theme – piggyback ride

Pairing – Colette Brunel/Presea Combatir

She used to give her sister piggyback rides.

They were awkward, because her sister was practically bigger than her. They were often difficult, because something would make one of them start giggling, and then that would set them both off, and balance would be a thing of the past. They were silly, and pointless, and a waste of time.

They were fun.

The two girls would make it across the yard, or halfway across, and then she would stumble under the weight or trip over a bump in the ground, and they would collapse, hearts beating fast, on the uncut grass.

It always took a moment before the two of them started laughing in unison.

It had never seemed like a particularly important memory. At least, not until she'd had time to miss her sister.

Being apart was only hard for a short period of time, before everything became numb. Being alive when her sister was dead... that was forever.

She hadn't even realized her sister had died.

Her body was the wrong age for her... or maybe her mind was the wrong age for her body. Maybe they were both fine, and something else entirely was wrong.

Maybe something was wrong with her.

She hadn't even thought about her memories when she was approached by a happy, smiling teenager (older than her... or younger...?) who had put herself in the business of giving her smaller friends piggyback rides. She didn't think she had thought about them, until she thought about it all later.

It had been awkward for someone as small but strong as her to be carried. Awkward to let someone else hold her up, and awkward to be left only to hold on and peer down sideways at the happy face of the taller girl. It was awkward the way the steps bumped, and the touch of another person was unfamiliar after so many years.

The most awkward moment came after a stumble, a gasp, and then they were collapsed on the ground, tangled up with each other. Oops..., she heard, and then sheepish but cheerful laughter.

Smiles and a few strange looks were exchanged behind their backs. She didn't notice. She was smiling.