Pairing - Colette Brunel/Genis Sage

They were always together.

No matter what the situation, it was always the two of them. Two, and then one. One who was drifting off, making three into two.

Two is company, but three's a crowd.

They always had company, in each other.

Once upon a time, there was one. Then, soon enough, there were two. Two was company, and they kept each other company where before there had only been loneliness. They promised they would always be together... That no one could ever come between them.

Then, two became three, and the three were happy together. Three different young people, brought together by chance, inseparable... until they were separated.

For a time, one was gone, and there remained two... two who promised to always be by each other's side. Two who vowed that they would always have a best friend in each other.

Soon, the three were together once more, and the promises held tight over the months. And yet, as the months continued to go by, there was change. Outside factors did not damage their bonds, but new bonds formed, perhaps even taking precedence over old.

The two who would always be together were not, as one went his separate way.

The two who would always be best friends drifted apart, as one forged new bonds.

And yet, two remained to keep each other's company. They were the two who had not been together from the start, and the two who had never made a vow to each other... and yet, they were the two who had always remained most faithful to their bond. They were what remained of what had once been a threesome, a crowd.

As years passed by, the two did eventually make a vow. They vowed to be together, to keep each other's company, and to cherish their unshakable, tried and tested bond. They vowed to be together... for always.