What You mean to me



Part One

Reese Williams and Bianca would lying in bed and they been going strong as a couple despite Jenny's still in love with you fights. In their eighth month together they woke up and Miranda was ready for her mommies. Bianca and Reese would going to the Pink concert while Greenlee and Draco would going to babysit Miranda. Bette and Tina would going with Kit as the babysitter and Kit wanted to go but Sunset had other ideas for her. Jenny and Nikki had backstage passes since Pink was doing the soundtrack for the movie Billie. Bianca was taken a shower and Reese open the curtain then said, "I know you're in love with me." Bianca replied, "Reese I'm in love with you and I don't care if Jenny still cares, you're the only one I want." Bianca then turned around for Reese to bathe her and did it with a nice body wash all over her body and then kissed her body down.

Jenny just had a hell of a nightmare about something even more traumatic in her past…Jenny woke up and sat in the shower then Shane who was sleeping over saw Jenny in there. "Jenny." Shane said and Jenny responded, "Hi." "Are you okay?" Shane asked and Jenny responded, "Old nightmare." When Jenny left to be committed, she knew about the rape the first time and then there was the one before that. The one that Shane and Tina knew about now some would ask, why Tina?

During Lez Girls Tina was going by Jenny's trailer and heard crying sounds, Tina rushed in and Jenny was having a nightmare, she woke up violent.. Jenny saw it was Tina and felt bad. After the usual exchange, "You have been very candid with me Tina. I've been raped twice and it was by a girl." Jenny said.

"Have you told Nikki?" Shane asked and Jenny responded, "I don't know how she would respond about it. I never even told Bianca, what does that say? I can't trust people I love and fuck with this secret." Jenny opened the door and looked in to see Nikki sleeping. Jenny sat there and realizes that she really didn't know what she wanted.